Anime! Who's watching what?

  • @brawlman Probably the movie that I've seen most in my life. Watched that and Nausicaa on repeat essentially from when I was a toddler til I was in elementary school, then continued to revisit it over the years (as opposed to Nausicaa, which I think I only rewatched once in high school and once in college). The pacing is just stellar and really gives you the feeling of a grand, mystical adventure. Don't know how the score changed between '86 and '03 since I think both my copies were from before then (VHS and then a suspect compilation DVD) but it's probably my favorite soundtrack as well. The main theme is more enduring than any other of Hisaishi's work, IMO, even more so than the theme to Totoro. It's pretty commonly performed at schools here, too. Such a good movie.

  • @naltmank Woah, what kind of school plays Ghibli scores?! That's so cool.

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    Now that I've seen some screenshots of Akira in 4K, I doubt I'm gonna watch it at all. Everything looks too soft now.

    2018 Blu-ray:

    2018 Blu-ray:

    2018 Blu-ray:

    The light is supposed to be more impressive in HDR, but it just doesn't seen worth the loss of detail. It's neat how they used light back then. They'd cut into the animation cels and then shoot real light from behind.

  • Watched Amagami SS. It's an adaptation of a romance visual novel, and it's impressively obvious... for better and for worse, but mostly better. For starters, I really like the structure of the whole season, there's 6 4-episode arcs dedicated to each romance option that mirrors the feeling of playing these kinds of visual novels very well. There's also 2 bonus episodes that I think are bonus routes in the actual VN game (just guessing, I know nothing about the game), which is cool. Each arc shows not only different special events, but also extra tidbits of the other characters that are not the main focus of the arc, so each arc slowly adds more and more liveliness to the world. Not to mention, seeing your favorite characters show up every once in a while outside of their arcs is quite fun. It really feels like I'm replaying a visual novel over and over again, without actually having to play and stress about the decisions I need to make to get the best endings.

    It can be quite cheesy, but I think it's not too far fetched considering the high school setting. Having only 4-episodes arc definitely hurt some characters' arc a bit more than others. The worst parts are certainly ones when the fan service goes a bit too much, and this happens more often in some arcs. Thank god you can skip these kind of stuff easily when you're just watching a video, instead of actually playing something. I'm also disappointed of a few scenes, it feels like they purposely avoid animating these to save some budget.

    Overall it's a fun and heartwarming show, there's a lot of great moments that are pretty well spread between all the arcs. I can't get enough of cute-clumsy stuff, so Sakurai's definitely my favorite arc/character, even though the ending wasn't too satisfying. (7.5/10)

  • @bam541 Oh hey, it is the only time anyone around here will ever bring this show up!

    Not to mention, seeing your favorite characters show up every once in a while outside of their arcs is quite fun.

    That reminds me, for the character CDs for the show, they did a fun thing like that with the covers:
    0_1588565812233_album art.jpg

  • @mbun That's some of the coolest shit I've seen.

  • @mbun Thanks for sharing that! Honestly blew my mind, I love when marketing/packaging stuff puts the effort into something like that.

  • Ashita no Nadja is an amazing journey to a decent destination. I think my main issue is that right at the finish line it gets stuck trying to resolve a lot of drama it'd been building up all season and while it was necessary I don't think it was all done the best it could have been and I don't think it added much to the conclusion either since that already had some (more interesting my opinion) drama going on itself.

  • Just finished Paranoia Agent.

    Satoshi Kon was an absolute master and it's probably the single greatest loss in the medium that he died so young, everything this man directed is incredible.

  • watching Sing 'Yesterday' For Me right now. ive never seen a more mature anime. i love it. it speaks to me in so many ways its almost hurtful. i've cried a couple of times. its so good. anyone else?

  • Finally got my Tenchi Muyo OVA 1 & 2 Blu Ray. Going to pop this in tonight!

  • Watched the first 3 episodes of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. Why is this so surreal? I love it. Reminds me of Bakemonogatari, but without the super eclectic presentation that made the weird shit in that anime feels natural. Here, it feels quite unnerving for me, especially with some of the music/score being so dissonant. There's already 3 moments here that made me emotional. Also, the main character is awesome. Great first impressions so far.

  • @bam541 I haven't watched any monogatari but Bunny Girl Senpai, my god ....

    I watched the first episode when it came out on crunchyroll just out of morbid curiosity and because I thought I would get a laugh out of it, I was hooked and watched all of the episodes the day they came out, it end up being an unexpected masterpiece in my mind.

    Also don't skip on the movie after you are done with the series, it's also very good.

  • Promare - Studio Trigger is basically the Platinum games of anime now. God, I love them. This movie is basically Fire Force, but better. Basically about people who can use fire called the Burnish. They started when people began combusting. Shit went bad, and now there are forces dedicated to putting out fires caused by the Burnish. But are the Burnish as evil as the film and in-universe news makes them out to be? Hhhhhhhmmmmmm....

