Anime! Who's watching what?

  • I've been watching kuroko's basketball, naruto, Dragonball and now the new Dragonball Super, One Piece, etc for years. Love anime. Dragonball Z was the first anime I ever watched though.

  • Trailer for the next Pokemon Movie:
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  • @phbz That's not remotely anime.

  • @mbun ahah completely misread the title!

  • @mbun I can't tell if this show is a guilty pleasure or if it's actually as good as I think it is.

  • I just started Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I can't believe I waited this long. It's just one of those ones that has been talked about for so long that -- as weird as this sounds -- I never actually felt the need to watch it myself. Well I now see how wrong I was, because after only five episode I'm absolutely in love.

    It's incredibly rare for an anime to grab me as quickly as this one did, and even rarer for it to grab as tightly. It does such an excellent job of developing it's characters, and the screen-writing is impeccable. It also establishes mood and tone very well, with there being multiple moments where I've been sick to my stomach, separated by the oh-so-necessary comedic moments. It is so incredibly bleak while also having glimmers of hope throughout. I think it sucks that it sexualizes a 14 year old, but it's anime and it was the 90s, so it's not entirely unexpected.

  • @Capnbobamous are you watching the old series, or the relatively new movies?

  • @capnbobamous And that soundtrack man! That soundtrack!!

  • @irongrey The old series! I didn't even know there were recent movies.

    @Axel It's sooo good! Unfortunately the Netflix version doesn't have Fly me to the Moon because of licensing, but everything else is just incredible.

  • @Capnbobamous yes, the movies are a remake of the series, with better image and an alternative story. The last chapter will be released this year.

  • @irongrey Oh neat, I'll have to check that out when I'm done with this one.

  • I watched Futari Wa Pretty Cure: Max Heart a bit ago and the nicest thing I can say about it is that I didn't outright hate it. I dunno if this analogy will resonate with most people here, but when you watch a show that lasts a full year like these do, the third quarter tends to be the rough patch where they've had their big reveals or climatic midseason fights, but now they gotta tread water or otherwise just stretch things out until they can reach the endgame in the final quarter. Max Heart felt like that but for the entire 47 episode season. Frankly it was a slog and I was glad when it was over.

    I also just finished Suite Precure and it was much better. Felt kinda by the numbers as a whole, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It had some very entertaining characters (main villains in particular were basically Team Rocket-like in how goofy they were) and a lot of solid story beats, along with a few emotional moments as well. Really enjoyed it overall.

  • Banned

    All my excitement for Akira in 4K is now gone. It's getting a hard digital noise reduction scrubbing. It's not like they're going back to the original animation cels. That never happens. So cleaning grain means losing part of the picture. Japanese film "preservationists" are so dumb.

    しかし、そこで「数十年前に作られた旧作アニメを4K解像度に引き延ばす意味なんてあるのか?」といった疑 問を抱く人も少なくないだろう。これについて、4Kリマスター版『AKIRA』のリマスター作業を担当した 株式会社キュー・テック ポストプロダクション事業部 映像部 チーフテクニカルアドバイザー/シニアカラリストの今塚 誠氏は次のように語る。

    However, many people may wonder "is there any advantage to anime made decades ago in 4K?" Regarding this, said Imazuka Makoto, Chief technical advisor/senior colorist at Q-Tec (Post Production Video Department) who was in charge of the 4K remaster of AKIRA.

    これまでも数度にわたりデジタルリマスター版が作られてきた『AKIRA』だが、今回の4Kリマスターでは 、大きな方針として「フィルムルック」であることにこだわったという。

    「『AKIRA』は、(一般的な劇場アニメと比べて凝った画作りをしているため)重ねているセルの枚数が異 様に多く、結果として全体的にややボケた画になっています。そこで過去のBD、DVDではデジタル処理で見 え方を鮮明にしているのですが、4K解像度でそれをやると画が壊れてしまうんですね。そうした問題も踏まえ 、今回は基本的にはフィルムらしさをそのまま再現するという方向でリマスタリングを行っています」(今塚氏 )

    ここで今塚氏の言う「フィルムルック」のカギとなるのが、映像の粒子感。フィルム特有のザラザラとした点状 のノイズには映像に空気感を付与し、良くも悪くもノイズレスなデジタルアニメにはない味を生み出す効果があ る。

    「ただし、4K解像度ではこのフィルムの粒子がそれまでと比べてより鮮明に取り込まれるため、実はある程度 は除去しています。リマスター作業の最初に行ったのは、この粒子補正という作業。映像を通して再生し、最も 心地よく感じられるパラメーターを探るところから始めました」(今塚氏)

