I Just Got a PS4 Pro

  • What games should I buy?

  • I got one a couple weeks ago, FFXV and The Last Guardian take advantage of the Pro upgrades, more coming next year too and a lot retroactively patched like TLOU: Remastered.

  • I'm not sure what you've owned before but I'd say Last Guardian, Bloodborne, Last of Us, Uncharted 4/Collection, God of War 3 to name a few


  • Thanks for the reccomendations! Heading to GameStop now!

  • Have you owned a PS4 before

  • Bloodborne, Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4, Uncharted Collection.

    I'd keep an eye on the playstation store and the PS Plus games that come out. You can save quite a bit of money by checking out those free games.

    The above games are Playstation exclusives, so there are more games that aren't platform specific. They should also keep you busy for quite a while and PS Plus goes through a few rotations.

  • @ib0show Nope, this is my first one.

  • In terms of exclusives that haven't been mentioned.

    Resogun and Until Dawn. I believe the former is getting a pro patch too.

    Ratchet and Clank has a pro patch too. The game looks stunning from what I've seen.

  • I also recently got a PS4 Pro and I've purchased:

    Bloodborne (no Pro enhancements but still an amazing game)
    Final Fantasy 15 (Lite mode on 1080p eliminates most frame pacing issues, if those bother you)
    Gravity Rush Remastered (GR2 coming out early 2017 so good time to catch up)
    Journey (never got a chance to play it on PS3)
    The Last Guardian (play it on 1080p for a solid 30 through most of the game)
    Uncharted 4 (no explanation needed)
    Until Dawn (have heard its a solid horror game so giving it a shot)
    Virginia (Huber was hyping it up in one of the last eps of Huber Syndrome).

    Thinking about getting Ratchet and Clank soon. Also just purchased Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I would normally get a non-exclusive like this on PC, but it was only $14.99 on Amazon/Best Buy. It still might be that low now if you want to pick it up. :D

  • You better pick up Overwatch at some point. Then we can have a training montage with cheesy 80s music playing in the background.

    Also, Let It Die is absolutely free and excellent. I've basically become a spokesperson for that game.

  • Most of the games listed are great but some are missing like Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain, Resident Evil Remake, Dying Light, Alien Isolation, Doom, Arkham Knight, Evil Within, Life is Strange, Until Dawn, Infamous Second Son, Infamous First Light. Some good co-op/local multiplayer games Overcooked, Screencheat, Jackbox Party Pack, Rocket League and Towerfall Ascension. Games in Bold are exclusives.

  • So far I've picked up FF 15 and the Uncharted Collection. My local GameStop was out of Metal Gear and Overwatch.

  • Ratchet and Clank and Gravity Rush

    I'd wait on FFXV until all the DLC is out, I enjoyed it, but wish I would have waited

  • Bloodborne
    Tales of zesteria
    One Piece pirate warriors 3
    Uncharted 4
    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Ratchet and clank

    I don't know what genres you are into so I just dropped some games that I like.

  • Red dead redemption, shadow of the colossus, quantum break

  • If this is your first time for playstation. These are my must plays :)

    1. Until Dawn
    2. Uncharted 4/The collection
    3. Naruto Ninja Storm
    4. Tearaway
    5. Infamous second son/first light
    6. Life is strange
    7. Rayman Legends
    8. The Last Guardian
    9. Final Fantasy XV
    10. Bloodborne

  • I would like to get one to play Destiny 2 on. As I would imagine given the Bungie partnership with Sony. A pro version may be in the works.

    Hopefully I have the cash to spare this holiday season. Even though as a current PS4 owner. Its not the end of the world if I can't get one sooner than later.