Buying games knowing you wont complete?

  • Does anyone ever buy games solely because of the hype? For example I will buy every Grand Theft Auto game but I rarely ever play them. I feel this will be the same for Mass Effect Andromeda and Read Dead 2 for me.

  • Nope i always have the genuine pretense that i will play and beat everything i buy lmao.

  • There are some games that have fun enough universes that I'm content to pop them in and run around for a bit, even if I don't think I'm necessarily going to finish it. That's how I am with games like Fallout or Dragon Age. Others have engaging and fun gameplay but sometimes have pacing issues that make them more fun for me to spend shorter amounts of time with and which I might complete at some point, like Antichamber or Civilization. Generally, though, I'm a story-driven gamer and I want to see the story through to the end, even if it takes me a long time.

    EDIT: though, especially since I'm fairly broke, I am reluctant to pay for a brand new, full-price game if I know that it's going to be one that I don't complete or get much time in.

  • For the most part no. I like to finish games if I can, unless they just become to draining to play after a bit. But two games I usually buy with no intention of beating is call of duty and battlefield. I didn't buy either this year but I usually only play the multiplayer.

  • I don't buy games I know I won't finish because of hype, but I DO buy games I know I won't finish to support the types of games I want to see more of. One example is Etrian Odyssey on DS/3DS. I have played every one if them, except Untold 2 and the Mystery Dungeon spin-off, and haven't finished any of them (although I came close with 4). Sometimes the grind gets to me, sometimes I just don't have the time to invest in them that they require. But I'm glad they exist and I want to support cool/weird hardcore RPGs like that continuing to be made, so I'll keep buying them. Also drawing maps is dope.

  • Stopped buying games for the hype a long time ago. And I have been pretty good at controlling personal hype for even personal anticipated releases, like MGSV.

    I may however, consider buying Mass Effect Andromeda sooner than later. As that's a game, with a history of getting spoiled online. Actually stopped forum surfing while I played ME2. And the moment I returned to GT, I came across untagged spoilers.

  • Sometimes I buy games I know I won't have time to play or get into just to support a good company making a good game. I think of it as trying to vote with my wallet.
    That's the only situation I can think of where I know before hand that I won't finish or even sometimes get around to playing a game that I bought

  • Unless if I get them as a part of a bundle, or something like that, I always intend to finish what I buy. Maybe thats why I'm so picky.

  • For collection purposes, sure, but not of hype, when I buy a game of the hype (with that I mean my personal hype, not mainstream hype which is completely irrelevant to me these days) I usually play it ASAP, normally at that time I can't tell if I will ever beat it, maybe it sucks, maybe it's broken, maybe it's too difficult for me at some point, maybe I simply lose interest for whatever reason, all things I can't really predict.
    The last game I bought purely for the mainstream hype was CoD4 on the 360, took me many years till I finally played through it, imo it sucked.
    GTA games since GTA III (I never liked 1&2) I always played through, even the Stories spin offs and Chinatown Wars (just not GTA Advanced, that one sucks bad) same for RD Revolver and Redemption.

    On the collection front though I know I bought some games I will never beat, like I bought Global Defence Force Tactics on PS2 (only released in JP and PAL regions), which is really not good and I always knew I will never beat it, not even a fan of the tactic RPG genre, but it's part of the EDF franchise which I collect and it wasn't expensive. Or the JP only Ganbare Goemon Gameboy RPG games which are almost unplayable really, but I love Goemon.

  • I don't buy games because of hype, I buy them because I believe they are something I would enjoy, and if they are something that doesn't seem for me I usually stay away from them. That said I do buy games that I know I probably won't finish, simply because I would like having them.

    For example this year I bought Magna Carta 2, which I put like 10 hours in, and I'm never playing again, Star Ocean 4, which I didn't think I would finish, but I'm liking it well enough so I may actually finish it, and several versions of the Persona games, that I'm not going to play because I already have other versions.

  • I finish the games I buy. Always. I bought Mafia 3, and I'm finishing this damn game even if it kills me.

  • I buy a few for collection purposes (mostly Japanese versions of games I intend to complete or have completed already in English). It tends to be their collectors editions actually. It was the PS1 and PS2 era's that stood out most to me, we just didn't get big bundle editions back then really, not like the ones I frequently found on ebay. They are often expensive for something I will never beat (or play for that matter), but it's worth it for me.

  • I buy games knowing I won't finish them, but hoping that I will.
    Pretty much, if I don't finish a game within a few weeks, it's unlikely I ever will. I try to avoid buying multiple games now, to avoid distractions.
    Currently I'm trying to finish FFXV but I'm being distracted by the games I bought my boyfriend for christmas, Just Cause 3 and Skyrim, not to mention Overwatch as usual.

    Luckily I have a vacation from work coming up, so I might just spend a day or two finishing the second half of FFXV.

  • I preordered Dark Souls 3 a month before release and still haven't even run the game.
    Yesterday bought Killer is Dead and Catherine while were on sale but probably won't even played them in a long time. At least being BC helps.

  • I have a huge backlog, but I do hope to get to them one day