Anime! Who's watching what?

  • Just started Code Geass for the first time a few days ago. I heard lots of good things so I hope it holds up. It's been a while since I've really fallen in love with a particular anime.

  • @Caleb_Aranda Code Geass is a little surreal. It wasn't anything like what I expected it to be. I find people either love it or hate it.

  • @Caleb_Aranda

    You are going to love the show....hopefully

  • @michemagius Thanks for the heads up. I have an empty weekend coming up so I was planning on binge-watching as much of it as I can. I'll let you know what I think.

  • Just finished watching Snow White With The Red Hair after never watching S2 and really enjoyed it despite the open ending. Got my Kaiba BD in the other day and happy to finally be able to check that series out after not being licensed for forever. Discotek is the best US anime company!

  • Just watched the first episode of Mahoutsukai no Yome. Obviously, since its the first episode I wanna reserve my judgment but first let me say that I think it's beautiful looking, the first episode gave me enough of a view into the setting to keep me intrigued and contemplating the cultural context which is nice that it didn't treat me like a tool. I also really like the red outline sometimes on the character's, kinda minor but something I picked up on nonetheless. I kinda feel like its kinda creepy how he bought Chise and keeps referring to her as an animal. I am guessing this is supposed to be endearing? but considering he just bought her from what looks like a slave trade it came across as a bit weird especially as he plans to marry her, however, I'm sure it'll make sense later on!

  • @JamboHyland95 I've read the entire manga, at least as much of it has been released in English, and trust me it gets a lot less creepy. A lot of the other characters in the show express their disapproval of Elias' method of obtaining Chise, but with context later it makes more sense based on Elias' understanding of how human society and relationships work. It's actually tied for my favorite romance in anime, and the story elements beyond Elias and Chise's relationship are really interesting too.

  • S03E04 of Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars is the first real stand out episode of the season, IMO.

  • DBSuper, DBZ Kai The Final Chapter, Gundam: IbO, Hunter X Hunter, Outlaw Star, Naruto Shippuden, Lupin the 3rd, Yu-Gi-Oh

  • @MXAGhost All at once? Wow, that's a large plate.

  • @michemagius don't worry it hasnt lost me yet!!

  • I just finished War in the Pocket, and I think I'll have more to say after I've had some time to think about it, but it is definitely my favorite Gundam story so far. I had a really hard time getting through Mobile Suit Gundam due to the production quality, and I disliked the characters in Zeta so much I bailed on it, but War in the Pocket has finally given me the kind of story and characters I've been looking for in this universe.

    Moving on to The 08th MS Team next after I spend the rest of this afternoon catching up on 5 months of Attack on Titan manga chapters...

  • I uhh...finally watched Black Clover...

    How is the manga one of the most popular in Shonen Jump? Either the quality of the story/writing drastically improves over time or the tastes of its readers has drastically changed.'s so bad... I hate saying that because I like to think that generally if a story isn't to my liking it's just because it doesn't suit my tastes. But Black Clover is just hard to watch. In no small part due to Asta's VO screaming every line like he's the engine of a car. I will say that the lore is interesting and that even though it's not the first time I've seen a character with an "anti-power", it is the first time I've seen the main character have it.

    Can someone who's read the manga tell me if Black Clover gets better? I want to like it since it's one of the few series that runs longer than a single season, but I need to know how long I'll have to hang on before my viewership pays off.

  • I second @michemagius I found the first episode very wanting, and was kinda disappointed by it, felt like there was loads of hype around it too.

  • Getting in the mood for my next model kit, I'm rewatching Martian Successor Nadesico....and the preview ad for Slayers...makes me really want to watch Slayers

  • I've finally decided on what shows I'm watching for the season. Luckily I've only dropped one show so I think it will be pretty enjoyable. Here's what I've got in my watch list:

    Current Season Favorites:
    The Ancient Magus Bride: I've talked enough about this show/manga. I love it, it's wonderful. Watch it if you haven't.
    Kino's Journey: Never saw the original but really want to now.
    Juni Taisen: I'm not usually into battle royal shows but the characters are super interesting and I'm very curious as to who will come out on top.

    So Bad it's Awesome:
    Evil or Live: God. Watch this show. There's this one scene, that changed my life. You'll know it when you see it. It was just so, amazingly awful that I have to watch the rest of the show to see if anything that bad/good ever happens again.

    Plan on Watching:
    Food Wars Season 3: I was addicted to the first 2 seasons so I'm pretty confident I'll also enjoy season 3. I just haven't gotten around to watching it yet. It's one of those shows I like to marathon so I might wait a little longer so that I can have a proper binge of it.

    Old Shows I'm Marathoning:
    Gintama: Everyone's always talking about how awesome and funny this show is so I decided to give it a shot. I'm still on the first season and not entirely sold, but I think it has some great moments.
    Yu Yu Hakusho: Haven't started yet but it's on the watchlist. I've heard great things about the show and I really like the OP, so I'm excited to watch it. Not to mention I'm a shonen addict so this will probably be right up my alley.

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Blend-S: I don't have a good excuse for liking this show as much as I do, except for that I'm otaku trash. My friend voluteered at a maid/butler cafe a few times at anime conventions and whenever she'd send me pictures it looked like a lot of fun. As a result I've always wanted to go to/work at a themed cafe (not necessarily a maid themed one), and the concept of the show just scratched that itch. The characters are all super fun and it's fun to see their transformations in to their characters. All the employees have a different trope that they play (sadist, tsundere, himouto, older sister). I've always been a little uncomfortable with the himouto trope, but in this show the himouto character is an adult so that makes it a bit easier to swallow. Overall, just a fun show to turn your brain off and watch for 20 mins.
    Love is Like a Cocktail: I can't drink, but I do love when shows have recipes so this show just kind of weaseled its way in to my brain. The characters are cute and every episode is only 3 minutes making it easy to just watch for a little bit and move on with your day.

  • @Mbun Most of that is on Toonami. So, not too big of a deal.

  • I've started Akuma no Riddle. I'm only on episode 4, but it's really good so far. I love the type casting for the assassins.

  • @lazybones18 Okay, so I just finished the first series of Code Geass and I'm two episodes into R2. I have to say that by episode three, I was hooked. The show found a good balance between heavy action and tense drama. It took its characters in directions that were unexpected and even took some steps away from typical anime tropes. In the beginning, it was straightforward enough to follow but managed to keep things interesting and suspenseful. However, about halfway through the series it started to add more and more until it had so many things in the air that I couldn't tell what was going on half of the time. I had to re-watch a good portion of it whenever something would happen that I didn't get because I didn't catch it the first time or had completely forgotten it in the chaos of everything else. Lastly, the series ended on a cliffhanger that I don't feel was handled in the best way, which is why I watched a few episodes of the second series before getting back to you. That being said, the characters were well-written, the animation was beautiful, the plot made sense (after re-watching it a bunch of times), and while similar themes were explored throughout it didn't feel repetitive. I was never bored of the politics or the overall story, I enjoyed my time with it and look forward to watching the second series. I kept this pretty vague because I do recommend anyone here who hasn't seen it to check it out with the note that it may not be for everyone. Thanks for recommending it.

  • Watching .Hack//Roots before getting started on playing G.U.