PC Monitor Help - 60Hz is a 60f cap?

  • Hey EZA PC enthusiasts, I'm looking for some monitor advice and understanding.

    I have been gifted an ASUS VA32A monitor that was on sale. It is a 32" 2K monitor (1440p) and I can't find the specs on the box for the life of me, only marketing buzzwords. I look it up online and I have trouble finding much but I think I have the manual here (it only says VA32A on my box not 'VA32Q' so idk): http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/LCD Monitors/VA32A/ASUS_VA32AQ_UM-0812.pdf?_ga=1.11482292.1438134143.1482726085

    I see the "Supported Timing List" and under 'Mode: WQHD', it says 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz.

    Does this mean my monitor maxes out at 60Hz? A few (much) lower resolutions offer up to 75Hz but why would I do that? So basically my monitor maxes at 60fps, no?

    I just got a GTX 1080 so I'd assume I'll be able to run a lot more than 60f on a number of titles. I mean I'm fine with 2K but 2K AND only the ability to run 60f is a bit sad sounding to me.

    Am I understanding this correctly? Think there are other monitors more beneficial for my new CPU and GPU? Or does V-Sync do the trick to fix the refresh rate issues?

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    EDIT: This looks to be the monitor.
    5ms response, 2K @ 60Hz. I just wanna take advantage of my new parts. Should I go bigger?

  • This might help ya. Pretty dense is all.


  • If you installed the latest Nvidea driver or any driver than you should find the supported resolution and refresh rate under the control panel. From the link you provided a user review says you might have to set up a custom resolution of 2560x1440. Also since both your monitor and graphics card have a display port, connect them over display port and not HDMI and definitely not VGA. Refresh rate of the monitor is probably maxed to 60Hz, maybe possible 75Hz. If you have Vsync enable in a game you get constant 60fps, especially with a GTX 1080. Without vsync you get as much fps as the card can render but monitor only displays 60. If you play games over Steam you should be able to show the fps without any third party software, just if you are not sure what settings you use. For the smoothest image you might want to enable vsync.

  • Yes, if your monitor is 60Hz, then it can't display more than 60fps.
    Most monitors are 60Hz. If they have a 120/144/240Hz refresh rate then it usually specifically say so somewhere.

    Some more info you didn't ask for:
    Most 120/144/240Hz monitors use a TN panel, which, as a rule of thumb, usually have pretty poor color recreation and viewing angles.
    Some 120/144/240Hz monitors use an IPS panel, this gives a better colors and viewing angles than a TN panel, but have a slightly higher latency (IPS is around 4-6ms while TN can do 1ms (latency as in action perform to action viewed on screen)).

  • Thanks fellas

    I suppose I did understand the Hz a bit more than I originally thought. I'm sticking with the ASUS 2K monitor.

    It'll look very good and the screen is gigantic which will be amazing for Premiere Pro CC.

    Later down the road when I wanna go 4K and run 60-120Hz, I'll upgrade on my own dime.

    Thanks again!