Anime! Who's watching what?

  • Violet Evergarden.

    Last week I was discussing with some friends about what our favorite animes could be and I said that I probably couldn't say which would be my favorite overall, but now Violet Evergarden gets really freaking close.

    I absolutely loved it, it had some parts that weren't as solid particularly in the last episodes but I absolutely loved most of the episodes and this girl and her journey managed to get pierce into my heart in the span of a week.

    This is a face that I want to protect

    alt text

  • This (second half of the) third season of Food Wars/Shokugeki no Soma is really hitting it's stride in this episode. Soma v Hayama III was great!

    0_1526231778364_golden ratio bear.JPG

  • Finished Hunter x Hunter. I don't think I share the same passion for it that all of you do. The chimaera ant arc had its moments, but it was waaaaaaaaaay too long for me. Why spend nearly half of your episodes with only a small fraction of your killer ensemble? Felt like such a waste. However, the last arc really reminded me why I decided to stick with the show even when I wanted to quit, and I'll admit the last two episodes made me a little teary eyed. Just wish Kurapika rolled through one last time. I know the manga is still ongoing, but I'm happy that the show chose to end on its own terms.

  • @naltmank its a good anime, not great.

    Yu yu hakasho is better

  • Too lazy to play Steins;Gate 0. Watching the anime. The description threw me off a bit, but 6 episodes in now, and I'm ready for more, haha.

  • Started watching Persona 5 the Animation. Not impressed with it at all, especially regarding the animation itself at some parts, but it's still fun to watch so i'll keep watching it.

  • @bam541 the only real positives about it are that the story is condensed, so it wont take 100 hours to finish. The new music is also passable, but not great.

  • @tokyoslim the music is alright, but what really bothered me was how poorly they were shoving the soundtrack of the game into scenes in the anime at times where it really didn't fit, that and seeing the horrible All-Out -Attack animations have been the worse aspects, it would have been much better if they had actually just ripped the animation from the game and pasted it into the anime than their sad attempt at it.

  • I never started with dragonball super, was waiting for dubbed. Is it worth it now. Its ending already

  • @tokyoslim I'll say that it's too condensed, the pace is a bit too fast for me.

  • Watched a couple episodes of Parasyte The Maxim. My weird... obsession towards creatures that are stronger than humans and romantic side-plots helped my enjoyment of this anime, not that i need that to enjoy it anyway. I have to say that i'm WAY less into it after the main protagonist goes a certain change later on.

  • Just finished Parasyte... now i have a lot to think about.

  • Laid-back Camp is the chillest of the chill and I love it.

  • I'm very slowly progressing through Dragon Ball Super. I'm near the end of the Zamasu arc. Definitely the best arc so far in Super, but it's not even close to reaching the heights of the Frieza or Cell arcs. I hate that 95% of the cast is useless and it's all about Goku and Vegeta.

    Gohan and Krillin sneaking around Frieza's camp on Namek, Vegeta doing his own thing, the uneasy alliances, those were so much more involving than the pure power level battles we have now.

  • Just caught up with p5, and I will give them props for using the awkward "I'm a dad" dialog choice last week. Lol

    Still like a 4.5/10 tho. They crammed like 4 side locations, Kawakami, and running club arcs into a 30 min show.

  • @tokyoslim I feel that the last episode was generally a big improvement and that it finally took its time to actually do something at an appropriate pace, and it was generally the most enjoyable episode, which is not that high a praise.

    What is concerning to me is that they are closing in to the half point of the anime and they haven't even started Kaneshiro, so I can see some rushed parts on the horizon.

  • Deadman Wonderland. I am a little over halfway through it. I'm gonna finish the rest when I get home from work. Loving the show.

  • @bam541 I really liked that show. had some things to say and it didnt seem hamfisted

  • @bigdude1 same here, there were a few moments where i thought the message was getting a bit too overblown but it was very solid overall.