Congrats on cracking $40,000!!

  • Just woke up over here in Japan and I got an email saying the Patreon has reached $40,000. A pretty good Christmas gift if you ask me. You guys deserve every bit of success you've decided in the last year. Please continue and keep it rolling.

    Love & Respect!

  • Huh, so it has. With just a week left in the month, it probably won't stick. We might get an episode of Damiani's show out of it, though.

  • Unfortunately, it fell to under $38,000. Today, it rose to over $38,000 , so they really aren't getting $40,000 this month.

  • admin

    @jifw52 payout's a few days away. first couple days of the month are always kind of misleading as people update payment info. As charges are declined, there's a large drop that bounces back as people check their e-mails and approve payments, change credit cards, etc.

    That said, it likely won't hit 40K for the payout. We lost one of the sponsors and some of the big gifts that pushed it over the mark were likely just Christmas bonuses. We'll see when the check clears though.

  • Hello Allies (aka beautiful human beings),
    Can you feel it too? The time has come for stories from the Nine.
    Currently we are only about 500$ away from the 40K$ goal on Patreon.
    If you enjoy the content from EZA as much as I do, please consider adding a contribution on Patreon to help us reaching this goal. Any dollar is appreciated.
    If you cannot afford anything, don’t worry. The Patrons got your back and are happy to help the Nine bringing you the great entertainment that we all love (I hope that I can say that in the name of the other Patrons).
    Thank you!