    If you're a fan of Kill La Kill, Gurren Laggan, and Panty & Stocking, you will love this. If you are not familiar with any of those, you will most likel love this film. The animation is once again top notch, and Trigger always seems to outdo themselves when it comes to action scenes. I did not get a chance to see it theaters, but it's still nice viewing it on the big screen. The dubbing has an all star cast: Kari Walgreen (Haruko from FLCL), Steve Blum, and Johnny Yong Bosch (Using his Nero and Ichigo voice, He even does Nero scream). Ironic, because at the beginning of the movie he pulls a, Urizen/Dracula slouch of villainy pose. The dubbing is on point, the movie does not waste time nor feels like it's going too fast, and it lands all the right beats on funny, heartwarming, tear jerking, and nightmare.

    If there is a flaw, is that you don't get see enough of Galo's (main character) team on the fire fighter side. They are there, but it's pretty obvious the movie is more about Galo and Lio. If this were a TV series, it would not be much of a problem. Then again, I don't know how they would have topped the finally in the film. So I am not that bothered by it.

    I got the film yesterday in the mail, and watched it at night. I got steel book case edition.

    Youtube Video

  • @brawlman said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    Studio Trigger is basically the Platinum games of anime now.

    Haha wow, never thought of it like that but that is so true.

  • I got my Tenchi Muyo Movie Collection (Blu Ray/DVD). It comes with all three films taking place in the Universe continuity. Though I only got for Tenchi Muyo In Love and In Love 2 (aka Tenchi Forvever in the West). Daughter of Darkness is non-canon and inconsequential. It was originally supposed to be the second official movie, until the creators decided canon discontinuity. Which the best option as it feels like an official fan fic, and adds yet another lover interest.

    For those that don't know, the Tenchi series is about a regular guy who has encounters with hot space alien babes from different walks of life. It was not the first harem show, but it was one of the most popular and put it in to the mainstream of anime. I consider it the best the harem genre has to offer.

    In Love 1 is basically Back to the Future with the Tenchi cast. A villain named Kain, breaks out of prison, goes back in time, and kills Tenchi parents in revenge for the Jurians (Tenchi's royal bloodline) justly imprisoning him. So Tenchi and the gang go back in time to prevent his parents death. The movie is good with better production values and an animation bump. The animation is back to high caliber like the first OVA of the original continuity. Universe had decent to good anime, but it's obvious they were working with a smaller budget due to being a 26 episode TV series. The film is something you should watch only after seeing Universe first (the same applies to Forever too) as it takes place after the TV series. The movie is one for the fans, and is all about the subtle character moments and them playing off of each other. That said, you get cute and heartwarming moments from seeing Tenchi's parents interact with each other when they were teenagers. My only problem with the film is that Ryoko and Ayeka's (the Betty and Veronica of all the continuities) bickering can be tiring around this point. The gag wears thin, and only got worst in OVA 3 and Tenchi in Tokyo; which are different alternate stories altogether. Thankfully, it does not drag on that much with even Tenchi telling them to put a lid on it. Then again, his existence is in jeopardy and he's right to be angry. Also, it feels less like a film, and more like an 1 and 20 minute episode. Good overall; a solid B.

    Tenchi Forvever takes place after the first movie and TV series, and is the final end of the Universe timeline. Tenchi gets captured by a mysterious spirit named Haruna that lives in a tree. She lured/hypnotized him after Tenchi ran away from Ryoko and Ayeka, once again, fighting over him. Only this time it's put better use in story and character. Forever actually has the best character development for these three: Ryoko, Ayeka, and Tenchi. Especially the first two on the list. The ladies actually have to work together, and are actually nice to each other when Tenchi is in danger. It's nice seeing character development actually stick. Given it's the final Tenchi product in the Universe timeline, it makes sense. The film also gets a different art style that is serious and slightly more realistic. Some people hate it, but it's not too different that it goes in to unwatchable or uncanny valley. My only main beef is with the villain, Haruna.

    She is supposed to be seen as sympathetic, but it's hard to sympathize with woman who's already willing to make a booty call/rape her former lover's teenage grandson. For the record, she raped him twice, and none of the characters acknowledge this (because they weren't there to witness it, and film chooses to ignore it). I hate double standard rape in stories.

    Otherwise, I do like the film and has a sense of finality. Tenchi does not choose a final girl, and both Ryoko and Ayeka realize to let him do what he wants and what makes him happy without having to force or pressure him. Tenchi loves drawing so they let him be. We need to see more in the zombie genre that is harem. When the protagoinst ain't a total pushover and women all have personality instead of character stereotypes like: tsundere/major bitch, shy girl, weird girl, etc. Despite my major problem in the spoiler, it is the best of all three Tenchi films. I give it an A.

  • Lots of stuff is on hiatus of course, but there's a new episode of Twilight Wings!
    Youtube Video

  • Watched the first episode of Great Pretender. Really like the vibes here. The art is colorful and distinct and the music is really solid (especially the opening theme). So far my main worry is that it will become overly convoluted, but I think I'm going to stick with this one

  • Watching Bubblegum Crisis with my kids. Fuck I miss 80s & 90s Anime. AD Police up next.

  • Monkey Dust