Jofer's Casual Game-Dev Diary <3

  • Hi, my names Joe

    And im a weirdo who likes to dev and watch comfy eza streams :D

    (Damiani is my spirit animal <3)

    I just started learning unity just over 2 weeks ago

    And im really enjoying it so far

    Dont really have any aims or goals

    Just going to mess about adding things until i run out of money

    Then ill go and get a job again :)

    So i thought it would be fun to keep a diary of my progress and started making short youtube videos every day

    And ive really enjoyed that so far, and thought this could be a fun place to share them and blog my progress since i already lurk here :)

    alt text

  • Day 16: Wall running is less buggy now (Unfortunately your head still clips through the wall a bit as you do it) and you can now enter vehicles and send them inputs :)

  • Day 17: Vehicles are buggy, but they steer and move now :)

  • Day 18 : Cars drive a bit better now, wheels simulate suspension a bit. Shouldn't be too much longer till they work mostly as intended :)

  • Day 19 : Cars drive much better now, also added in gangsta hydraulics to the suspension because i was in a silly mood because its my birthday :D

  • Day 20 : Started work on the first track, im hoping to get it done by demo day in about a week, but i feel like i under estimated the amount of work it will take, so im going to have to double down and try harder so i dont miss it :)

  • Day 21 Not much to show today, just been doing netcode, hope everyone had a lovely new years :)

  • Day 22 This was a bit outside of my skill set and took a bit of learning, but yey. Dark souls style messaging now works remotely :D Next step is going to be allowing you to join peoples worlds and move about and see each other :) Going to take a little while because its quite a hefty task but im excited for it all to work :D

    If i can get this done in time for demo day this would be perfect for a mini network test :D

  • Day 23 Multiplayer nearly works, hopefully 1 more day of ironing out rough edges then i can try and get invasions happening properly. :D

  • Day24 No progress today, just trying to get through matchmaking, i wrote what i planned and it just hangs on trying to connect so i gotta just put in some hours and figure out why :)

    Hopefully its something simple :)

  • Day 25 Improved matchmaking a bit more, having trouble testing it, ordered a 3g dongle thing so i can try and connect from an external ip and this will hopefully speed up networking progress. (It should be here in 2 days) I also worked on my racetrack a bit more :)

  • Day26 got multiplayer across external networks working now :) this doesnt look like much but is a big weight off my mind :)

  • Probably gona swap to weekly after today :)

    Want to try and make better quality videos :)

    And hopefully i will have more to show :)

  • Day 33 Did some network testing with my parents :) One of the nicest moments of this project so far :)

  • Day 40 got equipment and better animation blending now :)

  • Day 47 Got an annoying bug where clients see people floating, but i have a sick tablet for my ui now, pretty excited :D

  • Day 54: Shes finally got some clothes, and hair and eyelids, but theyre all broken haha :D
    Ill get around to it asap :D

  • Day 61 After getting a lot of feedback that my player character was too scary i decided to try again

    this was my original model
    alt text

    this was my attempt at improving
    alt text

    and this was me giving up and going full chibi :)
    alt text

    im really happy with how it turned out, and i hope other people are too :)

  • Not really progress, but i made a cute valentines related video <3

  • 1st of March Player housing now works in multiplayer :D Yey! :D

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