    そこから、フィルム上のゴミの除去や、ブレの補正などを実施。現在はこれらの作業をある程度自動化する仕組 みが実用化されているものの、2,000カットを超える『AKIRA』の映像を細かく、適切に修正していく 作業にはとにかく時間がかかったそうだ。

    「ゴミの除去には専任スタッフ2名が3か月かかりきりになっています。なお、『AKIRA』は映像が細かく 動く上、先ほどもお話ししたよう多くのセルを重ねていますから、全てのゴミを取りきるのは現実的ではありま せん。チームとしての方針を定めて、目に付くゴミを中心に丁寧に取り除いていきました」(今塚 氏)

    今回、取材に先駆けて実際にできあがった映像を一足早く確認させていただいたが、その映像は確かに最新のデ ジタルアニメとは異なる、良い意味で温かみのあるものだった。「全てのゴミを取りきるのは現実的ではない」 とされたフィルム上のゴミや傷についても、これまでのデジタルリマスター版と比べて、明らかに少なく感じら れた。

    ◆ 4K remaster version that sticks to the visual expression of "Film Look"

    "AKIRA" has been remastered several times, but in this 4K remaster, the main policy is "film look". He said he was particular about something.

    "AKIRA" has an unusually large number of overlapping cells (because it makes more elaborate images compared to general theater animations), resulting in a slightly blurred image overall. So, in the past BDs and DVDs, we used digital processing to make the appearance clearer, but if you do it at 4K resolution, the image will be destroyed. We are doing remastering in the direction of reproducing it as it is. ” (Imazuka-san)

    "The key to the filmic look," said Imazuka-san here, "is the graininess of the image. The gritty, dot-like noise peculiar to film has the effect of adding a feeling of air to the image and creating a taste that is good or bad, which is not found in noiseless digital animation.

    " However, at 4K resolution, the grain of the film has been captured more clearly than before, so in fact, I have removed it to some extent. The first thing I did in the remaster was grain correction. Through the image, we started by playing back and searching for the most comfortable parameter.” (Imazuka-san)

    "From there, we removed dust on the film and corrected blur. Currently, a system that automates these tasks to some extent has been put into practical use, but it seems that it took a long time to fine-tune and appropriately correct the image of "AKIRA" that exceeds 2,000 cuts*.

    *(I am adding this in- anime is divided up into cuts or shots, so Akira in this case has over 2000 individual shots or animation cuts)

    "Two dedicated staff members have taken three months to remove the dust." In addition, "AKIRA has a lot of cells, as I mentioned earlier, and because the image moves in detail and all the dust is removed. It is not realistic to remove all of the above, so we have established a policy as a team and carefully removed the dust that is noticeable." (Imazuka-san)

    "This time, I was able to confirm the footage that was actually produced prior to the interview, but it was certainly different from the latest digital animation, and it was warm in a good sense. Even the dust and scratches on the film, which were said to be “not realistic to remove all dust”, were clearly felt compared to the digital remastered versions so far.

  • Pretty much all of Toei's anime (One Piece, Precure, Digimon Adventure:, etc.) are on hiatus because of corona

    Guess it was a matter of when and not if, I know they postponed filming on Super Sentai already since one of the actors caught it after all.

  • Saw Castle in the Sky. I forgot how awesome this movie is. I liked the movie back when I saw it in middle school, but love it even more now! It's similar to an Indiana Jones adventure film, or serial shows. Yet with its own flair, and unique style. The animation, background art, and character design have a all aged like fine wine. The usual of a Miyazaki film. Looks even more beautiful on Blu Ray on the big screen. The score (2003 version) is amazing. From what I heard, even the original composer for the movie hates his own score from the 1986 version. I'll take his word for it. I have to say, Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke are my top favorites of Miyazaki films. Y'all have to see this if you have not yet. I don't care how you see it. Use Disney+ if you have to.

    A quick ramble. Castle in the Sky feels like a proto-Uncharted in some ways. The male protagonist, Pazu, has some serious parkour he demonstrates through out the film. Especially when he is climbing. The lost civilization that destroyed itself, and the evil military that wants something from the ancient society. Then again, similar to Indiana Jones in some ways, so the influecne always spreads around.

  • @brawlman Probably the movie that I've seen most in my life. Watched that and Nausicaa on repeat essentially from when I was a toddler til I was in elementary school, then continued to revisit it over the years (as opposed to Nausicaa, which I think I only rewatched once in high school and once in college). The pacing is just stellar and really gives you the feeling of a grand, mystical adventure. Don't know how the score changed between '86 and '03 since I think both my copies were from before then (VHS and then a suspect compilation DVD) but it's probably my favorite soundtrack as well. The main theme is more enduring than any other of Hisaishi's work, IMO, even more so than the theme to Totoro. It's pretty commonly performed at schools here, too. Such a good movie.