Your Top 3 Favourite Games

  • @AthenaS said in Your Top 3 Favourite Games:

    #2 Alundra I think it came out the same year as FF7. I'm not sure if anyone else beside me likes this game as much as I do haha. I loved the music, which was composed by Kohei Tanaka. You would have to listen to know why. The weapons the main character uses are swords, wands, capes and all that good stuff.

    You're not alone! I loved Alundra, it was basically a better Link to the Past for me. Great dungeons, great gameplay, you could jump! And a really cool and dark story! People died left and right in this game, it was horrifying! :D And I never finished it, so I'm gonna have to get back to it one of these days.

  • Here are Mine:

    1. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
      alt text
      No game has ever replicated the feeling I got while playing this. Everything just clicked with me: The characters, the story, the combat, environment, the tone, soundtrack... All pieces just fit together perfectly.
      It may not look great today, but omg, this game is good!

    2. Age of Empires 2 + expansions
      alt text
      Probably my most played game of all time and best strategy ever, imo. Simply fun and immersive.

    This one is a bit tricky. I have three contenders for the third place: Dark Souls 3 , Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Star Wars: The Old Republic + Knights of the Fallen empire expansion (Yeah, the title is long).
    While DS3 is probably the Best game I've ever played, I don't know if I really like it the most. Jedi academy has the best lightsaber combat 'till this day. Swtor is soooo underappreciated. Especially after the new expansion. I love so many things about that game.
    It's a tie between SWTOR and Dark Souls 3
    alt text
    alt text

  • ocarina of time
    symphony of the night

  • Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; I played this on the Super Nintendo when I was a kid. It was my introduction to the world of RPGs, and for YEARS this game confused me and kept me thinking.

    Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos & The Frozen Throne; I played this game every day for 8 years. It was what solidified my decision to be a PC Gamer. The custom games were incredible. It was a golden age where new genre's were created nearly every week. It was where Dota got its fame, and games get copied and remade into mobile games or steam games to this day. There was no "most popular" - it was just a randomized list of custom games. It was pure anarchy where anyone could succeed. I honestly could talk for pages about the impact Warcraft 3 had on gaming.

    Skies of Arcadia (Gamecube) - This is a tough last pick for me. Lots of games come up there, but Skies of Arcadia was a game I played alongside Warcraft 3. I put an inhuman amount of hours into this game. I would do anything for a sequel to this game. The fantasy of going on an adventure on a pirate ship in the clouds...its just the best!

  • Red Dead Redemption - The first game to make me cry. What a great game, everything about it fills me with joy.

    Witcher 3 - I was sick of gaming until this saved me, perfect.

    Fallout: New Vegas - Fallout 3 is the reason I play games alot, but NV did everything the 3rd on did and made it better.

    Too many great games to pick from.


  • it's to hard for me to choose a favorite as it changes all the time, instead I will choose three lesser known games that I remember fondly.

    1. Azure Dreams a rougelike were you catch monsters and build up a town, I spent well over a 100 hours in this game.

    2. King's Bounty I am talking about the Sega Genesis one, a game I enjoyed so much I didn't mind writing down the egregiously long passwords to load back in.

    3. Evil Zone a ps1 fighting game with a lot of flair and very simple controls I spent many hours with friends playing this game.

  • These questions are hard. I'm going to cheat and have categories.
    Most played- of warcaft

    1. Halo 2 // destiny is probably creeping up on this.
    2. Morrowind or obvlivion, probably morrowind.

    Fave from childhood
    1- final fantasy 8.... Yes, 8
    2- black and white
    3- resident evil 2
    Honourable mention - age of empires 2

    Fave from recent times
    1- last of us// uncharted 2
    2- xcom
    3- grand theft auto 5

    1- transistor
    2- limbo. Only 2d platform game I've ever completed
    3- trilby games by Ben croshaw.

  • I am a recreational gamer so I like games I can jump in and out of. If they get boring I stop playing them. It's hard to pick favorites so there will be ties.
    My top 3 have never gotten boring, either because of replay value or online functionality.

    1. Red Dead Redemption
    2. Grand Theft Auto IV / Resident Evil 2
    3. Halo: Reach / Grand Theft Auto V

  • For me, in no particular order:

    Shovel Knight
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    Mass Effect 2

  • 1, Metal Gear Solid!
    alt text

    2, Bad Company 2 - By far the best shooter that ever was for me!
    alt text

    3, THE CIRCLE!
    alt text

  • Persona 3 Portable: I have a deep affection for all of the Persona games, and it pains me that I can't name them all, but P3P just barely edges the other out (sorry P4 I still love you). FES certainly looks better, but you can take P3P with you anywhere, and FemProtag definitely has the best dialogue options and social links. It's addictive, it's magical, what more can I say. Also this and basically every Persona game has one of the best OST's ever made, praise Meguro.
    -Songs: A Way of Life, Wiping All Out, Sun, The Battle For Everyone's Souls.

    Pokemon Black 2: Pokemon is absolutely one of my top 2 series, but Black 2 specifically is more important to me than any other game. I won't go into details but I was in a bad place, and I saw this game. It reminded me of how much I had loved games and Pokemon as a kid and convinced me to start playing games. Aside from all that, it's just a really solid entry for Pokemon, it's definitely got the best post-game.
    -Songs: Wild Pokemon Battle, Gym Battle, Driftveil City

    Super Mario Galaxy: (I very nearly put Super Paper Mario on here instead) This game is amazing. It's well designed, the atmosphere is incredible, it still looks beautiful, and the music is amazing. Simply put it's my favorite Mario game ever made.
    -Songs: Egg Planet, Battlerock Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy.

