Last movie you watched

  • @TokyoSlim Haha what a guy. What else has he done? Does he also think Inception is super accurate.

  • @Tragosaurus no see, he specifically mentioned that was bogus. Lol

    I didn't talk to him that long. I politely excused myself from the conversation :)

  • You see, that's where you swing a chair at his head and see if he ducks or not.

  • My family dragged me to go see "A Dog's Purpose" and I regret it entirely. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs more than I love most members of my extended family but the narrator just totally grated on my nerves...and the plot was way too predictable.

  • I saw A Cure For Wellness and I have very mixed feelings about it. It is a very upsetting movie and as far as horror goes there are a few extremely horrifying moments, so in that respect it is a complete success. It is also a visually stunning movie, a bit slow at times, and the story is decent but nothing mind blowing. I saw it with 2 other people and we all agreed that we wish we'd been warned in advance about one scene in particular, it could be incredibly traumatizing for a lot of people. In the least spoilery way I can put it, there is a scene of extreme sexual violence that is very upsetting and graphic. If you don't think that will bother you, you may very well love this movie but that scene alone made it a movie I never need to watch again.

  • @TokyoSlim

    It's not really about time travel. If you've read Slaughterhouse Five, it's a lot like that. I'm kind of scared to go into more details in case someone accidentally hovers over this text, but am down to discuss over PM if you're interested.

  • @naltmank I'm Not the one you have to convince!

    Talk to the time lord I met

  • I saw John Wick Chapter 2. As a whole, I liked the 1st one better but end part and weapons in a sequel were great. Also choreography was amazing. It did have few dull moments but nothing dragged too long. Go watch it if you liked the 1st one at all.

  • I've really not been putting in my cinema hours lately:

    Multiple Maniacs - Was an experience. Also, "Cavalcade of Perversion" sounds like a Souls Boss and/or OSDM song.

    Under the Shadow - Well-made horror film with some extra spice from its setting and thematic work. A worthy entry in the canon of slightly cerebral horror about maternal anxieties.

  • @Tearju-Engi I also thought John Wick 2 did not live up to the original. It was ok, but lacked the focus and emotional depth of the first movie. People may laugh, but I feel that's what elevated JW1 above an ordinary revenge flick. (aside from the great stuntwork)

  • I just watched Manchester by the Sea... It was an absolute masterclass of acting, with some of the most nuanced and human performances I've ever seen, but holy shit, not even all the people saying "it's really depressing" prepared me for how real it was. I think I was expecting just a regular movie that makes you sad in certain scenes, but the actors, especially Affleck, Williams, and Hedges, made it so deeply affecting that I am still reeling. It's not "a cry your eyes out" movie, it's a "sit down and reflect on your life and your relationships because all of it could be gone in an instant and you'll be left hollow and empty and you may never recover" movie. Big recommend from me!

  • @naltmank One of my former college professors posted on FB today saying the acting was terrible and it was one of the most boring movies he had ever watched. I couldn't help but laugh because I thought of your comments and how polar opposite they were.

  • I saw Get Out yesterday and I loved it. Steady pacing, great acting, a good story, and realistic horror.

    If you're a fan of Jordan Peele's work you'll most likely enjoy this film. As a horror movie it is incredibly unsettling, they do a great job making sure you always feel like something isn't quite right, the things characters say are always off in just the right way to make you question everything that is going on and who they are. I thought there was the perfect amount of humor and it all felt incredibly natural, not shoehorned in at all. It does occasionally rely on startling noises to get a jump but it isn't excessive like lots of horror/suspense flicks these days. I personally wasn't surprised by the story too much, they did a great job giving just enough hints and foreshadowing that you can piece everything together if you pay attention but if you're just along for the ride it will be equally entertaining. I think it is best going into the movie with only a little info. A lot of the best and most interesting moments were included in the trailer, so I found myself anticipating certain things or remembering what was going to happen just from what the trailers had revealed.

  • Got into another press screening, saw Ghost in the's alright, better then Dragon Ball Evolution, although that's a pretty low bar.

  • @DMCMaster in case of Dragon Ball evolution, the bar is 2 feet underground... At least in my opinion...

  • @jipostus
    Like I said, the bar is set pretty low.

  • I saw Logan the other day.

    Reviewers are being fairly hyperbolic about it, considering I've seen statements like it "transcends" the genre. That's not to say I didn't have fun, it's certainly worth watching, but I don't think excessive gore and F-bombs necessarily make it a better movie. It's nice to see Wolvie let loose but the movie is extremely heavy-handed with its themes and tends to repeat them without any reason to. Running well over 2 hours, there's many scenes that could have been shortened or cut entirely to help out the pacing. In the last 30 minutes alone, Logan passes out/falls asleep at least 5 times, confusingly.

    It does however, nail its tone perfectly. This is a movie (usually) focused on more of the realistic side of things, instead of cramming in as many heroes as possible in its runtime. The trailers gave me some serious Last of Us vibes and those carry throughout parts of the movie. Wolverine may in fact be the least interesting member of the X-Men (to me) but I did care about the fella for the first time ever, so that's an accomplishment in itself.

    7/10, would watch again.

  • @SabotageTheTruth whenever i see wolverine in that movie he reminds me of joel from the last of us for some reason

  • @FF7Cloud Yeah, the vibes are super similar. Gruff old man taking small girl across the country. Gruff old man says he doesn't care, but he does. I was expecting some Clickers to pop out at any moment.

  • @SabotageTheTruth they even look simular