Anime! Who's watching what?

  • starting Re:Zero today

    One more day of vacation left!

  • @michemagius I just started Yuri today. I hope it continues to be good, cause I liked the first episode. It reminds me of Honey and Clover, in tone at least.

  • @Inustar I've never seen Honey and Clover, I'll have to check it out. I hope you like the rest of YOI I think it's a really strong season.

  • Caught up on season 5 of Natsume Yuujinchou, so I'm rewatching season 1. More people need to check this show out.

  • @Minamik Preach! I only recently discovered the show. I can't believe how few people talk about it.

  • @michemagius I seem to do that a lot. I've been watching Gintama since it first started, and people still don't know hardly anything about it either. Feels bad, man!

  • @Minamik I haven't seen Gintama yet, but I thought it was really popular. At least in Japan.

  • @michemagius The anime came out at the same time as Bleach, but it's taken breaks here and there rather than running consecutively. Also, back in the days before CrunchyRoll and such, I remember dropping the show, because I couldn't find a sub group who wanted to keep subbing it. The show probably would've been more popular if it had a consistent sub group working on it back then around the beginning.

  • @Mbun Ah, I see. I hope it sees more popularity then, because I've heard good things.

  • Besides rewatching Cowboy Bebop and Ping Pong the Animation I've been on an hiatus watching Anime.
    I finally decided to get back into it and started watching last season's Yuri on Ice first two episodes.
    I chose that title because the figure skating got me interested. So far I enjoy the chemistry between the main characters.
    In addition I also really like both the visuals and the song of the opening.

  • for those who just appreciate good animation, this is a Highlight reel of sorts from an animation studio called "Studio Mir". They are a south korean studio that pretty much just do contract work for other studios. Mostly known for animating the majority of The Legend of Korra. They also animated dream works new Voltron Series, both of which you will see clips of in the video. They have yet to make their own series and studios like these tend to never really branch out into personal projects very often but I hope that one day they will create their own series.
    Youtube Video

  • This may not be quite the kind of response this thread is meant for, but I just finished up Dragonball Z: Abridged. Hear me out on this. I'm not really into anime; I've seen some sporadic episodes of some series as a result of friends, but never anything that has made me want to watch more. I decided to watch DBZ Abridged because I'd heard that it's funny and because I've heard so much about DBZ. After watching all the episodes so far, I've actually developed a certain appreciation for DBZ. While the abridged series simplifies/alters plots and caricaturizes characters, you can still piece together how things probably took place in the original show.

    I was also surprised to find the settings and story arcs interesting, which has been kept similar to what actually happens in DBZ, just with more humor. In fact, I was surprised to find out in reading about DBZ how many events I took as jokes in the abridged series actually happened. TeamFourStar, from what I can tell, did a very good job of making jokes out of some of the story elements that didn't entirely make sense or were just plain weird.

    All in all, glad I watched it. It was entertaining, and I feel like I "get it" a bit more than I used to.

  • It's been so long since I last watched D.Gray-man, that I'm feeling a little lost watching the new series, since I guess it just picks up where the old one left off, lol....ahh, but it feels so good to finally get more of it. Things were really heating up back then, and then it just stopped.

  • I watched all 13 episodes of D.Gray-man's great to have it back, but I just found out the manga for it has been on hiatus multiple times, and the manga only comes out quarterly.... This might be a worse rate than even Berserk.... Feels bad man.... :(

  • @Minamik I couldn't get back into it. Felt like I had finally outgrown it or something, and seeing the Millennium Earl in a Noah Form just made me angry, like why even have his cool, more threatening demonic appearance if he's actually just a dude under it. I couldn't believe they were bringing it back after all this time, but I think it's too late.

  • @Mbun Hm, weird. I liked it. Especially since we finally got a lot of the backstory on Kanda Yu. Of course, there's a lot I'd forgotten, but instead of turning me off, it's made me decide to rewatch the original series again.

    And that thing they brought in at the end of the new season freaks me out way more than the Millennium Earl ever did.

  • Finishing up Mob Psycho 100, very enjoyable, but nothing outstanding for me at least.

  • Just wrapped up the Spiders arc on Hunter x Hunter.

  • @Minamik said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    I watched all 13 episodes of D.Gray-man's great to have it back, but I just found out the manga for it has been on hiatus multiple times, and the manga only comes out quarterly.... This might be a worse rate than even Berserk.... Feels bad man.... :(

    Feels like a common problem amongst many good mangaka's. It's the same deal with Hunter x Hunter.
    Might be stress or a lack of motivation/inspiration. If Bakuman is anything to go by, being a mangaka isn't all that easy.

  • @suplextrain From what I've seen, it seems to be mostly health issues for D.Gray-man's writer. Something called norovirus and a wrist injury were among the reasons I saw. That wrist one is probably a killer considering how essential it is to the job.