Anime! Who's watching what?

  • @tokyoslim Loving Shield Hero, except when it goes all harem anime here and there. Also, it is getting a little heavy handed how only the Shield Hero is a good guy and the others are all causing trouble. The one guy could easily be explained as tainted under the bad influence of the King's daughter, even though at this point he's depicted as an absolute scumbag which seems a bit extreme. The other heroes though, seem like they're not horrible people, so it is a bit much for the show to drag them down solely to elevate the MC further. Afraid that new character introduced is just going to become another part of MC's harem too, which adds nothing to the show and was really unneeded, especially when it sets out to scoff at that very thing with that other hero.

    @naltmank Same. If you pull a twist like that, commit or don't do it to begin with. I'd have been fine if they undid some of it, but not all of it. Not sure about the direction right now, because it just kind of feels like it is repeating season 1 where this is the part of the season where it has to suddenly become a battle show just cause.

    @Tearju-Engi Samurai Flamenco was a good ride. I actually love when shows pull stuff like that. I'd recommend another that does it in a very amusing way, but that'd spoil the whole thing ahead of time unfortunately. Samurai Flamenco's problem was the ending got too silly, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann style, in an effort to explain the earlier events of the show without just letting them be the reality of the setting.

  • @mbun said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    The other heroes though, seem like they're not horrible people, so it is a bit much for the show to drag them down solely to elevate the MC further.

    All the heroes are all bad people in various ways, and the show is pretty clear in pointing it out. Either through recklessness, self absorption, indifference, etc. The last arc's entire point was that the other heroes are treating this like a game with zero consequences and inflicting unintended pain and chaos upon the world in pursuit of their own gain.

    Shield Hero isn't perfect either, but he's one of the few characters that actually cares about the people of this world. The irony is that he's placed in the position where he can't trust anyone to believe in his altruism, and thereby can't rely on their support - so he is forced to pretend to be greedy just so that he can survive. The rest of the heroes are treated "better" than everyone else, and have bought into thinking they are better than everyone else. Shield Hero doesn't have that luxury.

  • @tokyoslim Yeah, I get all that. Obviously at the beginning the other Heroes were tricked into thinking Shield Hero was scum, but I thought after all that had happened they kind of realized what was going on and wouldn't like jump to assuming he's still doing terrible things and would be more careful with their own actions. Like I said, you can justify that one Hero's horrible actions because he's constantly around a terrible influence, but the other two don't really have much of an excuse. They even have people from the world traveling with them, which are shown in every OP, even though we've yet to learn much of anything about any of them. So it really feels like they're written to screw up solely to elevate the main character through fixing their screw ups.

  • @mbun said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    Not sure about the direction right now, because it just kind of feels like it is repeating season 1 where this is the part of the season where it has to suddenly become a battle show just cause.

    I'd be in the same boat if the animation weren't so stellar. Some of the craziest imagery and action direction I've ever seen in this most recent episode. I still wish the show could go a little darker sometimes, though.

  • Started Outlaw Star per @Mbun 's suggestion. Only two episodes in but I'm really digging it so far. I think the art style is a little generic an it leans into tropes more than I'd like, but as a whole this feels like classic 90s anime (in a good way). Somehow very nostalgic. Good vibes. Hopefully it keeps this up!

  • Most recent episode of Kemurikusa was really cool. Love when a show holds almost everything back for some crazy reveal in the last two episodes. The way they tied the ending sequence into it was stellar and hype as well. I totally understand this show not being popular with the weirdo characters, slow pacing, and all the good action sequences being done offscreen between episodes to save budget, but shows where you can soak into a mysterious setting as it slowly unravels are exceedingly comfy. Same reason I like lots of Key style VNs. Gives you a ton of time to become gradually endeared to the characters before slamming the pedal to the metal on the story and milking that attachment for maximum emotional drama. I'm still not going to tell anyone to go out of their way to watch it, but I'm personally glad I decided to.

    Oh, and as per usual I also caught up on Kemono Friends S2. Has same kind of problem I called Mob Psycho 100 S2 out for earlier, and the plot has gotten pretty dumb in general. Characters have been likable enough, but I'm pretty checked out on it after they tried to rewrite all the show's lore into something worse and grossly misused the old MC. Best part of the season was easily the ending skits for the next episode previews. Wish I could've had a whole season of those instead of the knockoff mess we got.

