Anime! Who's watching what?

  • Episode 3 of Berserk was awesome! Even though i hated the cg, which was very hard to watch cuz the frame rate was off, but for some reason i'm still into it. Can't wait for the next ep.

  • @Mr-M Nice! Looks really funny gonna have to check it out now. Thanks!

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    Of the others I see listed on Anichart, Orange seems pretty cool and I might check that out, Scared Rider XechS seems like such a mismatch of genres that it better be freaking godly or I'll be very disappointed (oh jeez 5.5 on MAL for the first episode... Hopefully it's a JoJo type thing and no one's caught onto the joke just yet), and I'll always give whatever Brains Base are making a shot although this one (a teengirl fanservice vampire wazoo by the sounds of it) might not hold up.

    Updates are always fun. Everyone still watching the same ones they were at the start? Some gained or lost attention to you?

    So I underestimated Orange as just being "pretty cool". Basic plot is that a girl's trying to prevent a major regret that her future self has told her about via envelope since that method of communication is so ancient that the letters you send literally go back in time. It's super sad and you can feel the sadness constantly. I love it.

    Scared Rider XechS (yes "scared" even though it's clear they messed up spelling "scarred" or "scar red") is better than I hoped. It turns out a lot of the negative reviews it keeps getting are because it's a harem in the way that there's basically Jojo Power Ranger Boyband dudes trying to win over this one girl, and not the other way around as it usually is. It's hilarious, there's no better way to put it. The main guy's face is just comedic gold - the default setting this dude seems to have is a serious expression with mouth agape. I have no idea what the hell is going on either as they just keep piling on so much stuff at once you can't help but think it must be some sort of planned joke. What I've sort of gathered so far is that this boyband group of 5 non threatening male stereotypes have Jojo Stands that they can fuse with to become Power Rangers and fight... things... They're also a part of some sort of facility run by teenagers and their instructor is the girl everyone is super in love with. There's some sort of plot going on where the girl is some superhuman, and the facility may or may not be evil, but I'm very happy I actually went ahead and watched whatever the hell this is.

    Amaama to Inazuma is still my fave of this season. Depending on the attention it gets as it goes along it might end up a broth in the anime club next year. Still have to check out Servamp, though that fanbase scares me with their boytoy obsession and it's making me wary of another karneval situation.

  • @Mr-M I'm with you on Amaama to inazuma (Is there a contracted version? Ama-to-ina? Ama-Ina?). I love it so far but I'm worried I'm going to be bawling uncontrollably at the end (not a bad thing).

    Berserk has been... good? I'm strangely captivated despite the CG animation.

    I'm going to save Orange for another time because I can't handle both Ama-Ina and this at the same time.

    Handa-kun is fun and anyone who watched Barakomon will probably enjoy it (its a prequel of sorts).

    Macross Delta is also picking up FINALLY.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Origins! Just caught the first 2 episodes, and am loving it. It's great to have the backstory of Char and Sayla in animated form. Young Ramba Ral is a cool guy too!

  • What would you recommend for an anime noob (besides some films like Millennium Actress and some other big name Japanese films).

    I love Pokemon Indigo League (original 151) and I'm currently on the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z which I haven't watched since I was a child.

    If it helps, I'm in the minority of people who actually like Dragon Ball more than DBZ because of Kid Goku and the light hearted nature of it.

    I've heard One Piece is excellent. I really like adventure stories. Also just something hardcore too like if there are anime's full of gore then I'm in.

  • @GoTaco I like Fairy Tail it's pretty good it kinda has a similar feel to One Piece and either of the Full Metal Alchemist animes. As far as things with gore go the Hellsing OVAs are pretty good and there's only like 10 or so of them.

  • @GoTaco Try Katanagatari or Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi.

  • Anyone watching Knights of Sidonia? I'm on ep. 3 of season 2, and I'm enjoying it. It definitely has some of my favorite intros. Fascinating world, characters feel fleshed out and it looks great (I think 3D computer animation is being used?).

  • @Sazime i made it to ep. 8 of season 2 iirc and fell off. Space battles were ace but everything else started making me think I should switch to the manga

  • @GoTaco from 2011 there's hunter x hunter (around 143eps - and the "x" is silent) which is action adventure and starts off much like dragonball, with a kid fishing. Something current would be Re:zero (only 17eps rn), its not action heavy per se but each arc has its scenes of battles. The story is pretty compelling from where it starts off, as a jokey fish out of water comedy. Seinen/m rated pick would prolly be dark fantasy series Berserk from 1997. There are recent movies too abridging most of the story plus a new continuing series picking up from the end of the third movie (getting backlash tho based on use of CG and skipping arcs from manga). Shigurui: death frenzy is also a violent show about samurai and might be worth testing out with a rule of three (also reminded me a little of Afro Samurai because its the same studio and thats prolly a rabbit hole to go down lol).

  • @DarkenRaul1 FMA brotherhood is coming to Crunchyroll in sept i think. they have the licese for subbed and dubbed if u can hold out...

    Re:Life was ace! gutted it only ran 13 eps as I felt it could have been longer. Will have to switch to the manga and wait for it to be adapted :(

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    I want to start on the Fate/ series but now I don't know where to begin. Should I watch the two newer series and skip the first adaption? If so, should I watch the prequel first? Either way I'm apparently spoiling things from the other option.

    Its a tough choice either way - going chronologically with the release order or with the events in the timeline. I started with the Studio Deen version of fate/stay night which was ok but not great. I guess I kept watching it for its surprising story elements and battles which papered over the the numerous cracks. Fate/Zero on the other hand was awesome and I definitely recommend that show (but watching it first will spoil stuff for the others). As for Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade works, I got bored and never finished it. Partly because I'd seen the similar earlier adaptation and movie version but also because it didn't compare to Fate/Zero, so why bother? better fights and animation probably.

    Fate/stay night: UBW, but if it bores you then skip to Fate/Zero but ymmv

  • watching D.grayman right now trying to catch up to the new series. Im also watching some of the current stuff but my initial excitement for the season has once again waned

  • I'm a good third of the way through ReLife and I'm really enjoying it. It plays up to the millennial generation having no prospects a bit too much but otherwise it is entertaining to watch.

    Most importantly though I would say it is one of the best representations of teenage life and the emotional rollercoaster it can be that I have ever seen. The use of Kaizaki being a 27 year old in the body of a 17 year old works really well when they explore these aspects. With him looking back somewhat fondly at when such things seemed like the end of the world.

    Overall it is a bit weird but it has the right mix of slice of life crossed with sci-fi along with equal parts drama and comedy.

  • Just started Red Data Girl. Really love the artwork so far!

  • Just started watching Lupin the 3rd part 4.

    Edit: The show is amazing!

  • Anyone watch that pilot for Under the Dog? What did you think? I was a backer, however i though it was pretty good.

  • @Bigdude1 I heard about that, but completely forgot to go looking for it. Thanks for the reminder!