Easy Update - Official Discussion Thread

  • There might be a little Sekiro salt, but I'm pretty sure for the most part it's just a bit. He's just having fun playing the system, especially if it means getting to troll Kyle, lol.

  • I just finished watching "On Death and Grieving". It seemed that the most likely explanation for Ian's extended absence was a sick family member, and I'm sorry that turned out the be the case.

    Ian, if you see this, thanks for sharing your life with us, you are loved and appreciated...by me and I'm sure many others.

    My father died when I was 15, we did not get along, he was a drunken asshole and I had some relief when he died, but for a different reason than Ian. I agree with Ian that feeling guilt or shame for such things is a waste of time (although many people in the world these days could use a little more shame...).

    Thanks Ian.

  • 24 precious minutes of Ian and Don vibes. This was good. :)

    The Prettiest Eyes of E3 2019! - Easy Update
    Youtube Video

  • Jerry hype!

    Ian and Don Hit the Beach with a Vengeance - Easy Update
    Youtube Video

  • Kill Your Babies the Card Game is the most fun thing I've seen in so long, and if there were another deck for sale, I wouldn't hesitate to pay premium for a copy (That said, I'm sure it's one of a kind, and if so, no biggie.)

    SO much fun to watch, so I can't imagine being a participant, but I would love to play this version with my friends.

    Super cool stuff and a FANTASTIC episode.

  • @brannox

    You praised it so much that I will watch it today.

  • I really think a Kill Your Babies card game could work well as a party game. Could sell well, though maybe a slight change in title would be best...
    But I would love it, for movies and TV too.
    That variation worked really well too. Ian losing Castlevania was pretty hilarious.

  • @scotty Oh, wow. Cool! I hope you find enjoyment in the episode!

  • Coming back into this thread to once again praise Kill Your Babies, and once again express I wish I could buy a copy of the deck for myself.

  • @brannox The gift that keeps on giving!