E3 Bets and Double Down on Don?

  • Before I begin, I know the bets show was for fun and the whole thing is not super serious. Also, full disclosure, I was for Kyle all the way.

    If you watched the Group Stream on Tuesday you saw that Huber won E3 bets. It is safe to say that this was due to Don's bets during the Double Down on Don segment of the E3 Bets special. Had those points gone any other way, Bosman would have won.

    My question is this, how were those points decided? I went back and rewatched the E3 Bets special. I paid special attention to the Double Down on Don segment. Kyle was very clear that Don was on both of their teams. At no point do Kyle or Michael say this question is for me or I get these points if he is wrong. I took that to mean that both teams got the points if Don was correct and neither team got any if he was wrong.

    During the E3 streams, another viewer (his name escapes me now) made a chart listing all of the bets and how each team performed. He listed both teams as getting 3 points from Double Down on Don because Don was correct on one bet and not correct on the other. It was very well put together and I just wanted to give him a shoutout. I bring it up to illustrate that I was not the only one to interpret the bets in this way.

    Can someone help me out?

    TL:DR How were the points from Don's bets assigned and when did they say that is how it was done?

    Love and Respect,

  • I just finished the 2016 and 2015 videos (at least the Don parts). Here's Kyle explaining the points system for Double Down in 2015:

    Youtube Video – [15:45..]

    Kyle mentions that if you win, you get the points. If you lose, your opponent gets the points. For 2016, Kyle lost his bet to Don so Huber won 3 points. Then Huber won his bet with Don and won another 3 points.

    I'm inclined to say it's not worded very well in the 2016 bet show, but I think the points were added correctly.

    PS: I wanted Kyle to win to because I want Huber Puppet Theater :heart:

  • That's it right there. I didn't watch last year but with that explanation it makes sense. Thank you.