Your Top 3 Favourite Games

  • Tell us your top 3 favourite games of all time! Maybe add a short description, and a reason as to why you love it so much. Perhaps even add a few songs from each respective game.

    Guess I'll start:

    1. Final Fantasy 6
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      I love, love, love this game. Was my first proper Final Fantasy I ever completed, and I fell in love with every aspect of this game. From the story, to that beautiful soundtrack, and let's not forget the biggest part, the characters. These characters have an SO much depth to them, where do I even begin? The game actually has a segment to each characters backstories! Except Gau... meh.

    2. EarthBound
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      I'm a Mother fan. This game and Mother 3 are probably tied, but for now I'll just talk about this one. There's just so much to love about this fun adventure with dark underlying themes. The amount of music it has is insane. The battle system with the rolling HP bars is super fun, especially during heated boss encounters. There's a lot I could wrote about it, but it would definitely be better to experience it then have me babble on about it.

    alt text
    Seriously, these 3 games usually rotate for first place depending on my mood. So know that I also consider Terranigma to be my favourite game of all time. Pretty sure it made me tear up at some point. Part of the Quintet Trilogy, not many know about this one, it's an obscure JRPG only released in Japan and PAL regions. Trust me when I say, I do not like action-Jrpgs much, but this game and the others in the trilogy are an exception. Though I call it a trilogy, the games are all standalone, they just share similar themes, so it's easy to just pick up and experience some great 20 hours.
    Some of the OST:
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  • Just take the top three of mine from the top 5 favorite games thread. :)

  • 1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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    So, with the rose tinted goggles on, this was my first video game. I was blessed with growing up in a gaming family. Among other games, my parents both had a deep love for Zelda. I would watch them play it, Zelda being my absolute favourite to watch (I've always been a sucker for fantasy). I watched them play but I was never allowed to play myself. I thought it was magic television, and I just wasn't magical enough to control the program. One day when I was about 3 years old or so, my mom called me over to her lap and she gave me the controller and we fought the final boss together (her fingers over mine since I had no idea what to do).

    The goggles off, this is exactly the type of game I adore. The music is brilliant, the sense of adventure is abundant. The dungeons are clever. Link has pink hair, I want pink hair. It's everything I love about video games.

    2. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - Special Edition
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    Holy shit combat. This was my first 'grown up' games of sorts. This series was my first foray into the Playstation collection as I had always been a Nintendo kid. I loved the gothic world, the heavy music, the intricate combos, and the story of the third installment. The battles against Vergil especially were quite emotional for me as Vergil is my favourite character and I was really invested in the story. One day there will be a Devil May Cry 5, never stop believing.

    3. Shadow of the Colossus
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    You can probably sense a pattern by now. I love games with a strong artstyle and strong atmospheric presence. This game took and still takes my breath away. The sheer scope is a marvel to be seen. The boss fights are very clever, and the story is so subtle in the way it's implemented. I look forward to the Last Guardian so much, when they first showed it again after years of absense, I cried. And for those wondering, the flying colossus is the best one, bar none.

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    Just take the top three of mine from the top 5 favorite games thread. :)


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    #1 Final Fantasy VII, which I'm sure everyone here knows about :) It was my very first game for the Playstation console so I think that because of the memories of me playing it with my brothers made it that much more memorable. The story line really drew me in along with Uematsu's amazing music of course.

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    #2 Alundra I think it came out the same year as FF7. I'm not sure if anyone else beside me likes this game as much as I do haha. I loved the music, which was composed by Kohei Tanaka. You would have to listen to know why. The weapons the main character uses are swords, wands, capes and all that good stuff.

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    #3 Tales of Destiny. I love that old RPG look I guess. And I liked the challenges in that game a lot. It wasn't as challenging as Alundra, but they were fun to play.

    Youtube Video

    #4 Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It was fun and super easy. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was my very first Final Fantasy game. My love for RPG's grew from there.

    I added a fourth one just because I love the music so much :)

    Old games make me nostalgic, but I suppose that's one of the reasons why I love them. The thrill of adventuring in a fantastical world is a big part of it too!

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    1. Shadow Hearts Covenant
      I know it will probably be considered blasphemy but i played covenant before one. It was in the bargain bin at my local ebgame and i bought it on a whim not knowing it was a sequel.
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    2. Tactic Ogre Wheel of Fate
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    3. Final Fantasy Tactics
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    The 3 reason why i'm playing games.

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  • 1) Kingdom Hearts 1
    Just KH1. No reference to the other games, no convoluted intertwining multiple dimensional timeline wackiness. Just a story about a kid trying to rescue his friends from the clutches of evil, escalating appropriately as time goes on and with many fun characters and worlds to explore. In my non professional opinion it's the closest we'll ever get to a perfect game.

    2) Spec Ops: The Line
    Grit personified. The main reasons people have heard about this game are because of the "thing" that the game makes you do at one point, and because it topped Yahtzee's 2012 Zero Punctuation game of the year awards. GT had an episode of Invisible walls with the devs and looking back it's easy to tell they were hiding what made the game so special - its delicious plot that you just want to keep gobbling up even though the game is actively telling you that you've eaten quite a lot and gobbling more of it would just be a mean thing to do since you already know what it's all going to lead to.
    The point of it all is this: the "thing" that everyone knows about Spec Ops happens around halfway through. There's no real spoilers you can give about the next half of the game that you wouldn't have already worked out, but by god you'll want to get yourself through it.

    3) Dark Souls 1
    In the words of EZA "Thank you Miyazaki for saving video games". You know a game is good when Nintendo starts using its combat elements in the new Zelda and after playing it you can tell the storytelling method has influenced a lot of stuff since. In the future it'll be held as a pillar of being simple and mechanical, yet brilliantly challenging at the same time and is for good reason a benchmark for third person combat.

