Anime! Who's watching what?

  • Bungou Stray Dogs! I'm a literature buff so this anime/manga is a dream come true. (Western Authors just made their debut in the Anime so check it out!)

  • @flower_arrangement Honestly probably be a good idea to start up a manga only discussion thread. Cause I'd love to talk about the latest Jojolion, HxH, Berserk and etc., but I know good and well people who only watch the anime versions would be mad about spoilers.

  • @Jimmy-Good said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    Recently finished "Your Lie in April" and I must say it was masterful and heartbreaking. Anyone else have a chance to watch it? I'd love to chat about it. Other than that, I really got into the Fate Stay:Night/Unlimited Bladeworks on Netflix. Such a gorgeous anime (forgive me if someone else already wrote these down).

    I watched "Your Lie in April" just before I went to Japan this spring. It had me tearing up a little. While in Tokyo I ended up going to the Yamaha store and purchased myself my first electric violin. I suppose I was inspired by the show and especially the music!

    edit I guess I didn't answer the original question. Right now I'm watching Hunter X Hunter and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Basically catching up with stuff on Netflix before I re-sub to Crunchyroll.

  • @Demmue That is so cool! Isn't it interesting how art can inspire more art in such a way? That anime had me pretty emotionally wrecked, but I think it is a good watch regardless of what you think of this medium as a whole. Envious that you got to go to Japan! What was your favorite thing there?

  • I've been catching up on Gintama. About to start the Shogun Assassination Arc.

  • @Erik any of the studio Ghibli is great, my fav is Ponyo but like i said its hard to go wrong with them.

  • Right now on season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal. This has been a nostalgic blast from the past to say the least. I have My Hero Academia as my next anime to watch

  • I'm on a bit of anime break after One Punch Man S1, currently waiting on ONE's latest manga to anime adaptation Mob Psycho 100 in July. Not a huge anime watcher nowadays.

  • Just finished watching Ushio and Tora which was pretty great. Re:Zero is the only currently running show that has my attention now, it's soooo good.

  • I think the last few I watched were One Punch Man S1, Attack On Titan S1, and Sword Art Online S2.

    Thinking about starting Death Note or Casshern, which someone gifted to the Allies and I'd never heard of before. I don't really keep up with a lot of Anime these days. I only have so many hours in the day!

  • I've been watching From The New World, super weird atmosphere in that anime.
    Also watching Your Lie in April and Durarara which is a trip.

    I have such a massive backlog on Crunchyroll, it's daunting. There's even more titles getting announced too! I will of course make room for the new Berserk when it's out.

    Oh yeah, I've totally fallen behind on One Piece, again..

  • I started watching The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. I'm only a few episodes in but I've enjoyed it so far! The art is very nice and it's actually pretty funny. I wouldn't call it amazing just yet but I'm looking forward to finishing it.

  • I've started to rewatch Code Geass and the original Fullmetal Alchemist both are still so good considering how old they are now.

  • I recently started watching Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless, and I like it a lot even though slice of life isn't usually my thing. I've also been watching Sakamoto Desu-ga? For a while now, and it's just as outlandish and amazing as always.

  • Always been interested in anime, but never around to it. But I just recently started the original Fullmetal Alchemist, it's great. What would be good to watch afterwards? I'm into really anything, even if it's romantic, sci-fi or whatever ^ ^

  • @Minamik the later Gintama arcs have been nothing short of amazing. My favourite anime/manga series of all time.


    I've seen so much anime, its hard to fine any new anime for me that i might be interested in. I personally don't like watching a ongoing weekly anime because i hate waiting for a new episode, especially if I love the show and if im not as interested in it, i tend to drop it too easily. I generally watch sequels or adaptions weekly because i either knwo what already happens or want to know more.

    Im more if a marathon kinda guy.

    I recently just finished Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, its a drama about the history about story tellers in japan who tell rakugo. The equivlent of storytellers in audio books now days i guess. It was pretty entertaining.

    I'm currently starting Assassination classroom. Its been pretty goofy to me so far. Ive only seen 2 episodes as of writing this post. it feels a little bit like GTO in the teaching students department except the students are teying to kill the teacher. Will comment further once ive gotten further into the series.

    I think the only big series i need to watch is The legend of the galatic heroes. I will watch it one day lol.

  • Working my way through the first season of Assassination Classroom and JoJo: Diamond is Unbreakable. Phantom Blood is still my favorite in the newer anime, it's just so overwrought and dramatic.

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    Record of Lodoss War - Literally D&D: The Anime. It's pretty slow but beautifully animated and easy to follow along without getting too lost in the exposition. Might be harder to get.

    So stoked that people are still watching Lodoss War. But which one? 1990 OVA or 1998 series? I've only seen the OVA.

    @23Skiddoo said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    I'm on a bit of anime break after One Punch Man S1, currently waiting on ONE's latest manga to anime adaptation Mob Psycho 100 in July. Not a huge anime watcher nowadays.

    I read One Punch Man and got through the episodes fairly quickly. There's a crazy amount of depth there if you dig into it.

  • @Sazime I prefer the original OVAs as I remember only getting through part of the longer TV series. I did enjoy Welcome to Lodoss Island as well (super cute!), but I can't find the subs for it, as the dubs are... not so good. Not a dub hater, it's just pretty hard to listen to.

  • The only anime I pretty much keep up with is One Piece i'm not really a big fan of most anime.

    One Punch Man is pretty cool but only one season.