Last movie you watched

  • The Mummy '99 in 4K.

    alt text

    Has a few low res CG shots, but almost every other shot is nicely detailed and sharp. I never would have thought this movie would ever look this good on home video. Seems like even the mummies were rendered way above 1080p. The Blu-ray version was so much softer when I checked it after (which I think I've seen only once, all prior viewings being on 4:3 VHS). Pretty nice color too.

    A silly movie, but self-aware, with fun characters and a Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack that puts most of today's blockbuster soundtracks to shame. It's just a good pulp-adventure, the kind I don't think they make anymore. 7/10.

    Before that, I watched My Fair Lady, a lovely musical with Audrey Hepburn as a lower class Englishwoman trying to change her crude accent so that she can join the middle class and run a flower shop. Three hours long, but I liked it thoroughly. 8/10.

  • Marshawn Lynch: A History

    Interestingly formatted clip documentary that eschews the typical narrative and sports documentary tropes and just dives in with a structured 700+ various assembled clips of Marshawn, The Ferguson riots, James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Muhammad Ali, Donald Trump, ESPN and NFL Network talking heads like Stephen a Smith and Shannon Sharpe, Dion Sanders, Huey P Newton, Mario Savio, and etc.

  • I saw The Lighthouse yesterday.. absolutely loved it

    The sound, visuals, camera work, performances were all excellent and like The Witch, I'm sure I'll be thinking about it for some time

  • I too saw the Lighthouse, and I thought it was really good! It's the kind of movie that is going to take many viewings in order to decipher what happens, and even then I don't think I'll ever really know. I feel like the whole movie serves as a metaphor for something, but again I couldn't tell you what for.

    It was also shot beautifully. Eggers has proven himself one of the most intriguing directors around with this one, along with the stories of his perfectionism on set. Dafoe is also fantastic, and I think this may be Pattinson's best performance yet (though his accent felt a little muddled at times).

  • Dolemite Is My Name

    Grew up watching Dolemite movies. Murphy doesn't look much like the real Rudy Ray Moore, but he does a great job with the cadence of speech and swagger. I may hold the film Bowfinger in higher regard than some, but I honestly think Dolemite is his best performance since that film in 1999.

  • Watched El Camino. Absolutely loved it.[link text](link url)

  • Casino

    I just got a craving for Casino and its still as classic as ever. A few funny editing flubs and I'm not the biggest fan of the constant narration and licenced music this time around, but the story is still soooooo good.

    Imagine a self contained RPG game like Casino? You build your empire up quasi-legit or you go full gangster and become a captain out in the desert. Or like Yakuza but in Las Vegas. That would be super awesome.

  • Train to Busan (2016) was a pretty darn thrilling ride! Korean zombie horror on a train. Which is honestly one of my favourite milieus in films, games, TV etc. So yeah, I feel entertained and even more after seeing this. Some of the visuals and/or scenarios, situations, were surprisingly vivid, caught me off guard a few times. There was a solid sense of threat and unease which is for sure needed in a movie like this. I liked the child actress, a convincing kid. And the ending worked for me, it made me feel things. Nicely tied together.

  • Terminator: Dark Fate
    It's really bad. Mediocre action, shoddy effects, and some of the worst writing I've seen in a long time. Performances are fine with the exception of Natalia Reyes, who's a bit of a dud. The story never escalates, and it ultimately feels like watching variations on the same theme for 2 hours. For a movie that's as loud and in your face as this one is, I almost fell asleep halfway through. I hated Genysis, but at least that movie was going for something. C-

  • I really liked Terminator: Dark Fate. Probaby the 3rd best in the franchise for me. (admittedly not saying much, but it's much closer to #2 than #4) So... polarizing movie I guess.

  • Blindspotting
    Easily one of the best movies I've seen in the past five years. Frequently hilarious while never losing sight of its message, Diggs and Casal create an incredibly honest and powerful look at gentrification and racial bias in Oakland. Don't want to say any more, but please don't skip this movie. It's only 96 minutes and available on HBO right now. A

  • Was my top ranked film of last year @naltmank

  • @naltmank have you seen the sequel yet?

  • @spikewolf_26 If you mean the Starz spinoff, it's not out yet.

  • Charlies Angels:
    A fun action movie that unfortunately probably didn't get marketed well enough. There's also the predictable backlash against anything resembling a movie in which women appear to be a main character. I'm also hearing a lot of people trotting out the tired "people don't want to see sequels, remakes and reboots" argument, which is patently and provably false. Look at the top 10 box office movies of the year if you don't believe me.


  • @spikewolf_26 I heard there was a show in the works but as far as I know nothing's come of it yet. I will once it comes out, though.

  • Joker. Phoenix does great performance though there were couple of moments that it felt a bit forced. Cinematography. Loved it. The scene where he was in the shadow was amazing.
    Now to movie itself. Don't think the script was good and in the end I felt empty on the whole movie. It was just not interesting at all.
    I can see why people like it just not for me. Don't need to watch it again and that tells a lot.

  • Hijōsen no Onna/Dragnet Girl
    1933 by Yasujiro Ozu
    A silent film live scored on stage by electronic artist Coupler.

    Not a new movie, but one I hadn't seen before, and I'd wager most people haven't seen. It's an interesting Japanese gangster/hoodlum tale, but super tame in comparison to anything contemporary you might have seen. Pretty basic, barebones dialog cards. Not entirely sure if the translation is contemporary or antiquated, but it gets the point across. Undeniably badass costuming and some eye catching cinematography, even for an 86 year old silent film. Nearly every single person in this film chain smokes. Really enjoyed seeing all the old-school boxing promo posters.
    3_1574415880952_Dragnet_Girl_Yumeko_Aizome_Joji_Oka.png 2_1574415880952_Current_28224id_003_large.jpg 1_1574415880952_cjp8s81je17r1vg69214o3blz-dragnet-girl-yasujirō-ozu- 0_1574415880952_thenewyorker_movie-of-the-week-movie-of-the-week-dragnet-girl.jpg

    Here's a trailer to give you a brief taste of what the scoring was like
    Youtube Video

    All in all, very cool experience. I'm a sucker for live scored films. I've seen both The Highlander and Escape From New York live scored before by various artists and I highly recommend the experience if you ever get a chance to go see one.

  • @tokyoslim said in Last movie you watched:

    There's also the predictable backlash against anything resembling a movie in which women appear to be a main character.

    This usually doesn't affect a lot when the movie is well received. This one wasn't.