Anime! Who's watching what?

  • This is the thread in which I whisper "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" into the abyss.

  • @world_rejector This was a hard admission to make, a difficult series to defend, but from the couple episodes I was able to watch I'll cosign back you up on this.

    Shows like this are why I do the three episode rule. It seems like you know exactly what you're getting yourself into, even if you go to watch it you're bombarded with exactly what you should expect from the title and plot summary and such, but if you brave the storm, if you cut through the fanservice and let yourself fairly judge the tone of what the creators are trying to do here outside of obligations to sales and who knows what else was required to get people to pay attention and care about their story, you'll actually see they're not satisfied simply making the show this is pinned to be and alongside it is characters they care about presented in a realistic fashion and growing over the run of what their funding will allow.

    Now is it the best, most important show from the season you shouldn't miss no matter what? Heck no. Just there is stuff to appreciate here, and it is sorta a shame it has to be packaged the way it is, even more so that people will dismiss the entire show for being part of the rest. That can honestly apply to lots of anime, but this show in particular, well you'll understand if you give it a chance.

    I guess the closest thing I can compare it to is Keijo in the sense that Keijo treated the fictional sport in a serious manner and the females of the show as respected athletes despite the ridiculous shonen atmosphere surrounding the show. This is yet different from that though, as this particular show seems to incorporate more mature themes around drama and romance, and no I don't mean mature like fanservice, although that is certainly present. It was kinda a balancing act between comedy and that underlying drama, and that was certainly a strange yet interesting package.

    So like world_rejector said, check it out if you're into that. Cause this dumb ecchi show strangely has better characters than some of the shows dedicated to nothing but drama and romance between fleshed out characters.

  • @Mbun Also, there's this.

    Youtube Video

    Additional thoughts: As hit-and-miss the humor is in Imouto sae Ireba Ii, it's certainly special and a huge part of the show's identity. If the show wasn't half as crass as it was, I get the feeling that the punches it pulls wouldn't be so effective. In those regards, it's sort of like Gintama or Yakuza with the way the mood swings from 0 to 'What is even going on?'. I should probably apologize for the comparison, but yeah.

    Also, I have to give props for the board games played and referenced (the shelf in apartment: Dominion, Dixit, ect.) Seeing those made me extremely happy for some reason. The ending cards too where they describe the type and taste of alcohol/beer each character likes. There's a layer of detail here that's totally unnecessary but I appreciate. I really like how much thought went into the little details.

  • Here we go, boys and girls! Devilman Crybaby is released! The first episode was phenomenal! Put the kids to bed, put on your headphones and watch this super messed up nonsense.

    alt text

  • @bard91 Yes, Sabaody. Just got to Impel Down...holy crap.

    JoJo is great. Not sure how far you are into it, so I won't say much other than that I love how the battles evolve throughout the series and how different powers/abilities are used against each other. Araki is extremely creative.

  • Watched the first episode of Pop Team Epic. And uh. Wow. I’ve seen a lot of the original manga panels but having it animated and like rapid fire shot at you is a trip. I thought it was weird in just the right way. I also thought it was hilarious, but I more enjoyed it for the bizarre factor than the comedy. Also that weird thing they did with the second half of the show, I appreciated but did not fully understand. I’m new to the series so I wasn’t sure if they were doing it out of a desire to be even more off the wall or if I was just missing the joke. Either way I totally recommend it!

  • A few months ago I watched "A Silent Voice" in theatres. It's about a high schooler trying to atone for bullying a deaf girl in elementary school. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes emotional slice of life stories.

  • Started watching Made In Abyss this weekend. That art is top tier. Story so far is pretty good too.

  • @Rock I have a bizarre love for Devilman, it being one of the earliest anime I watched... at the far too young age of like 14...

    I watched the first episode of Crybaby.... and after the initial WTF of it all, I settled in to how very Go Nagai it was. It was fun, in a bizarre way, though not sure I loved the animation style.

    Now to cleanse the palette, I will watch the new series of Cardcaptor Sakura.

  • The Ancient Magus Bride is back and it feels so good. The teasers imply that the second course will catch up with the Manga, at least up to Volume 7 which is as far as it's been translated in to English. Volume 8 comes out in February, which I'm excited to pick up because Volume 7 ended on a pretty big cliffhanger. I'm not sure if the anime will also end on that cliffhanger, I hope not. It definitely leaves me wanting to know what happens next, but unless Wit is sure they're going to do a second season it would be kind of terrible to leave it where Volume 7 ends. Hopefully they'll go past the end of Volume 7 and a little bit in to Volume 8, at least until things get resolved. I think the show could get a second season, it seems pretty popular, but I don't know how good it's ratings and viewership are. Also Wit doesn't have a great track record of releasing sequels in a timely manner, so even if they do make a second season of TAMB it could very well take a few years, and I think that would really suck for people who have only seen the Anime. I think the Manga is awesome, and I'm going to continue reading after this season ends, but I would just like to see this season end cleanly.

  • I just finished watching My Hero Academia and One Punch Man. Both are awesome and hilarious shows. I've already seen season 2 of MHA and now I'm just waiting for that box set to come out. I admit, that I'm a bit surprised I got hooked on to the shows so easily. Also, I'm watching Michiko and Hachin again.

  • @CoCage If you enjoyed them you should check out Mob Psycho 100! It's made by the creator of One Punch Man, and features a similar style of humor and overall theme (with an omnipotent but dispassionate protagonist), but has a stronger emotional narrative similar to My Hero Academia. Not to mention a killer soundtrack and phenomenal, albeit unconventional, animation. It also has a wide cast of zany and likable characters much like both of the shows you've mentioned.

  • Watched the first two episodes of devilman crybaby last night and damn it was not for the faint of heart. Love it though, it's rough animation and style is refreshing from all the cleanly drawn anime at the moment. Boruto continues to entertain me each week and reminds me of my youth binging Naruto.

  • @JamboHyland95 I've been thinking about watching Boruto. I followed the Naruto series for many years and was very attached to it, but I was glad when it ended. I've been hesitant to start Boruto because I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but I have heard good things.

  • @michemagius it's literally the feel good nature of Naruto without all the Shippuden baggage, just a school of ninja kiddos being ninjas.

  • Dragon Ball Super is making my (dragon) balls super (sayian) blue. Shit is intense right now! But I can't shake the feeling that

    Uni 6 is gonna win and wish all the other unis back or zen-o-sama is gonna bring them all back because it was a fun thing to watch.

  • @michemagius Thank you. I will be sure to give it a look when I get the chance.

  • Watched the Godzilla anime movie on Netflix yesterday, i like it alot but it's supposed to be a trilogy and there's no date for the second movie.

  • Anime is good. It’s too good. Which is why voting for Anime Awards is nearly impossible. I already voted in AnimeTrending’s awards and I’ve pretty much picked who gets my votes for Crunchyroll, but it’s still such a tough decision! Is anyone else having trouble picking their 2017 winners?

    Also, the new Lupin III Part 5 info has got me psyched! HeroAca, Food Wars, Persona 5 and Lupin in April, I think I just might explode from excitement!!!

  • After playing Psycho Pass, I started watching the anime. It's way more interesting than the game was.