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    So I saw Everything Everywhere All At Once a couple days ago, and instantly fell in love with it. However, I figured I would wait to talk about it, because oftentimes I think I dip my toes in hyperbole, or rather I give off the appearance of being hyperbolic; every time I give a film a 10, I do sincerely believe it. So I thought "hey, I'll wait a little while and approach it with a clear head, and maybe my opinion will have cooled."

    It hasn't cooled.

    In fact my opinion of the film has risen since I saw it. Where once there was love, now there is pure adoration. This is my next Uncut Gems; a film that I love and respect so much, and that I am so passionate for, and that I think has truly changed my view of the medium.

    I want to be a filmmaker. Well, perhaps I am a filmmaker, but I want to be a great filmmaker, more than anything. Uncut Gems was the film that gave that to me, as though my eyes truly opened after seeing it, and for the first time I saw my dreams through perfect clarity. It changed me. I am shooting another short film in a few weeks, I have written a feature film screenplay, and am in the process of writing two more. I am always seeking inspiration, and I often find it, but I have never again found it in the way I did with Uncut Gems.

    Until now.

    Everything Everywhere All At Once has done that again. What they have managed to do with this film is nothing short of miraculous. I always love it when indie filmmakers think big, when they have ideas that maybe go beyond their budget. However, this movie is more than that. This is a BLOCKBUSTER, massive in scale, and yet personal in tone. There is no movie like it. $25 million is nothing to scoff at, but it pales into comparison of what they have accomplished. It does everything the MCU has ever done, but with so much more soul, and joy, and love.

    The Daniels are very good at taking the absurd and making it sincere. In Swiss Army Man, we cry when the farting corpse learns to love. They have the uncanny ability to treat the most ridiculous concepts with true earnestness, and this film represents that in spades. I won't even mention the ridiculousness in the film because I wouldn't want to spoil a thing, but trust me when I tell you it manages to tell a remarkably beautiful tale in a film that is inherently, gleefully absurd.

    With Everything Everywhere All At Once, the Daniels have a movie unlike any other, a movie that has all of the heart of a family drama, the action of a big-budget tentpole, and the absurdity of, well, a Daniels film. How can you come away from this and not feel inspired? They've changed the game.

    They've changed me.


  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    A bit of a letdown. Not a very cohesive movie, but there were a bunch of (very) cool surprises along the road. I'm starting to think Strange works better as a supporting character.

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    Multiverse thing was a letdown but horror aspect was very good though it would had been better were it an R-rated movie. Overall it was decent and a bit of fresh air for being a bit tonally different. [7/10]

    Everything Everywhere All At Once
    A bit slow start but once the gear shifts it's flooring all the way. It's so good that I don't want to talk about it and just say go watch it without having any expectations. I and the crowd have never had such a laugh in cinema. [10/10]

    Top Gun
    Following someone to a bathroom. Creepy.
    Classic soundtrack and some good moments but aged pretty poorly. [6/10]

    Aya and the Witch
    Goro's bold move to make a 3D Ghibli movie pays off. Sure the characters get a bit used to but I was surprised how more expressive and personality characters had. I was really liking this movie but then it ended. Bummer. [8/10]

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    A good MCU film, though not as relaxed as Ragnarök. I felt this one was sort of unbalanced as there was just too much humor on the first half and only the final third found the right mixture of emotions. Two hours went by quickly in any case, I would've liked even more minutes this time around. All the Guns N' Roses scenes were neat, and the ending surprised me in a great way.

  • I've seen a few films recently both new and not-so-new including:

    I've seen Superbad several times and each time I am conflicted about whether I consider it to be a great comedy or not. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera's performances are cool and there are a few jokes that really hit their mark, but the gratuitous sex-pest humor gets really old and annoying as does the script. I know Jonah and Michael play a couple of feisty dudes just finishing high school, but the stammering continuation of immature jokes and needless swearing really bugs me. Still it's a pretty cool and fun film even though I'd much rather watch the American Pie films a thousand times over.

    The Lost City
    Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock go wild on an island and Daniel Radcliffe gives a pretty menacing performance as the villain. At first I thought The Lost City would be diabolical as I didn't really like the vibes I was getting, but the chemistry between Tatum and Bullock did provide some entertainment.

    Michael Bay is at it again, but Ambulance does at least convey the sense of urgency you'd expect from a film about an emergency services vehicle. I really don't dig the constant unrelated references to pop culture and the out-of-place innuendos, but as far as Bay films go this is not bad.

  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    The movie was a little too long, I feel. TBH, though, I wasn't at my best, so a second round will be needed. WF had many balls to juggle and a very difficult starting position, but it managed to tackle those obstacles pretty well. The first Panther movie was better, but this did its best. Namor was good, wished there'd just been Atlantis as well. Shout-out to the soundtrack, it is colourful.