Frog Fractions 2!

  • It's finally out! Here's a Kotaku article about how the reveal happened!

    If you somehow haven't played the game yet and have about a half hour to 45 minutes free, here's a link to the original!

    Who's been anticipating this as much as me? I wanted to be involved with the ARG, but I don't have enough technical knowledge to participate and I live far away from where most of the in-person action has been going on.

  • So!

    I finally played Frog Fractions for the first time tonight. I had heard many people say it was great but never why, just that it subverts expectations. What actually made me take the plunge was a video Jim Sterling released on Glittermitten Grove. He starts the video saying there's a particular reason he's doing the video and you'll soon figure it out. 25 minutes later, he says it's because of the color schemes of one of the fairies. I laughed real hard and thought I had been trolled into watching a fairy game for 25 minutes but I took to the comment section and... bam, Frog Factions 2 is the reason why.

    For a browser game, it's probably one of the more ingenious ones. That moment when I learned I could go down, even fully knowing the game had tricks up its sleeve, filled me with a lot of wonder. The rest of the game is funny and has interesting bits too, that just stood out (along with the text adventure section).

    Needless to say, I'm real curious to play the 2nd one, but I'll have to wait as this one isn't free. I wonder why more people aren't talking about this here? It's some brilliant marketing.

  • I messaged Ian about streaming it, and Rachel Sala (one of the people who worked on FF1 and FF2) chimed in and said she'd be down to play it with Ian, so I think they are going to do it on an upcoming Easy Update.

    You're welcome everyone. :p

  • @TokyoSlim I had brought up the possibility too, back when the Sarah episode with For Honor was released. Watching Ian play games with people that helped make it is a lot of fun!