Last movie you watched

  • Mirai of the future

    Really beautiful movie, but I think your enjoyment will largely depend on how the themes resonate with you. I went into the movie thinking it would be about being a brother, but I think it will really land more if you're a parent. The story structure is essentially a series of fables and can get repetitive, but one of the vignettes near the end damn near made me cry. Worth a watch if you're interested. B

  • Early reviews of Joker are very positive. Phoenix is garnering universal acclaim.

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    sounds edgy lol

  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.
    Ending was very Tarantinoesque. Movie could have cut an hour or more from running time.
    7/10 because I liked the ending

  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

    Held off on watching this one for a while because my friend said it was a bit of a letdown. He's not completely wrong – neither of the sequels quite reach the height of the first movie in the trilogy. Still, the animation and music in particular are stunning, with some truly breathtaking sequences. The story is also thematically resonant, and really goes for the fences in the last act, and

    the way the sequence near the end as Hiccup says goodbye to Toothless mirrors their budding friendship made me seriously well up.

    Still, the movie is letdown by weak writing. It really feels like studio execs went through the script and said, "this is a kid's movie, throw in some more jokes and exposition." This trilogy spans a decade. Have some faith that your audience has grown with these characters. I'm not asking for it to become Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. I'm just saying let those moments flow naturally through sound character work, and trust that your audience will enjoy it all the same. I guess not everything can be as good as Avatar, though. B

  • It Chapter 2:

    All the "meta jokes" about King being criticised for not knowing how to write a good ending to a story... Like it seriously comes up maybe 9 times in this movie.

    The adult losers are all great. I feel like McAvoy is maybe a bit miscast, but everyone else seems to be on point. The movie however, keeps reminding you over and over again which person is who, by reflecting the child version in glass, mirrors, superimposing the faces, having flashbacks, etc. This is about half the movie. Also, Pennywise is still a great performance.

    Visual effects are outstanding though. Probably the best part of the film, as I'm effectively criticising both the writing and pacing/direction of the movie.

    Bit of a letdown since I liked the first film so much.


  • IT chapter 2
    The movie did feel a bit long. The pacing wasn't the greats. The movie wasn't too scary at all. It liked it better cuz jokes where pretty good once a while it didn't land for me.The casting was PERFECT.

  • It chapter 2
    If you read the book, you know what to expect - it's overlong, repetitive, full of clunky exposition, and objectively too weird to fit with what came before it. This adaptation toned down some of the more "out there" elements of the book, which I think greatly benefited the story overall. Seriously, there's a reason they don't stop shitting on the original ending throughout this movie. Overall not great, but the cast is dynamite and the visuals are occasionally spectacular. C+

  • @naltmank said in Last movie you watched:

    toned down some of the more "out there" elements of the book, which I think greatly benefited the story

    I dunno man, I really wanted to see the story about how this is actually a fight between a giant turtle and a giant spider.

  • Finally got to watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Man, I'm glad I went in blind. Didn't expect it to go where it did. It was weirder than i expected. Anyway, this was a fun time. I really loved the switch of camera styke when they showed the old films, although I didn't get why they didn't do the same during Rick's movie parts, that's a missed opportunity. Another thing I feel mixed about is the change of presentation style during half of the last act. Everything else was neato, I really got a kick of Cliff being a badass. The soundtrack was spot on too, they picked all the right bangers. Feelin a strong 8 to a light 9 on this one.

  • Hustlers: Maybe I'm kinda jaded, but for a story about strippers ripping off wall street bankers, it's a little vanilla. J-Lo still got it tho.

    Good Boys:
    Liked it a lot, the innocence of the boys juxtaposes nicely with the situations they get themselves into. Couple of recurring jokes were called back one too many times, but overall sweet and funny. Obvious comparisons to other similar films, Superbad, etc but this holds it's own. I think I liked Booksmart slightly more this year, but still a solid 4/5