Anime! Who's watching what?

  • I'd say I'm rewatching a bit of ZZ Gundam, but that's not anime. :p

  • In 2012, I was working for a bit in Japan and got hooked on a silly slice of life show, but until now couldn't remember the name. Finally found it. It's called Acchi Kocchi, and it looks like it got an English release titled From Place to Place. It was funny enough watching it without subs, so I'm looking forward to finally being able to watch it with them.

  • Finally got back around to watching ancient magus bride and I'm loving it so far. It does a great job of setting up a mysterious world that seems believable without pointless exposition. Also, that episode with the cat backstory was shocking, to say the least.

  • rewatching Fairy Tail, i am on episode 26 now

  • @JamboHyland95 If they follow the Manga, which they’ve been doing so far, it only gets more shocking from here on out.

  • My girlfriend and I finished Thriller Bark a week ago or so. What an ending. Kuma is super threatening, Zoro's moment was incredible, and Brook's solo brought me to tears... I know, I'm a sap. =P

    I hope that was all pretty spoiler safe, I'll edit if anyone thinks it is too specific.

    After each arc in One Piece, we start a short series or arc of a different series to decompress. Currently we are about 5 episodes from the end of the first arc in Sailor Moon Crystal. I know people love to rag on the CG transformations and the difference in the character designs from the old series, but I actually like them and don't feel like the CG overstays its welcome. The designs look to me like the ones I have seen in my girlfriend's manga volumes. I'm really enjoying the tone and especially the pacing of the new series.

  • My Hero Academia. I almost quit after the first three episodes because it was so tropey and cheesy. I wanted to hate it. Main character cries all the time. Rival only shouts. So much I didn't like. Don't know what possessed me to keep going. Just binged it. A+.

  • The 2017 e-sports anime from China

    King's Avatar (Quan ZHi Gao Shou) - first episode officially on YouTube
    Youtube Video

    Ye Qiu is regarded as the top GLORY player in China. When his own club forced him to retire from the league and hand over his account of 10 years, he vows to return to the pro scene with a vengeance in one year's time.

    The voice acting, the animation and production are all top-notch. Definitely a must-watch if you are tired of old anime tropes.

    First season is 12 episodes long.

    @BenMoore @Brad-Ellis I'm once again bugging you to give this a shot.

  • Just watched possibly the most satisfying punch in all of anime, followed by a lot of really awesome moments. Damn...I don't care about the terrible pacing, One Piece is awesome.

  • I want to talk about Imouto sae Ireba Ii (All You Need is a Sister) for a moment. It's trashy, raunchy, morally reprehensible, has a a lot incredibly niche jokes...

    And it has no business being as good as it is.

    Briefly, All You Need is a Sister is about a group of light novel authors and the people around them. Despite the title, the "sister" aspect isn't really part of the plot but more of a trait of the main character.

    I cannot defend the amount of trash that's in this show (the first 5 minute in particular are pretty insane) but, for me, this show went from being a guilty pleasure to being... a normal pleasure. I like this show. I like it a lot. I write this knowing that, yes, girls are quick to strip to nothing and that, yes, there's a scene with tentacles. I am aware.

    As the show slowly unravels, the character's become relateable. The struggles everyone goes through is surprising deep. We learn about what makes everyone tick and it's hard to not get attached. And when bad things happen, it hurts because the scenarios are all too familiar in real life.

    It also helps that there's a really good episode where everyone sits down and plays D&D with their own made-up characters. So bonus points given there.

    I doubt this anime will be on anyone's top 10 list, and I completely understand why people would check out. But it's the surprise of the season for me.

  • @Gaming_Groove said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    Just watched possibly the most satisfying punch in all of anime

    Sabaody arc? if so I completely agree

    I've been watching Jo Jo, I like it but mostly because of the style and how overtop it is, outside of that it is ok I guess.

    Also watching Tokyo Ghoul out of guilt, we had a secret santa and I got a figure as a gift, so I pretended I've seen it, and I'm finding it to be ok and very forgettable.

