Anime! Who's watching what?

    The first episode of Part 5 was so good! I'm so pumped!

  • @tokyoslim I guess so. Already going through Gundam stream withdrawl though, lol.

  • The Third Plate continues on Sunday.

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  • @tokyoslim OMFG already, I thought it was be a lot longer before more Shokugeki!!!

    man this weekend we also get more My Hero Academia and I guess also the Persona 5 anime, which I guess it was fine.

    It is hard for me to judge the Persona animes, I don't think they've been great in the past but I know they've brought new people into the series and that they seemed to like them, as for the first episode of P5A I thought it was ok but it has some really weird editing choices and the pace felt way too rushed for me. It's not surprising that it doesn't have the same quality of the game, but it didn't seem like a great episode in general.

  • I'm about to sit down and watch the P5 anime now. Not expecting much. I don't like the protag's new canon name. After 200 hours of playthrough, I'm rather attached to Kaitou Shinrei.

  • Alrighty, so P5... about what I expected. Mostly just made me want to go back and finish my 2nd playthrough.

    My Hero Acadamia: Pretty textbook character recap episode. Not a lot happened.

    Food Wars: Not in the like top 10 episodes or anything, but was the best of the three shows I watched this weekend because it actually progressed the story.

  • Okay team, I just learned that there's more Hunter x Hunter beyond the 79 episodes available on Hulu. Anyone know where I can watch for free? Found a kissanime link, but the pop ups make it borderline unusable. Plus I'd like it to be legal, if possible.

  • @naltmank there's like, 148 episodes on crunchyroll. There will be ads, unless you're a subscriber, but it's legal.

  • @naltmank if you are in the US you can probably watch it on Crunchyroll with ads for free. Glad you are enjoying it

    Edit: somehow missed TokyoSlim's post, my bad

  • @tokyoslim Totally fine with ads, will actually help keep me from binging too much. Thanks!

  • getting ready for dragonball super

  • the second episode of P5's anime was much better than the first, though it still had some oddities it was a clear improvement and makes me hopeful for the future episodes.

  • Lupin continues to deliver, I'm so excited for what's to come!

  • Steins Gate....again.

  • Ocean Waves. What a weird feeling movie you made here, Ghibli!

  • Finally got around to finishing the 2nd season of My Hero Academia. I think it's my favorite anime now, i have no complains worthy to even think about, and it just keeps blowing my expectations in multiple ways. Never enjoyed an anime as much as this in years.

  • Just finished Attack on Titan season 2, holy hell i'm so confused about the story now, it's way crazier than i could ever imagine.

  • This week I saw both Anohana and Devilman Crybaby, both were great to be brief.

    Anohana I liked all the way through and the ending was simply great.

    And man Devilman, what a freaking turn around I started not really liking it much but man the last is simply amazing, and I've gone from being kinda meh for me to absolutely loving it.

  • Haven't really posted cause there's nothing I've seen yet I'm super passionate about this season until maybe FLCL Progressive if that's good, but Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File is pretty fun for what it is. Gives me Pokemon anime vibes, and I'm one of those people who enjoy that for what it is. Episode 2 in particular was pretty great.

    If I had to pick one anime overall, Hisone to Maso-tan is what I'm looking forward to each week right now. It's nothing spectacular, but it's goofy in a nice way, and the transforming dragon is pretty cute and amusing. Beginning had a nice touch of mystery, but I think they've thrown most the important information at us, so it's more about enjoying the interactions of the characters now. Should still be a fun watch.

    I've said it elsewhere, but this season is pretty interesting overall when you examine it. There's many more shows than usual that are continuations, reboots, remakes, or reimaginings of older properties from various periods. You usually get a couple of these things each season, but this season there's like six or more, so if you're into lots of classic anime this might actually be a great season for you if you know where to look.