  • Banned

    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
    Great RPG and one of the funniest games I've ever played.

    Guardian Heroes
    The best seven player three tiered 2.5D branching path beatemup RPG fighting game out there, imo.


  • 3. Super Mario 64
    One of the best and strongest memories I have from my childhood, exploring that world was a unique thing.

    2. Red Dead Redemption
    Story, vast open world with wild life, characters, gameplay, sidequests, ending... it was the closest I could get all those with perfection.

    1. GoldenEye 007
    The most perfect offline multiplayer game of the entire video game history, I couldn't begin counting how many hours i've spent playing this game with family and friends, fighting over Golden Gun rules, Armor camping. And the campaign is equally fantastic. I don't think any other game has brought me the amount of fun this one did.

  • This is such a hard question.
    There are so many good games, especially on the SNES.
    With the Chrono Trigger, FF6, Zelda LLTP, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana...

    Rather than talk about those I'll tell you my top 3 games that some people might not have played.

    1) Legend of Dragoon
    A perfect game (although the art and CGi are kinda dated now).
    I especially liked the story and the combat system which was different than other.
    It wasn't enough to simply mashed X to beat the enemies.

    Youtube Video

    2) Radiata Stories
    My favorite game from Tri-Ace.
    The story is awesome with a critical choice in the middle, which leads to two very different story in the end.
    With over 175 recrutables characters, every single characters (including NPCs) follow a schedule during the day/night rotation. This feature is still one of the coolest I've seen and his seldom used even in recent games.

    Youtube Video

    3) Breath of Fire 3
    The Breath of Fire series holds a special place for me, being the games that brought me to RPGs. And although BOF2 was my first, I have to admit that BOF3 was the best of them all.
    For anyone who hasn't given Breath of Fire a shot, consider trying this game. I'm sure you won't regret it.

    Youtube Video

    Radiata Stories might be a bit harder to find (still worth it though), but both Legend of Dragoon and BOF3 are on PSN.
    So you have no reason to not play those games!!

  • This is cheating so if you feel as if my list is not worth reading, please disregard:

    #3. The Last of Us / Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction
    I go back and forth with this spot most times as which is my favorite PS3 game. R&C: ToD has heart with the some of the most beautiful worlds, great stroy and excellent platforming. I prefer it over A Crack in Time. As for the Last of Us, I don't believe I have ever played a game that made me question and think as much as that game has. I truly appreciate its tone and the blurring the lines between what is right and what is necessary. Also the moment with the giraffes with where its placed... Incredible pacing.

    #2. Final Fantasy X
    The core mechanics for this game are easy to grasp and its story, while a little eh in some places, is one I enjoy often. The battle system, the sphere grid and yes SOME blitzball is a fun time. However, what makes FF X stand out over most are its music and two of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy in general: Kimahri and Auron. Their backstories are ones I find fascinating and I always having them in my rotation.

    #1. Final Fantasy VII
    There is no question about what I believe is my favorite game. FF X is great, but VII surpasses it in almost every way: Setting, Tone, Story, Characters (Well, Auron IS my overall favorite FF character AND Yuffie gets on my nerves a little, but overall is a better cast), Customization, even Boss Battles (for the most part) are more fun here than most games. But the one thing that VII does THE best is its music. I just said I think X has an excellent soundtrack, but VII JUST nudges it. Valley of the Fallen Star, Shinra Corp., and the Boss Battle theme, all classic tracks. Even the World Map is great to listen too. The only thing in X (and XII for that matter) that VII lacks is the battle system. I prefer a methodically planned attack as opposed to an ATB gauge (XII does implement one, but once you learn the Gambit system, I find it incredible how many battles play themselves out). VII is my favorite game of all time. I will NOT say its the best because I have NOT played two entries that are beloved: VI and IX due to various circumstances and reasons.

    1. Final Fantasy X
    2. Ocarina of Time
    3. Majora's Mask

  • @michemagius in regards to pokemon. It's crazy how such a simple game to one person can be so much more to someone else. Makes games one of the best media's available

  • @Axel , believe it or not, I abandoned the game once for about 1 month because I couldn't solve a riddle-and I never give up! That was a testament to how difficult the game play was at the time. I didn't have a clue until a friend at school told me he had the same problem and just told me to re-read the riddle again. I played Alundra 2 but haven't had the chance to finish-soon though! :)

  • Tough question. Not 100% locked in.
    Power Stone
    Feels great. Every battle is frenetic, fast paced and I feel I'm in total control of doing whatever I want.

    EA skate.
    I love skateboarding. This game gets it. Takes the essence of skateboarding and translates it perfectly to a controller. Endless replayability just free skating around. Love skate 1-3 amd skate it for DS.

    Super Metroid
    Epic game. Great atmosphere and level design. A masterpiece. Game is engaging and the pacing is great.

    If we were going to top 5 I would add Megaman X
    action platforming perfection. Intro level gets you hyped from the get go. Dash move is one of the best feelings.

    and Link's Awakening.
    Surprising technical achievement. How could an Original Gameboy game deliver an experience anywhere near SNES' A Link to the Past? Squashes your expectations and makes you weep with joy in the process. Collecting instruments is way more rewarding than collecting pendants, crystals, or medallions.