  • Mob Psycho 100 S2 is near the end and I have been enjoying it even if people wanted it to go the other route.
    Also watched March Comes in Like a Lion and some episodes of Saiki K. because a clip looked interesting.

  • Last update on Kemurikusa and Kemono Friends S2. Pretty much what you'd expect if you read my previous posts. Kemono Friends S2 had a really terrible ending full of plotholes that managed to not even resolve the conflict it had built up and only semiexplained the mysteries the entire season held over us in a 2 second photo after credits, whereas Kemurikusa, a show produced on a fraction of the budget, with a studio scrambled together after Kadokawa gave the director of Kemono Friends S1 the boot, managed to completely outdo it and produce a better show in the end with an ending that revealed everything about the setting and gave proper closure to all it's characters.

    Neither show was very popular among what aired this past season last I checked, but I still enjoyed Kemurikusa overall and will definitely be following what this director does next. I think having the right story dropped in their lap, the right collab partner, or the right person making just the necessary amount of changes to a future project of theirs could easily lead to another mega hit like Kemono Friends Season 1. This whole thing has been extremely frustrating, and I can definitely feel Kemono Friends popularity dwindling relative to what it was before season 2 aired, which hopefully they can figure out a way to correct before it crashes completely and ruins the whole Eastern zoo movement over this entire stupid ordeal, but we won't know until we see where Kadokawa decides to go from here. I hope they at least get the message that what they did was terrible, their resulting season 2 was terrible, and there's mistakes they need to make an effort to fix instead of just riding out what is left of the franchise and then abandoning it for whatever new thing takes off next.

  • Been watching Shield Hero but been thinking of reading ahead, about what volume of the novel or manga is the show at now?

  • I'm now in the Skypiea arc of One Piece, and I must say it is overstaying its welcome. The problem is the whole thing feels like it doesn't matter. It comes directly after the Alabasta arc, which always felt like it was having major implications on the series as a whole. Meanwhile, this one feels like an odd and unnecessary detour that destroys the momentum that the series had prior. Hopefully it gets better, but I don't have high hopes.

  • I just started watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and while things haven't been super bizarre yet, I do hate Dio already.

  • @sabotagethetruth Just wait until you get to parts 2 & 3. That's when things get really bizarre. Part 1 is only bizarre by early 80s standards.

  • Finally finished catching up on Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, and it might be the best anime series the franchise has ever had, but it isn't over yet so I guess there's still time for them to ruin the ending. Also, finally watched "I Choose You" and "The Power of Us" movies. I Choose You is a complete mess of a movie, and not just because of parallel universe Ash retelling shenanigans, but The Power of Us (which also uses parallel Ash) is legitimately a very good Pokemon movie. One of the best in awhile. Great characters in a great setting with lots of fun layers of plot happening on top of each other at once, so I definitely recommend that one to others.

  • Rising of the Shield Hero is still real good. Went through a bit of a lull there, but this last episode was fantastic.

  • @tokyoslim Still salty they made it into a damn harem anime for no reason. Undermines lots of what it is doing tonally, but least those aspects are fairly easy to ignore. Still chuckling over Damiani calling it problematic. All the stuff at the beginning certainly would make you think that if you didn't stick around to see where all those story threads go. Hard to be snobby about that stuff though, when it decides to become a harem anime.

  • I honestly don't think it's a harem anime at all.

  • @tokyoslim Main character's entire party is girls who are crushing on him. Like it or not, that makes it a harem anime. Thankfully, that's not a huge focus of the show, and they're not throwing fanservice around.

  • "like it or not" lol
    IMO a Harem is a group with which the MC has romantic interest. Unless you consider like a dad and his daughters a harem. Cause as of right now, that's the relationship between Naofumi and the women/girls in his party.

  • @tokyoslim Except they're daughters who are in romantic love with him and fighting over him plus a princess who also seems to randomly be crushing on him for little reason.

  • Harem (ハーレムもの hāremumono, "harem works") is a subgenre of Japanese light novels, manga, anime, and video games focused on polygynous relationships, wherein a protagonist is surrounded by three or more love interests or sexual partners

    @mbun I dont know what to tell you man, there are no romantic relationships or sexual partners so far on this show. So it doesn't meet my personal definition of a Harem. You can think what you want.