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    I'm disappointed by Japan's 4K UHD releases. Castle of Cagliostro has no grain. It looks really smooth, like wax. Ghost in the Shell isn't as bad with the digital noise reduction, but isn't good either. It still looks kind of too smooth. At this point, I'm more worried than excited for next year's Akira release. The Little Mermaid and Aladdin were treated much better than this. What gives? Does Japan just not give a shit or has all the digital animation tricked them into thinking grain and detail are bad?

  • Just finished season 1 of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, and man I love it very much. It's wholesome, cute, easy going and funny; nothing more, nothing less. It's obvious what will happen most of the time, but seeing it actually happen is so fun. This is easily one of my favorite anime shows in recent times. I'll go straight to season 2 soon.

  • @bam541 Nice. Yeah, I love how the show handles the audio levels and all the transitions into unique endings. Scary sometimes just how cleverly she reads him, when the guy isn't being super obvious, but clearly the two of them got invested in each other for very different reasons, so over time they'd become familiar enough with the ways one another think. Hear the manga is good too, but so much of what I like about the show wouldn't come through as strongly or at all in that medium. The only bummer with singing the praises of it now is this is quintessentially a Summer vibes show to me.

  • Other than watching season 2 of Karakai Jonzo Takagi-san, I'm also watching Tsuki ga Kirei. 4 episodes in and I'm absolutely loving it so far. The animations and graphic style is so goddamn pretty, and not only they show the characters' personalities and moods very well, the environment's atmosphere and feel is also accentuated. There's so much to grasp from each scene because of it. I also really like how they framed certain scenes, and also letting the show progress naturally by showing the characters walking around more. Not to mention the awkward-cute interactions between the two main characters are great, it really pulls you in and makes you root for them. I also love the music, particularly the delicate and subtle piano that fits the tone of the whole show like a glove.

  • I'm finally done with Water 7 in One Piece, and I enjoyed it quite a bit! Granted it feels like an intro to Enies Lobby, but it has many great moments to call it's own. Some thoughts:

    The fight between Luffy and Usopp was genuinely emotional, and if I didn't already know they make up in the future, I may have thought that was the end of Usopp being a straw hat. I also think Rob Lucci has the makings of a great villain, assuming he gets more development in Enies Lobby. The reveal that he and the rest of the ship-builders (excluding Paulie) were CP9 wasn't a huge 'wow' moment for me, but I can't say I expected it either.

    Now onto the real arc, Enies Lobby!

  • Among many other things, been watching BEASTARS this season, mostly because the first episode impressed me when I was expecting nothing from it, but it has actually gotten super good as it has gone on, to the point where I'd no longer hesitate to recommend it to others. The relationships between the characters are super interesting, and the show plays with animal interplay in a pretty fun way occasionally. Some scenes are just presented in really dynamic ways, often adding to expressing how the characters in the moment are feeling, and occasionally the show goes full artsy which is always a treat for the eyes. Realized how attached to some of the characters I've gotten as it has progressed, which either means I just have an affinity for these weirdos or the show just is legitimately great at making you empathize with them. Worth checking out.
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  • @bam541 I just started to watch it myself. Saw the 2nd season on Netflix but no 1st season so went to Crunchyroll and took a bit time to find it because title is english translated on Netflix.
    4 episodes in and really loving it.

    Edit: Finished both seasons. Really liked it. 8.5/10

  • Yes! Precure 5 is pretty good. I'm kinda surprised at how well it managed to balance the focus on all five members considering it was the first season to have anywhere near that many and later seasons still struggle with it to this day. I haven't really discussed Star Twinkle much here but it had a real bad issue with neglecting some of the characters until they suddenly got tons of focus episodes recently. Almost felt like the show as trying to make up for dropping the ball on them for so long.

    I've got more mixed feelings on Futari Wa though. There's a lot of things it does that I wish later seasons would incorporate but there's also a lot of things it doesn't do that became staples later on. I still enjoyed it a lot and its highs were higher than some seasons can even dream of, but overall it's only around the middle of my list because it feels like the groundwork for a series that hasn't established what exactly it wants to be yet.

