Anime! Who's watching what?

  • Okay, this sport festival arc is damn engaging. I accidentally stayed up till 4 am last night.

  • Started watching Detective Conan again. I've been following the series for a decade plus mainly through the manga just because there's so much filler in the anime, the last thing this ridiculously long series needs is filler (the manga finally hit the 1000th chapter last year, that's like 16000 pages worth of convoluted story). The newest episode finally reaches a super exciting part in the manga so i'm back on the bandwagon again.

  • Started Medabots a few days ago. Or I guess Medarot, translations are weird like that. Whatever. Only ever saw a few episodes growing up but I thought the concept was neat, and so far it's not disappointing. Kinda bugs me that the robots don't have mechanical voices like I remember the english dub having but it's honestly a minor gripe rather than any actual issue.

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

  • @bam541 some fillers are actually very good but yeah being longer than other big anime is not helping

  • @bam541 Conan has been an eight year old almost as long as I've been alive.

    Was obsessed with Conan in middle school (because I'm a stereotype), but completely fell off the wagon when my brain started grasping how story structure works. Still think that there are some awesome mysteries in there, but yeesh, that story needs to end.

  • @tearju-engi oh sure, i enjoyed most of the fillers i watched. I'm just saying that i really, really, really can't wait to see how it all wraps up.

  • Sorry I didn't read through all these post but is anyone watching/watched Hi-Score Girl on Netflix? I can't really say I'm like an anime guy but this quickly became my fav anime, sorry space cowboys.

  • Not going to rip into this anime season for a couple weeks due to GDQ, but managed to squeeze episode 1 of Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 in between runs, and it is looking like a great continuation.

  • @mbun nice. I'm pretty hyped about that series. Season 1 was really good and I liked it more than One Punch Man. Though also excited about S2 of that too

  • Watched the final part of the Godzilla anime on Netflix, i like the ending of the main character story, would've wanting more action but still enjoyed it alot.

  • Too early for impressions on either, but finally forced myself to chew into the start of Kemono Friends Season 2 and chased it with the first couple episodes of Kemurikusa, because that seemed like a good idea at the time. Still loads of less tainted stuff left to watch. Hoping to find something new I like, so this season doesn't just become that season.

    Episode 2 edit: There's no more apt mention for my current feelings on Kemono Friends S2 than pointing out they literally threw my favorite Friend in the mud. Trying so hard to force myself to get something, anything out of this, and so far the only redeeming quality for me has been the little skits at the end of episodes.

  • Dropping in to say that Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is the smartest dumbest most ingenious love comedy ever made. I loved the manga. The anime doesn't disappoint, which is surprising because when it comes to adaptations, there's usually something lost from translating through mediums. Please watch it. You'll have a good time.

  • Medarot's a good watch, Last episode takes it to some dumb dumb places but overall I'd say it wrapped up decently well. Would recommend watching if you have a penchant for cool robots and/or anime based on games trying to cash in on the pokemon craze.

  • Finally finished Trigun...
    I really wish I liked this show more, but I think watching it immediately after my return to Bebop really hurt it. Totally unfair comparisons, but I couldn't help but notice how much more effortful its world building was, how sloppy its mythology, and how inconsistent its tone was. There were moments where it flirted with greatness (especially the end of Wolfwood's story and then following episode with Legato), but it never hit any of the highs I was hoping it would. Wolfwood was the only character that felt real, which really frustrated me since even he would become a bit too exaggerated at times. Also, it really frustrated me how they would build up to these big reveals (e.g. Vash firing his gun, Wolfwood opening his cross), and then they would completely disregard the impact of those moments by having the characters rely on those weapons/attacks/techniques every episode following their introduction; a moment doesn't feel special if you make it ordinary immediately thereafter. I don't know. I'm honestly kind of bummed with this one, but I know I'm in the minority.

  • @naltmank People mostly associate the two together because they originally aired around the same time on Toonami. I think everyone would agree Trigun holds up much less well than Cowboy Bebop, but it is still a pretty unique setting with some fun characters and a handful of good moments like you mentioned. While you're on this Toonami classic binge, you should check out Outlaw Star too. I think I like that one more now than I did as a kid.

  • @mbun Adding it to the list! I think I'm going to finish Black Lagoon first, since that's readily available on Hulu (and only 12 episodes), but I'll probably go Outlaw Star immediately thereafter.

  • The Rising of the Shield Hero is pretttttty good so far.

  • @tokyoslim I've been watching that too and agreed. I know summoned to other world shows are a dime a dozen, but they just keep putting interesting twists on them.

  • It's time to expand my horizons and finally watch another long-running franchise I've had on my mind for a while.

    I hope none of my co-workers ask what I did instead of watching the super bowl.

    Honestly considering I already watch Super Sentai and Kamen Rider every week it I guess it was inevitable I'd add the other show from that block to my watchlist. It only just started but I already think I like it. Hikaru's a fun main character and from what little was shown of them I liked her supporting cast too. I'm always down to watch a show about fighting aliens.