  • Shenmue 2

    I don't even know where to start with this one...i just love the arcade-y look of it, it improved on the first one in lots of ways (skipping wait-times is a big one),the score is one of the best of all time (IMHO at least), the characters (weird and cheesy but also with a solid emotional core). what impressed me most though is the world-design: where in Shenmue 1 Ryo's hometown Dobuita was very easy to familiarise with, Hongkong seems impenetrable (played it a lot and I'm still not sure which quarter connects to which quarter through which path. you feel a bit lost in this huge metropolis and there's allways something new to find), every NPC has a clear function apart from just filling the world with a mass of window-dressing (shopkeepers know where to find people, pedestrians lead you to places, etc), the quicktime events (and i hate QTE's) put you through the same things (in an abstract way) Ryo is challenged with - they feel meaningful. I haven't even mentioned Kowloon or Guilin...LOVE this game!

    Final Fantasy IX

    The systems alone would be enough to boost this into my top 10, but the characters and the world they inhabit push it over the edge. If Shenmue 2 didn't exist, there would be no debate about what my favourite game of all time would be. Love the towns, love the overworld map. 10/10

    Syphon Filter 2

    I'm honestly not even so sure about this one (some days i like MGS1 more), but SF2 is probably one of the most beautiful memories i have of my favourite console generation ever. When i think of PSX/PS1 i think of Syphon Filter 2. just all around great level design (and it starts with a bang..rocky mountains..the tunnels and the bridge..oh baby!!!), the awkward but endearing running animation of Gabe Logan, the TASER (oh my dog the taser <3)....Action-Stealth PERFECTION!

  • 1) Super Metroid

    One word to describe it: atmosphere. It’s incredible that this game manages to be so immersive, considering its limited hardware. And beyond that, it manages to communicate so much to the player, without ever directly explaining anything. Through its music and sound effects – and silence. Through its level design which always feels open, but still takes you where it wants you to go. Through its world, inter-connected and organic, telling a story without words, teaching you new moves by showing other creatures perform them. Super Metroid is the pinnacle of game design, and there is so much to learn from it even to this day.

    2) Baldur’s Gate

    My first western RPG, my first dive into serious heroic-fantasy, complex gameplay systems, stats and dialog choices, after years of console, action-focused games. I have to consider the series as a whole here, because the feature that made those games so much more memorable to me was that I could import my character in the sequel. This epic journey spread across several years of my life, and that character really was an extension of myself, which felt so different from playing as Mario or Lara Croft.

    3) Deus Ex

    Again, this was an introduction to a whole new world for me, in this case cyberpunk, first-person, mature and grounded. A story rooted in real-world issues, conspiracies, and of course all the cool futuristic augmentations. But the freedom of choice was the most impressive part. Not just between good and evil, but between stealth and frontal assault, platforming and hacking, negotiating and fighting, the short way and the long way…

  • @AthenaS said in Your Top 3 Favourite Games:

    #2 Alundra I think it came out the same year as FF7. I'm not sure if anyone else beside me likes this game as much as I do haha. I loved the music, which was composed by Kohei Tanaka. You would have to listen to know why. The weapons the main character uses are swords, wands, capes and all that good stuff.

    You're not alone! I loved Alundra, it was basically a better Link to the Past for me. Great dungeons, great gameplay, you could jump! And a really cool and dark story! People died left and right in this game, it was horrifying! :D And I never finished it, so I'm gonna have to get back to it one of these days.

  • Here are Mine:

    1. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
      alt text
      No game has ever replicated the feeling I got while playing this. Everything just clicked with me: The characters, the story, the combat, environment, the tone, soundtrack... All pieces just fit together perfectly.
      It may not look great today, but omg, this game is good!

    2. Age of Empires 2 + expansions
      alt text
      Probably my most played game of all time and best strategy ever, imo. Simply fun and immersive.

    This one is a bit tricky. I have three contenders for the third place: Dark Souls 3 , Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Star Wars: The Old Republic + Knights of the Fallen empire expansion (Yeah, the title is long).
    While DS3 is probably the Best game I've ever played, I don't know if I really like it the most. Jedi academy has the best lightsaber combat 'till this day. Swtor is soooo underappreciated. Especially after the new expansion. I love so many things about that game.
    It's a tie between SWTOR and Dark Souls 3
    alt text
    alt text

  • ocarina of time
    symphony of the night

  • Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; I played this on the Super Nintendo when I was a kid. It was my introduction to the world of RPGs, and for YEARS this game confused me and kept me thinking.

    Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos & The Frozen Throne; I played this game every day for 8 years. It was what solidified my decision to be a PC Gamer. The custom games were incredible. It was a golden age where new genre's were created nearly every week. It was where Dota got its fame, and games get copied and remade into mobile games or steam games to this day. There was no "most popular" - it was just a randomized list of custom games. It was pure anarchy where anyone could succeed. I honestly could talk for pages about the impact Warcraft 3 had on gaming.

    Skies of Arcadia (Gamecube) - This is a tough last pick for me. Lots of games come up there, but Skies of Arcadia was a game I played alongside Warcraft 3. I put an inhuman amount of hours into this game. I would do anything for a sequel to this game. The fantasy of going on an adventure on a pirate ship in the clouds...its just the best!

  • Red Dead Redemption - The first game to make me cry. What a great game, everything about it fills me with joy.

    Witcher 3 - I was sick of gaming until this saved me, perfect.

    Fallout: New Vegas - Fallout 3 is the reason I play games alot, but NV did everything the 3rd on did and made it better.

    Too many great games to pick from.