Last movie you watched

  • @tearju-engi I really enjoyed that movie as well, I recall the snapping fingers being iconic to my adolescent mind though I'm sure it doesn't hold up. Lol

  • @Mango it has good moments and roles fit well with characters they play. Sure it might not hold up but rarely you see Tim Curry not acting malicious at all.

    Latest movie I watched was Macross: Do You Remember Love? which is retelling of the original series (Robotech in US) and back in 1983 the animation was top notch and some still holds up today. 8/10

  • Not a movie, but finished The Dragon Prince season 2. It's an improvement on the first, which I thought was solid but not great. This season still falls short in many of the same aspects; the animation is slightly improved but is still very choppy, some of the scripting and voice acting comes off as hammy or corny, the pacing struggles throughout the show, and they seem to insert poorly written jokes for the sole reason of "because it's a kid's show," which tends to upend the pacing. Still, there's some surprisingly good character work here, and the Claudia/Soren arc is really well done. Also, this show is stealthily a very progressive kid's show. Major props. Overall definitely worth a watch. Here's hoping we get a season 3 with a real budget behind it!

  • Alita: Battle Angel.
    I somewhat remember reading it back in the '90s but don't remember there being a game they played.
    Movie was targeted to the more younger audiences but I didn't mind. Action was pretty good so I had an OK time. Still wish they hadn't enlarged the eyes. So creepy and unnecessary. Anime eyes just don't fit in live-action. 7/10

  • Motorball was definitely in the Manga. Also, Ashen Victor, which is a pseudo-prequel/same universe is about a Motorball player.

  • @tokyoslim well it was 20 years ago and there have been plenty motorball type of anime/movies

  • Shutter Island

    Scorsese always gets praised for his gangster movies but I remember loving this one in theaters, so I decided to give it another spin to see if it holds up. On the whole, I still enjoyed it quite a bit and there's certainly a lot of small details that make so much more sense when you're aware of what is really happening but there are a few scenes that should have been scrapped - like Leo chasing down a man who made him it in a game of tag and Leo proceeds to deck him for it. Either way, solid performances all around and a rewarding movie with repeat viewings.

  • @sabotagethetruth Don't let Kyle hear that you like it!

  • Most recent movie for me is Pacific Rim 1.

  • Just saw Captain Marvel. That was a pretty solid and familiar-feeling MCU movie, I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't place it among the best Marvel films. Easily the best thing in the film is Captain Marvel herself and how Brie Larson brings her to life, I really liked how Carol acted and felt through all this. A nice mix of attitude and flashiness but also being lost still (in this one). Young Fury made me smile a lot, too, and the way the two interacted with each others was peculiarly enjoyable, what a weird pair. :)

    I also liked how the film handled Carol's origins, that was an imaginative way. And fit the context as well. The plot was fine with a cool connection or two to MCU. The execution of things, however, felt kind of too safe and familiar, not a lot of whoa moments per se.

    But I like I said, I'm really stoked about Carol and the fact that she's now in. But also, damn she's OP! How will Feige & co. treat this character in the future?

  • Finally got to see Roma on the big screen and my opinion hasn't changed. Its a pretty good movie.

  • @sentinel-beach said in Last movie you watched:

    Easily the best thing in the film is Captain Marvel herself and how Brie Larson brings her to life

    I also just saw Captain Marvel and I'm actually going to disagree with this slightly. Brie Larson is fine. She makes a good Captain Marvel. But Ben Mendelsohn, and Lashana Lynch kind of steal this movie for me. The acting Mendelsohn does under a pretty obtrusive prosthetic and makeup... he's a master craftsman at the top of his game.

    The movie is pretty "Marvel". If you like the other MCU films, this one is better than about half of those. The only thing I worry about is how her power level fits in with everyone. (like, she's ridiculously powerful) And how her power is affected by

    the infinity stones.

    3.5/5 stars

  • You're all wrong, the best part of Captain Marvel is Goose. That cat (played by several) showed its acting chops perfectly!

    I think the first half hour bored me to tears but the movie certainly picked up around the middle. Not my favorite Marvel movie and not my least favorite, worth a watch.

  • Captain Marvel was... pretty bad. Action was poorly directed and cut to high hell, the script was clunky at best, and the performances were fairly wooden throughout. Ben Mendelsohn was a standout, despite the prosthetics making the job objectively harder for him. It felt remarkably prequel-y, with more callbacks than it really needed. I also have concerns with how it treats the continuity of the MCU - wasn't Nick Fury super freaked out about the existence of aliens in Phase 1? Shouldn't he already have known about them from his time in the 90s?

  • Saw 'Us' last night and while I didn't think it's as good as Get Out, it's still a pretty solid horror flick sullied a bit by a telegraphed/cliche ending.

    Like, the last five minutes was something I was thinking about during the first five minutes. In some ways, that's pretty impressively circular - and in some ways I think it's 100% unnecessary. The rest of the movie is great, and Lupita Nyong'o is great and Winston Duke is also delightful. But I really think the "twist" shouldn't have been telegraphed so hard the whole movie. 3/5 stars

  • @tokyoslim said in Last movie you watched:

    the last five minutes was something I was thinking about during the first five minutes

    100% agree with you, and I also think it was completely unnecessary and weakens the movie as a whole. Without giving too much away, it calls into question character motivations for the entire movie, and weakens entire the story.

    In general, I thought the movie was well-directed and well-acted, but ultimately too ambitious for its own good. It felt like it wanted to be a home invasion thriller with supernatural elements, while at the same time being a satire/"metaphor" movie with comedic elements strewn in with the horror. I think each element ultimately weakened the other ones, and it would've greatly benefited from a stronger editor in the scripting phase. I think the movie would've been much stronger if they cut out the "explanation" sequence, since that would've allowed the horror to remain much more existential without calling the logic and consistency of the world into question. I left the theater picking apart all the holes in the story that were created as a result of the "explanation" instead of debating the meaning of the movie's symbolism. I think it's either a B- or a C+ for me, though from a technical standpoint it's pretty damn incredible. Also, Michael Abels's score is sublime.

  • I thought I was crazy for not loving 'Us' like the rest of the world, but I see other people here are in agreement with me. Solid 7 but I've already talked to people who have called it "the greatest horror movie ever made" and I don't understand that viewpoint at all.

  • It is objectively not better than either Alien or The Thing, so it cannot be the greatest horror movie ever made.

  • Watched the 20th anniversary screening of Cruel Intentions tonight. Movie has aged a little poorly in regards to casual use of slurs as insults, but in a way it still works because these are amoral privileged people. The SMG and Selma Blair kiss is still hot. There's some scenes that still made me and the one other lady watching laugh.