Anime! Who's watching what?

  • I just finished Sailor Moon and I loved it. Ended up really enjoying SuperS by the end and Sailor Stars was also pretty dang good. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're like me and missed it as a kid.

    Haruka and Michiru are the coolest characters by the way

  • Finally got back to My Hero Academia season 3, i previously stopped early on because of being annoyed by Kota, that kid really got on my nerve. Not much to say other than i'm still being blown away by this amazing anime.

  • @bam541 this season just showed how good MHA is at pacing. Seriously great stuff.

  • I just finished my Hero Academia Season 2 yesterday. I love it so far, just good vibes all around.

    I'm newer to anime so I'm still trying to find shows to watch. I recently finished the entire Naruto series and I just finished season one of Shippuden.

  • Aggretsuko.

    Don't let the silly cute Sanrio characters fool you.

    This anime is about the hell of everyday working life.

  • I dunno if I like His and Her Circumstances yet but if nothing else seeing Miyazawa's constant internal struggles when dealing with Arima has been pretty fun. Also, 10/10 ED.

  • Going through Bebop for the first time in 10-15 years. I watched it on repeat when I was a pre-teen and I've always considered it my favorite, but damn, some of these episodes just hit me so much harder than they ever did when I was younger. I just watched Waltz for Venus, and even though I remembered all the beats, I could barely keep it together in my shared kitchen/dining room when it ended. This show is one of the greats.

  • @naltmank In my opinion, the greatest anime series of all time. 26 Episodes and a movie. It's serialized nature and variety in tone, concept, and genre is unmatched. One week, a western, the next week alien horror. Then a hard boiled detective story followed by a Triad crime drama. It's the gold standard by which I judge all anime music, character building, pace, and emotional impact.

    The CGI is a little rough, and I wish it had come out a little later in the age of widescreen formatted media - neither of those things detract seriously from the experience.

  • @tokyoslim I've always considered it the greatest, even as I now realize how little I appreciated it back then. It's always been something to say, even when I went through my almost 13-14 year "anime is dumb and corny" phase (which I'm still not 100% out of). Now I'm just gaining a new level of appreciation for it.

  • Goblin Slayer's setting is brutal and dark. It reminds me of Berserk or Dark Souls where the punches aren't pulled at all. Easily one of my more anticipated shows.

  • @world_rejector I really don't think it is as dark as people seem to think, least not the anime. Sure it goes for full shock value right out the gate, but then you've got overpowered MC to fall back on. Jumping to the crazy shit immediately with no buildup ruins it and even though we have MC's backstory now, his strength doesn't feel nearly as built up over time and justified as characters like Guts who struggled over and over to get where they are. I'm also a little afraid it is turning into a harem show since it seems at least three girls are doting on him now. Getting really bad SAO vibes from it so far, but I hear the manga is better? I really think this anime handled the "even the weak monsters are huge threats" thing better.

  • @mbun With my brief knowledge over the manga, I can't say that Goblin Slayer is overpowered at all. Or if he is "OP", it's the same way Batman is "OP" due to him knowing more about his enemy. He is afterall the Goblin Slayer, so it makes sense that he's good at killing goblins. It's interesting you mentioned SAO since the author of Goblin Slayer wrote the story as his own D&D campaign that sort of counters the isekai genre. (By the way, you can see the D&D influence in a few places. The priestess fills out a 5e character sheet, you hear dice rolls, EXP is given to those who fulfill quests, even the lyrics to the opening mentions d20s) So as for plot progression, I imagine the story be 1 part character development with characters trying to open up to each other and 1 part campaign with goblin battles thrown in. I'm speculating, but if the author is acting as a DM, it'd make sense to go that straightforward direction.

    Probably a more apt comparison for Goblin Slayer is Re:Zero, which animation studio White Fox also did. It's a deceitful fantasy world where little mistakes become costly. I have a bias here since, I really like White Fox and the way they adapt media. I thought Re:Zero was pretty good, and Goblin Slayer is sort of in the same lane as Re:Zero. So that's why I'm looking forward to Goblin Slayer.

  • @world_rejector I was immediately IN for Re:Zero and loved the majority of it, besides the pandering with Rem in that one episode, but this just doesn't seem nearly as good so far. Guess we'll see.

  • I recently watched few episodes of Cells at Work then I went for Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. Waited for a long time to get a sequel. Also watched Hanebado but even though I watched the whole thing, I didn't enjoy it in the end. Good animation though. Hana Matsuri I watched a month or two back and it's pretty good.

  • I watched the last episode of His and Her Circumstances. I'd say I finished it, but that would imply it had an ending.

  • Finished my rewatch of Cowboy Bebop. Don't know if I can watch anything else for a while, anime or otherwise. Nothing can compare.

  • Been a couple of years since I read Vento Aureo so I forgot how cool Moody Blues is. It's actually my favorite stand in part 5 and probably a top 3 contender for one of my favorite stands period.

    Shame it barely if ever gets used again after this episode though.

  • Shimoneta. I bought this and watched it over the weekend. Fucking hilarious! The dubbing is on point and has the voice actresses from Panty and Stocking! They definitely don't make comedy likes this anymore in the genre.

  • "Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai" or "Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai"

    I get the feeling that a lot of people will pass on this, so I'll give my two cents. To me, this is probably the most likable show of the season. It's very well written where characters show more depth as it continues on, and you can understand where most people are coming from with their actions. If I were to make an X plus Y comparison to other shows, it's sort of like Oregairu with splashes of Bakemonogatari. Don't skip.