Anime! Who's watching what?

  • I just finished part 7 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run, and boy do I have some opinions on that ending.

    I honestly get the impression Araki wrapped up everything he wanted to do and then realized "shit, I still gotta deal with the corpse/the end of the race." I really, really don't like how a Diego from an alternate world that oh so coincidentally happened to have The World instead of Scary Monsters for a stand ended up being the final boss. The way Lucy finished him was pretty good, and I'm actually okay with the fact that Johnny lost his fight with him, but then he got saved by a total asspull so he wasn't stuck in his own infinite rotation. I'm no writer so I don't wanna say "this is how it shoulda ended" but I feel like if they gave Steel some other way to access the vault (or just some other way to hide away the corpse in general) and let the end of the race be an epilogue since it was never about winning to Johnny so much as learning the spin/gathering the corpse parts (say he was so busy with all the Valentine stuff he was ruled out of commission for the final stretch or something) it would have worked out better.

    Overall while I think it has the best story of any part (outside of 8, still need to read that obviously) I still prefer Diamond is Unbreakable at the end of the day. Even outside of my earlier complaints there's still the fact that a lot of the stands are pretty lackluster with only two or three exceptions (I really liked Scary Monsters for example.) The stands in DiU were just some of the best in my opinion with only Stone Ocean being as good or possibly better (though, its story is a bit of a mess.)

  • @capnbobamous Just started watching it yesterday and came here to see if anyone else was as hyped on it as I am. I totaly agree with you, it's fantastic on all levels! I bought the first 3 manga books like two years ago but never got around to reading them, however now I am really encouraged to start.

    Its on Prime Video here in Sweden as well so I guess all EU allies should be able to watch it if they like!

  • @teraflop Glad to hear you enjoy it! The whole thing is really blowing me away! Also, I meant that the only way Americans get it is via Amazon Prime, not that it was only in America.

  • @capnbobamous It is definitely good but

    I always hate a bait and switch, which this has already been guilty of.

  • @mbun Yeah I don't know. I feel like it was done well enough. It didn't feel cheap to me.

  • Just watched Megalobox. Felt like it should've committed a little harder to one tone or the other - it often felt like it was trying to be a gritty modern reboot while still maintaining the old-school cheese of its predecessor. Still, the animation and music are fantastic and the first/last episodes are legitimate crowd pleasers. I had a fun time with it and would give it a recommend if you haven't checked it out yet.

  • Started watching Code Geass. 6 episodes in, it's pretty cool so far. It doesn't feel too heavy yet, despite a brutal event, but that doesn't make it less engaging.

  • @naltmank The tone felt fine to me. Megalobox has a good balance of seriousness and cheese.

    I'll proabably watch Castle in the Sky late today. I have not see the movie in a while and I bought the blu-ray last year on sale.

  • I think I'm gonna take a break from animes (until My Hero S4 comes out). One really inconvenient event from the last few episodes of Code Geass (season 1) broke me. Also started watching Mirai Nikki, and the second episode broke me even more. I have no need for this kind of insanity right now, lol.

  • @brawlman I think the binge didn't help it. Mainly it was just issues with Nanbu and Sachio, especially when the mobsster storyline came back. Still liked it overall, though.

    And Castle in the Sky is among my most-watched movies of all time. I used to watch the VHS on repeat growing up. Still holds up, IMO.

  • I just finished the Davy Back Fight arc of One Piece. I don't know, it was okay. I don't think it was as bad as everyone says it was, but it wasn't great either. My main problem with it is that most of the tension relies on the characters being stupid, which gets really old really fast. I will say that some of it was quite funny, and I actually think Foxy is a fun character. On to Water 7!

  • I consider my last post to be a pretty big lie now because I just finished Mirai Nikki. I was too curious, and I should have been able to finish it even sooner but I had to take breaks because it's quite heavy (and it escalates so fast and so well!). It's essentially the craziest love story I ever seen. The twists and turns in the story are very engaging, they really did a great job of introducing new unique problems and setting up mysteries. The emotional moments and action scenarios didn't disappoint, nearly all of the big moments didn't fail to leave an impact. Most of the diary holders are interesting characters, and the ones that wasn't necessarily big players in the overall story are still awesome when they got the spotlight (bless your souls, Seven). I appreciate the jolly vibes of the post-credits scenes in each episode, which helped me get through the heavier parts of the anime. The biggest problem for me is that the humor and fan service can feel quite misplaced or a bit too much at times (and I consider myself very lenient regarding those two things). Still, this is a small problem for me because everything else is sublime. Loved the ending too, I did cry at the end. This is one of my favorite animes of all time for sure. Also, Yuno is a goddamn yandere legend.

    I'm not gonna say i'm taking a break from animes because that's not gonna happen, but I definitely need a change of pace after this. Something jolly, for sure.