Anime! Who's watching what?

  • Updated the Bonus Twilight Wings episode to the English version now that it is finally out.

  • Haven't watched any anime in what feels like ages, so I jumped on Horimiya, which caught my eye. Watched the first few episodes and it's really good so far. The writing and VO feels so natural, and it doesn't feel like it's trying too hard when it comes to the comedic parts, which is a problem I encounter every now and then with animes in general. Also, many of the scenes have layers of relatable details. It doesn't have the most original premise, but I'm just enjoying it so much rn, so I don't really care about that.

  • Gunsmith Cats (OVA) - Decided to re-watch again after not seeing it a while. Awesome ova, and one of ADV's better dubs. I find this adaption better than the manga. More so the sequel to the manga called GC: Burst. A lot of fans hate that one and like to pretend it does not exist. I cannot blame them. The 3 episode ova is about two bounty hunters in 1996 Chicago: Rally Vincent and "Minnie" May Hopkins. They are to gals that run a gun shop when not on the job. They get forced in to stopping a gun running operation, because an ATF agent got dirt on them for not having proper licenses for owning guns and explosives. They get involved, and shit unravels in to a bigger conspiracy. I won't spoil more than that. GC is one of the good action/comedy anime that made it Westward thankfully. I did not see it until online barely in college. I bought a copy of the DVD used on Amazon in mint condition in 2014. I just love the attention to detail in the environments and how the characters interact with them. The weapons especially get all the heavy details and accuracy. Konichi Sonada loves drawing guns just as much as he loves drawing women. It's good to have two bad ass babes be leads in anime; especially when done right. There is some minor fan service, but it is nowhere near as abrasive as it was in the original manga, thankfully. I am glad they heavily toned it down. The OVA's got an killer soundtrack from Peter Erskin (the guy who did jazz music for the weather channel). One of my favorite intros. Please watch this if you have not already.

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  • @brawlman Loved those back in the day and rewatched them last year, still as good as ever, wish there was more!

  • New Cutey Honey (1996 OVA) - It's Sailor Moon before Sailor Moon ever existed. The franchise has been around since the early 70s. It's just a fun, entertaining, magical girl show with plenty of action and lots of nudity. I bought the Blu-ray box set on sale for $18.00 on Amazon. This version of the show was supposed to have 12 episodes, but was cut short and production stopped at 8. You can tell there were budget cuts, because the animation and line works looks rough in some areas for the final episode. Episode 9 is an audio drama that comes as a bonus on the blu-ray The English dub is amazing and still holds up as one of best dubs from ADV. May they rest in peace. So much, that they brought back all of the voice cast to do Cutey Honey Universe.

    This is a show with fan-service, but it's fan-service done right. Fan-service can only work when done in small doses or the person with those tits, have a personality. And that personality better not be set to bitch, asshole, or the c-word. This means you Asuka Langley or Naru Sarugawa! Honey is the complete opposite of them. Kind, compassionate, protective, and considerate. Don't let that fool you, she can clever, crafty, quick on her feet, and has all of those detailed transformation sequences. For those interested in some fun 90s anime with awesome animation, I highly recommended this version of Cutey Honey.

    Saw Castle in the Sky. I forgot how awesome this movie is. I liked the movie back when I saw it in middle school, but love it even more now! It's similar to an Indiana Jones adventure film, or serial shows. Yet with its own flair, and unique style. The animation, background art, and character design have a all aged like fine wine. The usual of a Miyazaki film. Looks even more beautiful on Blu Ray on the big screen. The score (2003 version) is amazing. From what I heard, even the original composer for the movie hates his own score from the 1986 version. I'll take his word for it. I have to say, Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke are my top favorites of Miyazaki films. Y'all have to see this if you have not yet. I don't care how you see it. Use Disney+ if you have to.

    A quick ramble. Castle in the Sky feels like a proto-Uncharted in some ways. The male protagonist, Pazu, has some serious parkour he demonstrates through out the film. Especially when he is climbing. The lost civilization that destroyed itself, and the evil military that wants something from the ancient society. Then again, similar to Indiana Jones in some ways, so the influence always spreads around.

    Though the Laputa civilization decided to abandon their civilization instead of growing proud and killing each other.

