Anyone else buy games that you may never play or not play for years?

  • This really doesn't happen with console games as they never quite go on sale as much as PC games, but man do I have a huge backlog of PC (steam and gog) games!

    Just bought Spelunky, Transistor and Shadowrun Dragonfall on PC, not sure when I"ll ever play them, but I do hope to one day

    Anyone else like this? If they go less than $5, I will almost always pick up a game on my wish list is a savior and a curse!

  • You have no idea XD

  • 133 games in steam, may have played 30 of them.

    console games it doesn't happen as much, but it does happen, I can see Folklore right now in my stand, just mocking me.

  • Not so much on retail copies of games, but when it comes to digital titles on PSN and Steam? Dear god....the backlog might out live me.

  • I still have copy of "The Legend of Dragoon" on PS1 that I haven't touched.

  • It's never really ever been my intention to, but it has and does happen from time to time.

    Over a year is very rare, but sometimes I just never quite feel in the mood to start that particular title and before you know it, months have gone by. I'm never bothered by what I could have saved by waiting though, as it's quite common for me to start it a day or two after the purchase. It's just an unknown factor really, and I can afford to gamble by grabbing what I want day one so that it's there on my shelf should I suddenly want to start it.

    I don't personally go for sales though myself though. I find that if I'm questioning if I want a game or not, I don't really want it. While I do have games on my shelf that I bought months ago and have yet to start, I know that they are things I like and I feel a strong desire to play all of them; there's nothing there that I just bought on a whim just for the sake of it. That's what I tend to see when people are shopping in sales (especially digital), they'll go snapping up loads of things solely because they're cheap, or sometimes, just because it's free.