Anime! Who's watching what?

  • Watched the first episode of Haikyuu and all I could think of was how much it owes Slam Dunk

  • @naltmank I once looked at a property who's major selling point was that it's across from the HS featured in Slam Dunk. People would line up and take photos at the intersection where the train station is. lol

    alt text

  • @tokyoslim I, uh, know several people who have done this very thing lol. People in Japan legit tour around trying to hit up all the major spots that were featured in Slam Dunk, and I may or may not have had some on my list of things to do when I was there this past year (pre-COVID hitting). It's touristy, but it feels less touristy than going to like, the Godzilla statue since pretty much only people in Japan care about it.

  • @naltmank Apparently, a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese people love Slam Dunk. The person I was talking to about the property said that most of the people who "visit" the neighborhood are from those countries. Kind of like I suspect the demographic of people wandering around the back streets of Sangenjaya looking for the P5 bath house and laundry/batting cages/Leblanc are Westerners. Weird how that kind of thing shakes out.

    Anyhow, Kamakura Kokomae is a scenic station (it's not "nice" as in new, but the veiw is unbeatable). Enoshima is closeby and definitely worth a stop, and the Enoden is a great line to just ride on if you like that kind of thing. Goes down the coast, cuts through some shopping streets, got a few nice tunnels. Etc.

    I'll let you know if I ever buy an Air BnB near there. lol

  • @tokyoslim said in Anime! Who's watching what?:

    (it's not "nice" as in new, but the veiw is unbeatable

    Old stations (out of central Tokyo) have an unbeatable vibe, and being near the sea is an extra nice touch. I've actually walked passed that particular station a couple of times (and along a solid chunk of that part of the coast), but it's been years. Fun fact: Enoshima aquarium (a short walk away) is where I impulsively decided my career path. 9 years later and no regrets.

    Also not even joking - hmu if you buy a BnB there lol.

  • Watched a few more episodes. It's literally just a softer Slam Dunk.

  • I started watching it too.

  • Haven't watched anime regularly since Gintama and the end of DBS but I finally started the new Digimon Adventure series. Its so hype.

  • 30 episodes in on Hunter X Hunter, and I'm absolutely digging it.

  • Boy Haikyuu really drops off in season 4, eh? Not fully caught up yet but the drop in animation and storytelling quality is jarring - comparable to the dip in One Punch Man from S1 to S2, imo. I kind of wish I'd stuck to my instincts and stopped after the finale of S3 (which I think would work a series finale), but I'm still too addicted. Will probably drop after this season wraps up if things don't turn around soon.

  • I saw all of the Dangaropa animes. The first is good and has a hilarious dubbing that works. Danganropa 3: Despair Side (Prequel to the entire series) is excellent, while 3 Future/Hope starts of good enough, but falters around the end and gets convoluted. Like almost more convoluted than the MGS series. The ending felt tacked on and kinda rushed with final "villain" that makes no sense. I was still entertained, but I understand where fans were coming from. Also, there are just some characters that did not die sooner and waste of my time. The bitch that makes the sweets. Out of all the characters to bring back, why the bitch and her boy toy guard dog. They're assholes with next to depth and a tracked "tragic/sad" backstory. I felt nothing for either one.

  • @brawlman have you played the games at all? I played the first and part of the second and thought about starting up the anime, but everytime I start, the first episode feels like a rushed and watered down version of the game from what I remember and I have a hard time getting into it. I do love the art and seeing things in motion, but was just curious if it gets better from the standpoint of a veteran, or if the anime is better having not played the games and being able to go in blind.

  • @happygaming No. I watched a let's play of the first game with all of the free time interactibles and individual character moments. The 2nd game I did not watch a let's play of. I did see Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls from the same let's player.

    I can give a medium reccomendation, fot the voice acting alone. While rushed in some areas there are still subtle character moments and clues given out not to make things to obvious. So even if you had not played the games you might be able to enjoy the first anime. Danganropa 3 on the other hand, you have to have played or watched, D1 D2, Another Episode, D0 (a Japan only novel) to understand everything. I never read D0, so I was able to watch D3 fine without missing much.

  • Special Bonus Episode of Twilight Wings:
    Youtube Video

  • Quick question: I'm a stickler for waiting to watch shows until they're fully released, but I'm very tempted to start watching Attack on Titan, especially because I've dodged all the spoilers and plot discussions.

    Should I start it and get caught up, or should I wait the indefinite amount of time for the show to conclude before watching?

  • @happygaming By the time you even catch up it'll probably be over. Final Season isn't that far out.

  • @mbun it's wild how good this little web series is

  • Started watching Kengan Ashura tonight and am about 4 episodes in right now. People I've encountered gave me recommendations to check this anime out and I'm starting to see why. It's pretty cool, perhaps might even be my kind of anime, to be optimistic.

  • Updated the Bonus Twilight Wings episode to the English version now that it is finally out.