Easy Update - Official Discussion Thread

  • I always suspected that you were an ornamental covering for a pillow.

  • @tokyoslim When I'm feeling excited, I'm more of a sham-wow!

    Alrighty, I'll see myself out of this conversation.

  • @sabotagethetruth Counter to your example: Kyle always likes to play up to the camera and as such, how he conducts his picks (not necessarily the picks themselves) drives the entertainment value (which is that exact moment I had any issue with, but that's an entirely separate conversation).

    And honestly, I would much, MUCH rather have a counter-pick that would destroy my roster than not, because what's more important are the games themselves, but with that being said, going for the better bet is just the logical choice for the goal of these kinds of things.

  • @sabotagethetruth How could anyone actually hate a game about the president fighting in a mech?

  • @inustar Depends on the President piloting the mech, I'd say!

  • I want to post this exact same comment in the Top 10 thread, but since it's technically an Easy Update:

    The last three entries had me laughing more than anything else from EZA recently. The f-bomb, the writing throughout, and the adulation in the final entry. This is top tier stuff.

  • Yeah, this is top tier material right here. Ian went all in with his writing and editing: the honesty and realization of it, and those clips. Couldn't stop smiling while at the same time I felt like I was being taught something important. :)

    Top 10 Top 10 Numbers - Easy Update
    Youtube Video

  • New episode might be a new low point, at least in my point of view. Cannot be further away from love and respect… Might have worked with a bit more effort and context, but found it just frustrating to watch.

  • Loved the punchline, it had me in giggles, I thought the main body of the video was a bit meh.

  • This latest Update about Observation.... That's a fantastic way to sell me on a game. Wow.

  • While I like that we now have the video from the most recent Hall of Greats, I'm sad the suggestion put forth in the second half of the video will probably get snuffed out (even if I DO agree that it shouldn't be allowed).

    That said, per the suggestion in the video:

    Final Fantasy VII because I'm CONFIDENT Misters Damiani and Ellis would give it 3, while Misters Moore, Huber, and Bosman would at least give it a 1. I actually think, dependent on what else is brought, the former two could easily give it a 2 vote.

  • I think this is a stupid proposition, why would Ian want this? I mean Hall of Greats is all about every person's passion towards a certain game, they should choose their own candidates every time. Plus Ian has already gotten at least Symphony of the Night and Bloodborne in, so it's not like Dark Souls not getting in was the end of the world now.

  • @sentinel-beach "Insulting" Dark Souls is just too much for him to handle I suppose. As someone who sees the first Dark Souls as just okay, I don't understand the outrage - he also almost got Silent Hill 2 in and I'm sure it'll get in eventually.

  • There might be a little Sekiro salt, but I'm pretty sure for the most part it's just a bit. He's just having fun playing the system, especially if it means getting to troll Kyle, lol.

  • I just finished watching "On Death and Grieving". It seemed that the most likely explanation for Ian's extended absence was a sick family member, and I'm sorry that turned out the be the case.

    Ian, if you see this, thanks for sharing your life with us, you are loved and appreciated...by me and I'm sure many others.

    My father died when I was 15, we did not get along, he was a drunken asshole and I had some relief when he died, but for a different reason than Ian. I agree with Ian that feeling guilt or shame for such things is a waste of time (although many people in the world these days could use a little more shame...).

    Thanks Ian.

  • 24 precious minutes of Ian and Don vibes. This was good. :)

    The Prettiest Eyes of E3 2019! - Easy Update
    Youtube Video

  • Jerry hype!

    Ian and Don Hit the Beach with a Vengeance - Easy Update
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  • Kill Your Babies the Card Game is the most fun thing I've seen in so long, and if there were another deck for sale, I wouldn't hesitate to pay premium for a copy (That said, I'm sure it's one of a kind, and if so, no biggie.)

    SO much fun to watch, so I can't imagine being a participant, but I would love to play this version with my friends.

    Super cool stuff and a FANTASTIC episode.

  • @brannox

    You praised it so much that I will watch it today.

  • I really think a Kill Your Babies card game could work well as a party game. Could sell well, though maybe a slight change in title would be best...
    But I would love it, for movies and TV too.
    That variation worked really well too. Ian losing Castlevania was pretty hilarious.