Anime! Who's watching what?

  • @bam541 Oh... I wish I could watch Bebop again for the 1st time. Savor it.

  • @tokyoslim Prepare to have Roundabout by Yes stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

  • Just last week I started watching FLCL after having it on my watch list for a long time, currently going to progressive.

    I'm so disappointed in my self that I had never watched this before.

  • @bard91 Better late than never. Don't forget to watch Alternative too.

  • Digimon Adventure was my favorite show as a kid. It was an obsession, even. I decided to rewatch it a little bit ago and I just finished it. I know I'm horribly biased but I think it's still great.

  • @hanabi Adventure has aged well, even if the English dub had a few hick ups in the beginning. The only bad Digimons shows are 02 due to its ending and lack of focus in its latter half, and Digimon Tri. Tri just feels like bad fanfiction.

  • @hanabi @BrawlMan Adventure is the first one? I tried to go back and rewatch that after going back and rewatching season 1 of Pokemon, and I couldn't get through it. Felt much more like a kid's show to me than Pokemon did. I've never seen Digimon Tamers, and that's the one the Digimon fans are always telling me holds up the best, but I haven't made time for it yet.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @mbun Like I said, that is more so the fault of the English dubbing, than the Japanese version. Once Adventure gets pass the first arc things get increasingly darker no matter which version you watch. Not grim dark, but appropriately dark. What Digimon had over the Pokemon shows was consequences, character death (even if there is a way for Digimon to be revived), and characters that gradually develop. Tamers and Adventures especially have the best use of characters completly changing compared to how he or she started.

  • @brawlman Maybe I'll try the Japanese version sometime then. No promises though. Much more likely to try Tamers since I haven't seen that. Only nice thing I can say about Adventure is, unlike the series, the movie is still very entertaining.

  • @mbun The best thing about Tamers is that you don't need to see the previous Digimon shows to understand it. It's in its own continuity. The same applies to Frontier and Data Squad/Savers. The Adventure movie is just okay and does not help that I don't like animation style. It reeks of the bad parts of early 2000s anime. The soundtrack for the English dubbing make it even worse.

  • So....maybe I just realized that Fairy Tail is by the same guy who did Rave Master...

  • Finished my first watch of Samurai Champloo. Really dug it. Felt distinct enough from Bebop while still maintaining that tone of... something. I can't put my finger on it. These shows have a vibe that is just better than almost any other show. I think it's that feeling of restlessly searching for something without even knowing or saying you're looking for anything at all. To that end, I wasn't 100% on board with the ending of Champloo (like, the last 4 minutes or so), since it seemed a little incongruous with everything that had come before it. I don't want to spoil anything but I'll leave it at that. Still loved the show. Evangelion is up next!

  • I've been rewatching Cowboy Bebop lately, and just finished the classic episode Ballad of Fallen Angels. Let me tell you, this episode is still the masterpiece it was 20 years ago. It juggles tone beautifully, the story is excellent and that scene towards the end (you know the one) is still my personal favorite instance of musical juxtaposition in anything.

    This is the first phenomenal episode in a show that has many, and still blows me away. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to hum Green Bird for at least the next two days.

  • This doesn't really belong in this topic, but I just think it is something people should be aware of.

    33 deaths confirmed now. Some of the people are burnt so badly they have to do DNA tests to confirm who's who. The building had no fire escape, and the guy started by torching the two first floor exits and then the entire first floor.

    "According to an employee at the gas station that is located 500meters north from the studio, a man entered the station 30 minutes before the incident and purchased 40 liters of gasoline. He said that he was going to use it to power an generator."

  • @mbun I imagine you are referring to Kyoani (nothing is loading for me) and yes definitively appropriate for this I would say, I'm so incredibly sad to hear this happen, since I'm a big fan of a lot of the stuff they've done (my icon being a clear indication of that) and thinking that those people have made stuff that have brought so many feels and joy to me and others have gone through something so horrible is simply heartbreaking.

  • I've finished the Skypiea arc in One Piece. Finally.

  • Maho Girls Precure! is a pretty solid show. The generals are lacking, but the dynamics between the main characters make up for that I think. The final episode was easily the strongest one I've seen so far in the Precure franchise. The movie was really nice too.

    Speaking of movies I rewatched Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! and yeah that's still one of my favorite movies of all time. I know there's some inherent bias just because I love Digimon so much but it really is that good. If you haven't seen it already you need to check it out.

    Lastly I started reading the seventh part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run, a week or so ago. I'd say I'm about halfway through it, roughly. Really good so far. I always hear it's the best part (or at least one of the best) and while I still prefer Diamond is Unbreakable so far I can definitely see why it's so highly rated. Only real gripe is that most of the stands are kinda meh. Only ones I've really liked so far were Scary Monsters and Catch the Rainbow (despite how incredibly specialized it is.) The Spin is definitely cool though. Also the "toast" was a beautiful, emotional moment.

  • Vinland Saga. Why is nobody talking about this show!? I figured an anime from the same studio that makes Attack on Titan would be more successful, and while I have no data about how it is doing commercially, I've heard no love for it. Hell, I've never even heard anybody acknowledge it's existence!

    Right now it is shaping up to be one of my favorite anime. The animation is spectacular, the story is excellent so far and the gore is great. I'm pretty sure it's only in America (legally) via Amazon Prime Video, so if you have that I strongly recommend it.

  • Started watching Eyeshield 21. I forget how hype sport animes can be. 3 episodes in so far and I'm way into it. I don't know anything about American Football, but honestly it just helps the sense of wonder I'm having right now.