  • This is the thread in which I whisper "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" into the abyss.

  • @world_rejector This was a hard admission to make, a difficult series to defend, but from the couple episodes I was able to watch I'll cosign back you up on this.

    Shows like this are why I do the three episode rule. It seems like you know exactly what you're getting yourself into, even if you go to watch it you're bombarded with exactly what you should expect from the title and plot summary and such, but if you brave the storm, if you cut through the fanservice and let yourself fairly judge the tone of what the creators are trying to do here outside of obligations to sales and who knows what else was required to get people to pay attention and care about their story, you'll actually see they're not satisfied simply making the show this is pinned to be and alongside it is characters they care about presented in a realistic fashion and growing over the run of what their funding will allow.

    Now is it the best, most important show from the season you shouldn't miss no matter what? Heck no. Just there is stuff to appreciate here, and it is sorta a shame it has to be packaged the way it is, even more so that people will dismiss the entire show for being part of the rest. That can honestly apply to lots of anime, but this show in particular, well you'll understand if you give it a chance.

    I guess the closest thing I can compare it to is Keijo in the sense that Keijo treated the fictional sport in a serious manner and the females of the show as respected athletes despite the ridiculous shonen atmosphere surrounding the show. This is yet different from that though, as this particular show seems to incorporate more mature themes around drama and romance, and no I don't mean mature like fanservice, although that is certainly present. It was kinda a balancing act between comedy and that underlying drama, and that was certainly a strange yet interesting package.

    So like world_rejector said, check it out if you're into that. Cause this dumb ecchi show strangely has better characters than some of the shows dedicated to nothing but drama and romance between fleshed out characters.

  • @Mbun Also, there's this.

    Youtube Video

    Additional thoughts: As hit-and-miss the humor is in Imouto sae Ireba Ii, it's certainly special and a huge part of the show's identity. If the show wasn't half as crass as it was, I get the feeling that the punches it pulls wouldn't be so effective. In those regards, it's sort of like Gintama or Yakuza with the way the mood swings from 0 to 'What is even going on?'. I should probably apologize for the comparison, but yeah.

    Also, I have to give props for the board games played and referenced (the shelf in apartment: Dominion, Dixit, ect.) Seeing those made me extremely happy for some reason. The ending cards too where they describe the type and taste of alcohol/beer each character likes. There's a layer of detail here that's totally unnecessary but I appreciate. I really like how much thought went into the little details.

  • Here we go, boys and girls! Devilman Crybaby is released! The first episode was phenomenal! Put the kids to bed, put on your headphones and watch this super messed up nonsense.

    alt text

  • @bard91 Yes, Sabaody. Just got to Impel Down...holy crap.

    JoJo is great. Not sure how far you are into it, so I won't say much other than that I love how the battles evolve throughout the series and how different powers/abilities are used against each other. Araki is extremely creative.

  • Watched the first episode of Pop Team Epic. And uh. Wow. I’ve seen a lot of the original manga panels but having it animated and like rapid fire shot at you is a trip. I thought it was weird in just the right way. I also thought it was hilarious, but I more enjoyed it for the bizarre factor than the comedy. Also that weird thing they did with the second half of the show, I appreciated but did not fully understand. I’m new to the series so I wasn’t sure if they were doing it out of a desire to be even more off the wall or if I was just missing the joke. Either way I totally recommend it!

  • A few months ago I watched "A Silent Voice" in theatres. It's about a high schooler trying to atone for bullying a deaf girl in elementary school. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes emotional slice of life stories.

  • Started watching Made In Abyss this weekend. That art is top tier. Story so far is pretty good too.

  • @Rock I have a bizarre love for Devilman, it being one of the earliest anime I watched... at the far too young age of like 14...

    I watched the first episode of Crybaby.... and after the initial WTF of it all, I settled in to how very Go Nagai it was. It was fun, in a bizarre way, though not sure I loved the animation style.

    Now to cleanse the palette, I will watch the new series of Cardcaptor Sakura.