Anime! Who's watching what?

  • @bard91 said:

    I'm also seeing Brave of the Six Flowers


  • I'm currently watching Anime Gataris, Fate/Apocrypha, and Today's Menu for Emiya Family for new(-ish) stuff, Ideon and Legend of the Galactic Heroes for old stuff, and I've been watching Bodacious Space Pirates with my dad, who I've been introducing to anime & manga.

  • I just saw a Redline an hour ago. Holy fucking shit this anime is awesome! I just got it today from a store where I put it on special order last week. My God, this film is gorgeous. If anyone plans on watching this awesome racing film, make sure to get the freaking Blu-ray version. This anime is Gurren Lagannn meets Wacky Races meet Speed Racer meets Fast & Furious. Shoot, Redline is better than all the Fast and Furious movies; and I like the Fast and Furious movies (though I never cared for 6 and I don't care for any of the other ones coming after 7).

    And the soundtrack. Oh oh, one of the best techno soundtracks ever made.

  • @cocage

    This anime is Gurren Lagannn meets Wacky Races meet Speed Racer meets Fast & Furious.

    I'm sold.

  • @bam541 Enjoy my friend.

  • I haven't been big into anime. Always loved Studio Ghibli and some classics such as Akira, Neon Evangelion, etc. My newphew got me into Dragonball - so watched a couple of episodes. More open to the genre, especially after Persona 5. Have some random things on watch list such as Psychopass, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note (although struggled after 10 episodes), etc. Hard to prioritize due to volume of choice.

  • @wouldyoukindly Cowboy Bebop really is a treat.

  • I haven't been able to watch as much as I'd like, but from what I've seen this season the standouts for me are season two of Overlord which I'd pitch I guess as a Log Horizon type deal where the main character is an "evil" elder lich controlling a guild of loyal high level, crazy NPCs and Yuru Camp△, which is just a chill show about some cute girls who camp often as a hobby.

    Besides some excellent leftovers from last season, the other things I've been watching are kinda average and not really worth speaking of.

  • I usually avoid double posting, but worth it this time to shoutout Episode 15 of Mahoutsukai no Yome, as I've still been catching up on shows and this particular episode took an already good show and crafted a multilayered chapter neatly packed with all the best aspects of the show itself. Sadly not every episode is as good as Episode 15 or the more focused OVAs, and admittedly Season 2's opening being a montage of the previously animated events of Season 1 is a massive disappointment, but it's still worth forgiving and checking out when individual episodes can pull it together this perfectly.

  • So, uh, not to open pandora's box here, but when does Hunter x Hunter get good? I'm on episode 17 right now (the phase of the hunter exam where they have to steal each other's badges) and I still don't really care about anyone/anything that's happening. I just don't feel like there are any stakes. Hisoka just wrecked some dude and gave Gon his badge back, but he still doesn't feel like a threat... Started watching it because Yu Yu Hakusho is my jam, but I don't know if I'll keep this one up after the Hunter Exam arc is over.

  • @naltmank I really don't want to spoil anything or set up a false expectation, but yes, it gets very good. There is a good reason for it seeming sort of dull and generic at the start. I don't think it is spoiling much to say it is a one of a kind series in the shonen battle genre, and it affected me on a pretty personal level.

    As for when, that's also hard to say without spoiling. Stick with it through the final phase of the exam and the next mini arc after and you will probably start to get an understanding of what kind of series you are in for. If you like YYH, you will probably also like the Heaven's Arena arc, which is the next major arc and introduces the main combat/power system for the series.

  • @gaming_groove Just finished the exam arc... it's got me. I have no time to watch this show, but I guess I have to watch 60 more episodes now.

  • My friend made me aware of the fact that I’ve never seen a Shoujo anime and insisted I start, so I’ve been watching Kimi No Todoke and enjoying it.

  • Getting my body ready for the upcoming seasons of My Hero Acadamia and Food Wars

  • I'm so not ready for the next season. Lupin, Food Wars, HeroAca, Cutie Honey, Persona 5, Hozuki, and Layton! I barely have time to keep up with 3 new anime each season, but all of these are must watches for me. Additionally, I'm still watching Kimi No Todoke and I'm probably going to move on to another classic Shoujo, so that's another thing to absorb my time. It'll be both fun and hellish.

  • We've been taking a break from One Piece for the last week or so, and my girlfriend saw that I was watching Hunter x Hunter and finally asked to watch it. She immediately recognized its influence on Naruto, and said her impression of the first episode was that it was a cute show.

    Boy is she in for a surprise if she decides to stick with it.

    Also, I agree with michemagius, this upcoming season is crazy!

  • i am on Episode 122 on Fairy Tail now, it's just becoming better and better

  • I never watched Dragon Ball Z and got the urge to start now. Do I miss out on anything by watching Kai? What do you guys recomend?

  • @teraflop I hear it's just supposed to cut out the filler, but I'm not positive on that.

  • @minamik ok thats what I read as well. I will start with Kai then. Thank you!