Anime! Who's watching what?

  • I consider my last post to be a pretty big lie now because I just finished Mirai Nikki. I was too curious, and I should have been able to finish it even sooner but I had to take breaks because it's quite heavy (and it escalates so fast and so well!). It's essentially the craziest love story I ever seen. The twists and turns in the story are very engaging, they really did a great job of introducing new unique problems and setting up mysteries. The emotional moments and action scenarios didn't disappoint, nearly all of the big moments didn't fail to leave an impact. Most of the diary holders are interesting characters, and the ones that wasn't necessarily big players in the overall story are still awesome when they got the spotlight (bless your souls, Seven). I appreciate the jolly vibes of the post-credits scenes in each episode, which helped me get through the heavier parts of the anime. The biggest problem for me is that the humor and fan service can feel quite misplaced or a bit too much at times (and I consider myself very lenient regarding those two things). Still, this is a small problem for me because everything else is sublime. Loved the ending too, I did cry at the end. This is one of my favorite animes of all time for sure. Also, Yuno is a goddamn yandere legend.

    I'm not gonna say i'm taking a break from animes because that's not gonna happen, but I definitely need a change of pace after this. Something jolly, for sure.

  • I've been watching a bit of Bakemonogatari and Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai recently. Really enjoying both so far, both of them draw me in primarily by their style of story presentation. Bakemonogatari's use of typography, animation style changes, and cinematography is lovely: it's so eclectic but never loses it's cohesion and identity. Meanwhile, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai is just ridiculously absurd in it's dramatization.

    I also watched (and finished) Neon Genesis Evangelion. I started watching it years ago, but I stopped watching halfway through. Anyway it's a long time ago so I barely remember things that happened, which kinda makes it a first watch experience. I also enjoyed this, loving the action scenes and the batshit crazy stuff that happens later on. I feel like I'm being dragged to a deep dark hole, in those later episodes. I need to watch the End of Evangelion soon.

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    @bam541 I highly recommend an immediate rewatch of EVA. You will notice some pretty wild shit.

  • @el-shmiablo already rewatched some of the episodes that I was really fond of, now I look at Asuka's kiss in a very different way.

  • Started Demon Slayer. Was vaguely entertained for the first few episodes, but I'm about to drop it. Just met Zenitsu and don't know if I've ever been more immediately repulsed by a comic relief character in a show.

  • @naltmank Yep, that's just how he is and continues to be. It is still worth watching though.

  • @bam541 said in Anime! Who's watching what?:


    I really don't think there is anything like the Monogatari series out there. It's truly special.

  • @thedemonpirate It is funny watching SHAFT before Madoka got them budget and after.

  • Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon.
    So far: no girls "picked up" in the romantic sense of the word in a dungeon. A few girls picked up as in carried. No moral quandaries evident in doing so.

    A bit fan-servicey for my tastes, but I am otherwise enjoying S1 alright.

  • @tokyoslim It only gets worse. It is one of those shows I feel I have to watch for the zeitgeist, otherwise I would've dropped it. Really dumb show.

  • @mbun S1 really did end on a lot of big dumb.

    Main character gets a magical power that literally allows him to beat anything unbeatable.

    I believe my first thought was "oh, well... that's convenient."

  • DokiDoki Precure is one of those shows that starts strong but stumbles at the finish. Well more accurately it completely crashes at the halfway point and only starts to get back up to speed near the finish after already falling too far behind to ever catch up again but still.

  • After seven years, it has finally come to an end.
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  • I think Food Wars/Shokugeki no Soma really hit it out of the park as far as hooking me for the new season. Even though it was a little bit of recap, they paid off one of the big cliffhangers from the end of last season, and they set one up for the next episode. I think it's a super smart formula to set up the cooking and prep drama in one episode and then pay it off with the reveal and judging in the second episode. As long as they don't overuse that - I think it's a natural flow.

    I felt like MHA on the other hand was like a recap/clip show of the first few seasons... which was a bit disappointing. Kind of a throwaway or filler episode, IMO.

  • Digimon Tamers is a pretty good show. I think one of Adventure's strong points was how it wasn't afraid to explore the personal issues the characters were facing both with their digimon and at home and man, Tamers took that ball and just absolutely ran to the hills with it in its final arc.

    Yamaki is probably my favorite character. That or Impmon (I have a type, if you've seen the show you probably know what it is.) On the flipside Ryo feels like a mary sue and I could have really done without him barging into the show near the end.

  • Trailer for the new Pokemon anime starting November 17th.
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    I'm disappointed by Japan's 4K UHD releases. Castle of Cagliostro has no grain. It looks really smooth, like wax. Ghost in the Shell isn't as bad with the digital noise reduction, but isn't good either. It still looks kind of too smooth. At this point, I'm more worried than excited for next year's Akira release. The Little Mermaid and Aladdin were treated much better than this. What gives? Does Japan just not give a shit or has all the digital animation tricked them into thinking grain and detail are bad?

  • Just finished season 1 of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, and man I love it very much. It's wholesome, cute, easy going and funny; nothing more, nothing less. It's obvious what will happen most of the time, but seeing it actually happen is so fun. This is easily one of my favorite anime shows in recent times. I'll go straight to season 2 soon.

  • @bam541 Nice. Yeah, I love how the show handles the audio levels and all the transitions into unique endings. Scary sometimes just how cleverly she reads him, when the guy isn't being super obvious, but clearly the two of them got invested in each other for very different reasons, so over time they'd become familiar enough with the ways one another think. Hear the manga is good too, but so much of what I like about the show wouldn't come through as strongly or at all in that medium. The only bummer with singing the praises of it now is this is quintessentially a Summer vibes show to me.

  • Other than watching season 2 of Karakai Jonzo Takagi-san, I'm also watching Tsuki ga Kirei. 4 episodes in and I'm absolutely loving it so far. The animations and graphic style is so goddamn pretty, and not only they show the characters' personalities and moods very well, the environment's atmosphere and feel is also accentuated. There's so much to grasp from each scene because of it. I also really like how they framed certain scenes, and also letting the show progress naturally by showing the characters walking around more. Not to mention the awkward-cute interactions between the two main characters are great, it really pulls you in and makes you root for them. I also love the music, particularly the delicate and subtle piano that fits the tone of the whole show like a glove.