  • I finished the Dirty Pair OVA last night. That was fun, and man did I miss out these gals. I knew about them, but never really saw anything outside of official artwork. This is just a fun episodic series, with the right amount of action, comedy, and heart. Despite the fan-service, these lovely ladies are still characters. Kei and Yuri are the reason characters like Panty and Stocking exist. Exactly like how there would be no Sailor Moon without Cutey Honey. My favorite episodes are (I can't remember the titles right now) the one with the mafia wedding that Yuri goes undercover, the one with little girl cryogenically frozen for 20 years, the one with the elite soldiers, and the final episode with the space truckers. What I like about these episodes it shows the ladies more vulnerable and kind hearted moments. This series has humanity to it. It's that simple. They definitely don't make them like they used too. I'd say Kei is my favorite part of the dynamic duo, but Yuri is awesome as well.

    I saw both movies too: Project Eden and Flight 005 Conspiracy. Eden is basically an awesome animated anime 80s music video. The animation is even better (had a theatrical release in wide-screen), and the action is at its best. The plot is an evil scientist is making aliens from some ancient space rocks and Kei, Yuri, and Carson B. Carson (A thief there for ulterior reasons) are trying to stop them. The last 30 minutes of the film turns in to Contra. Watch it. It also makes a good James Bond anime; especially with the intro, ending, and songs placed throughout the film.

    Conspiracy is the last piece of Dirty Pair anime of the OVA and original continuity. Released in 1990, this film is darker and somber compared to most of the other works. It's about flight of space passengers that have died/missing in an "accident". 300 of them. The duo is sent to investigate. On the way as they get deeper in to the case, attacks and murder attempts try to prevent to investigate further. I don't wanna spoil the twist, as I think you should all see for yourselves. I noticed in this film, the animation got another bump, and the coloring has darker tones, as this was the beginning of 90s anime, and a trend that would sound follow for that decade. Which explains the darker tone >! Spoiler as the film ends on a downer-bittersweet ending. The gore is even anted up more. The series would get even darker and edgier with the in-name only reboot, Flash. They take out a lot of the comedy in that one. For those asking, no, I will not be watching Flash. Sad, as that was the last piece of Dirty Pair media ever animated or put on cells.

    I watched the films with the ADV dubs, but the DVDs I have, contain the Streamline dubs too. Does anyone know how good the Streamline dubs are? I heard they good or decent, and Wendee Lee voices Yuri. The ADV dub is good, and the performance is even better in the films than the OVAs. Streamline did not dub the OVAs though; only the three films.

  • Caught up on Horimiya, the first season just ended a few days ago. I absolutely loved it, it's the kind of anime that I needed right now. It's just so wholesome, heartwarming and jolly. It's really cool to see the anime expand its focus as it goes, from the intimacy between Hori and Miyamura, to the wonderful interactions with the group of friends that Miyamura encounters. It's great to see how his life progressed throughout, it's a fun take on dealing with loneliness and misunderstandings. I also like how respectful this anime feels, it never feels like it was being too hands-on with what it is trying to convey. I was a bit worried during the episodes in the middle, where the pace and structure felt messy, and there's a few tropes that I didn't really care for, but those things turned out to sort themselves out later on. Excellent stuff. (9/10)

  • I was so excited when I heard "Way of the Househusband" was getting an anime. Watched all 5 episodes and love the humor and some Judgment/Yakuza nod but man is the animation just horrible. the graphics themselves aren't bad but a lot is not animated at all most of the time and half of those are just moving a camera around a frame. Like I wasn't expecting something Nichijou level of animation but at least have things animated and not be like a frame jumps to another and missing all the frames in-between. [5/10] animation is straight -4

  • Watched Mashiro no Oto/Those Snow White Notes, which is only 3 episodes in so far. It's pretty good. The first episode did a great job of presenting a prologue story, which then deviates to more traditional territory. The shamisen performances are well presented and is also given a lot of reverence, but not overshadowing the performances itself. I also like that the visuals that accompanies the performances, sometimes it shows some impactful story flashbacks and it's pretty cool. Excited to see where this goes, it's probably nothing mindblowing but I'm sure it'll end up being a very solid show.

  • 5 episodes in on Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!. I feel like this is a fun concept that is kinda ruined by an absolutely annoying main character (and also many of the supporting cast), weirdly slow pacing, and aimless story. The vibe of the show just feels a bit too negative, even though there are comedic things happening. I can't help but keep watching it though. It's a fun trainwreck to watch, I guess.