    While I'm on the topic of Precure, the next season, titled Healin' Good Precure, got a lot of info revealed about it yesterday. Not going to go through it all since I doubt anybody cares but I felt like I should mention this year's main character, Hanadera Nodoka/Cure Grace, is voiced by Aoi Yuuki. You can check out the promo video for it here if you're curious.

  • Finished Carole & Tuesday. Really charming and sweet show. I think I prefer part 1, since - and this is entirely subjective, of course - I didn't think that the music itself was good enough to power the whole "music can change the world and stop prejudice!" theme of part 2. In general I think part 2 was a little overly simplistic and saccharine, but the central bond of the two main characters kept me going throughout the whole show. There's something refreshing about watching two people just be perfect friends for each other with minimal conflict. Cozy vibes all around.

  • @naltmank Definitely agree with all that. Also didn't help that the entire show teased the miracle thing, which ended up being kind of whatever. The whole sideplot with the AI dude and Carol & Tuesday's rival also wrapped up in a too coincidental to be believable way. Kind of weird how the show started with grounded in reality vibes, but then went fairy tale magical so much.

  • I finally got a copy of Megalobox for Blu-Ray. The box set was originally $60 earlier back in March, but for a complete 13 episodes (to be fair, it comes with a 120 page art book), that is way too pricey. I had to play the waiting game a whole year for this on. Only had to pay $45 for this set. I've already seen the show in its entirety, and I'm ready to watch it again later this week.

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  • @brawlman Not even kidding, this show is a good companion piece for Box Peek. The similarities are striking.

  • @naltmank Megalobox is getting a 2nd season! I felt it should have been a one off, but I'll take it.

    Megalobox is Getting A Sequel Anime

  • Akira - Saw this as a send off to 2019. Still an excellent movie despite compromises with the story. The movie was made when the manga was yet to complete only on its 2nd volume. The movie has aged well despite that. The art, animation, and character designs I feel come to life out of the screen. The only thing aged about Akira is the original English dub from Streamline Productions. Thankfully, I'll never have to hear it, because of the 2001 redub from Pioneer. It's fun to hear Johnny Yong Bosch & Joshua Seth (Voice of Tai Kamiya from Digimon) got full ham.

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  • During the holidays and taking time off, I almost caught up on One Piece. I was 80 episodes behind.

    Whole cake island arc was good but as often a little drawn out at the end. Scene with Sanji and Pudding at the end was nice and sad. … After this, some recap episodes that I actually liked since it linked some past evens with current ones and you could see some old characters.
    For the new Wano arc, they seem to up the production value a bit with some small changes in the art style fitting the Japanese theme. Just a few episodes in and little girl Otama might be the cutest thing ever. And immediately got emotional with the rice cooking scene and learning about her life…

  • Watched SSSS.Gridman. It's pretty cool, I think I read somewhere that it's based on an tokusatsu story and it really shows. I didn't expect the story going where it did, it's pretty meta in retrospect. Not everything is well done or fleshed out, but it's also only 12 episodes so it's not a big problem to me.

  • Just watched The Tatami Galaxy. After Devilman and Night is Young Walk On Girl, I was pretty sure I would love this show. I think Yuasa just gets my vibe. Artistically ambitious and emotionally satisfying, I think this might be my favorite thing that he's done. Definitely worth the watch if you haven't checked it out yet. I want to rewatch Night is Young so I can catch all the connections.

  • I had a lot of fun with both seasons of Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, it just keeps making things crazier without normalizing it, which made it funny the whole way through. All the characters has hilarious moments, and there's a lot of running gags that never gets old (I can't control myself every time the FFF inquisition shows up). The second season felt more disjointed, but it's still very entertaining. I wish there's a third season.

    I also finished The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. I love how it potrays the main characters' superpowers, it all makes some sort of sense and it makes him experience amplified annoyances from what normal people would have, so it naturally would lead to ridiculous moments. It certainly helps that the supporting characters are all batshit insane one way or another. I laughed less as the show goes on, mostly because everything became so normal to me that it's less ridiculous because of it, but I'm still very much entertained.

  • Is there a good anime similar to The Witcher live-action series?