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  • @axel I think you guys are trying to read too much into what I said. The top three things I've seen online about this movie are "I didn't know it was out/trailers looked bad" "feminism" and "nobody wants to see remakes/reboots"

    I'm just saying that I think two of those things are rather lazy opinions. I'm not making excuses for it's poor performance at the box office, though I think that the three things I mentioned certainly seem to be contributing factors even though again, I think they are lazy opinions.

    Also, most of the specific movies you mentioned also received predictable backlash. That's why it's so PREDICTABLE. :)

  • @tokyoslim Have you ever seen a Japanese silent film with a benshi? I've watched a couple with benshi audio tracks before and it's great!---I'd really like the opportunity to see one live. That's why the dialogue cards tend to be pretty infrequent and bare in Japanese silents, there was usually someone orating at the same time.

    Also it's a shame that it wasn't That Night's Wife; I think that's the best Ozu crime story.

  • @ringedwithtile I have not! Sounds cool though. I'll keep my eye out for the opportunity.

  • @tokyoslim

    I love the movie Clue for no explicable reason and I was smiling the whole time watching the Knives Out trailer. I might see it this weekend. Glad to know its a good time.

    Edit: Well, its out November 27th here so I won't see it until then.

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    @tokyoslim Agreed. I saw it at TIFF and while I didn't think it was extremely funny, it was always consistently funny and entertaining.

  • Yeah, I think the "comedy" really is in the family bickering. Considering you've got people like Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Evans sniping at each other in ways uncharacteristic of many of their other roles. I think "funny" is the wrong word, really - but it's amusing seeing people play off brand this way. Also there's some spot on comedic timing and editing of non-comedic elements that are fun. I can't really get into specifics - but there's a vomiting scene that's staged like it's supposed to get a laugh, but is in fact done just to distract you.

  • So I just left a surprise test screening for something, technically not allowed to talk about it, but.....whooooo boy December 20th is gonna be, it's gonna be something.

  • @dmcmaster Do the cats do a bunch of crazy hijinks?

  • @dmcmaster

    So, the force is strong with this one. :P

  • @scotty
    Not really.

  • @tokyoslim I love a whodunnit story. However, I feel like the comedic writing got in the way of the story...which sucks because it wasn't that funny.

  • Her

    It was really good. Phoenix is a great actor and perspective about AI is really interesting and believable; also there is so much about relationships. Ending is a nice touch.

  • @scotty have you seen Lost in Translation?

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    Last week, among many other movies, I read and watched...

    alt text

    I'm glad I read the book before watching this movie. Made me appreciate the book more and understand the movie better than I would have otherwise on initial viewing. It's a fine effort, the movie, but I wish they hadn't taken so many liberties and kept more of the humor. Also, I don't appreciate Snyder, with his exaggerated fighting, turning the superheroes into super humans. Still, I kept thinking to myself, "Wow, they're really gonna do THIS part?" I'm happy they didn't leave out too much for run-time. It's almost three hours long.

    Normally, I would have opted for the 4K version, but that one only comes with the ultimate cut, which I read has disruptive filler. I'd have felt a little burned if I paid the 4K price for this movie movie regardless, considering some of its flaws. The Blu-ray looks good anyway.

    For the most part, I don't care for superheroes. This book and movie interested me because I heard it was some kind of deconstruction of the genre, which it is. Tries to show what a world with costumed vigilantes might really be like, how the public might react to these flawed people watching over them and what it would mean for global politics to actually have a superman. I like the mystery, the Cold War '80s setting and the dark tone of it.

  • 6 Underground.
    Trailer looked nice enough that I decided to give Michael Bay movie another chance.
    He still sucks at making them post-2000. All those childish dialogues and weirdly cut action scenes made this a movie that should've been skipped. 4/10

  • I liked Pain and Gain, but I think it was really more of a meta-Bay movie than anything. He largely makes trashy boom boom movies

  • I saw Jumanji 2 the other day. Thought it was lesser than the original, but it's mostly because I think the main plot conceit of not feeling like you belong, out side of the one thing you've discovered you're good at is sidetracked for half a movie by some decades old beef between old people, and old people jokes. If you like the setting and cast of the original Jumanji reboot, you'll probably like this one ok too.

    Is like a 3/5

  • @tokyoslim said in Last movie you watched:


    As far as I know it was a sequel.

    @spikewolf_26 said in Last movie you watched:

    have you seen Lost in Translation?

    Not yet but I heard that it is good.

  • @scotty said in Last movie you watched:

    As far as I know it was a sequel.

    Technically, I suppose it is. Also Zathura.
    That being said, it's not based on a book, and it takes several liberties with the source material and modernizes it for contemporary audiences.