Easy Update - Official Discussion Thread

  • what the hell, that opening song is amazing

  • I felt uncomfortable for Brad, walking around in all black on what looked like a very warm day.
    Very enjoyable episode though.

  • That was an awesome episode and was the classiest pigeon dispersion i've seen, i hate pigeons, even Skyline Pigeon.

  • I wonder how many tweets Ben is actually going to get because of this episode.

  • @DeweyDTruman I imagine a lot. I'm guilty myself!

    Also, that was some sweet B-roll.

  • Best B-Roll of all time.

  • The ghost is obviously someone who wasn't filmed, so it has to be...

    alt text

  • Twenty-three minutes of bizarrely constructed and sometimes nonsensical concentrated power of happiness. I really loved that there were some jokes that got developed through the entire segment, a show that long can feel like it falls apart at some point but having callback references (B-roll footage, the camera ghost) helped keep everything together. I wonder if Easy Update is edited by Ian or someone else. I'm guessing Ian, I would be surprised if anyone else could capture that very particular energy and aesthetic style in editing.

  • Surprising amount of dislikes on this episode.

  • @Hoken Yeah, Easy Update has always been the most divisive of the EZA shows much like how post-Elyse departure Mandatory Update was the most divisive GT show just because it refuses to solidly conform to any one format or theme. That said, this episode was really well constructed and had a lot of internal consistency, so to see so many dislikes is unusual. Maybe non-Allies found it by searching for E3 floor footage? Don't really know what's up with that, but their loss.

  • @alexwhiteplays it's probably either the length (not a valid reason to dislike imo) or the whole last segment which I'd say is valid but it's very brief and just the ending so you could just turn it off there. I wasn't particularly annoyed by it so didn't think others would be either.

  • Honestly, Easy Updates have been hit or miss for me. There have been some great ones, and 1 or 2 I have stopped midway through. I think a lot of it has to do with the guest. Sometimes I have no interest in the guest. I think the HyperLightDrifter episode was one I wasn't the biggest fan of. Then there was the one where he and Bosman played the Daddy/Baby simulator which is legitimately one of my favorite Allies videos. The one with him and Brad in Venice beach was great too.

    This was a great one though, lots of cameos throughout, loved the B-roll and Ghost jokes.

    I really want to see Shuhei in an Easy Updates vid. We know he has a good sense of humor (the Playstation game trading video from E3 2013) and is probably one of the few execs hat would just roll with whatever Ian is throwing out there.

  • @Lexad Having a Shuhei cameo would be awesome! And I can understand where you're coming from, as a fan of both HLD and Frog Fractions I really liked that one. I feel like having some amount of variety, a healthy amount of unpredictability, and good pacing is really the key for what keeps me interested in Easy Updates. For me personally, they've all been hits but in different ways. Then again, the more I see of stuff that Ian likes or has worked on, the more I realize that we just have very similar ideas about what constitutes good content.

  • Updated the OP with the latest episode. Sorry for the delay!

  • We'll never find out if Huber enjoyed his cookie.

  • I wonder if they like In-N-Out? Maybe Fatburger is more convenient to get to?

  • the Jones bit in this one was awesome.


  • As a video editor this show just keeps on impressing me by Ian's skills. The shovel cut in the intro was particularly interesting this time around.

  • @Whoaness said in Easy Update - Official Discussion Thread:

    I wonder if they like In-N-Out? Maybe Fatburger is more convenient to get to?

    I am not a Californian, so I wasn't indoctrinated. I find FatBurger is a more appealing meal than In-n-out. In-N-Out is cheaper, sure, but I also think the quality is pretty bad too. I would honestly rather have Wendy's than In-N-Out