Anime! Who's watching what?

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    @Lexad Well yeah. I don't think they wanted to tread water and cover the same stuff people had already seen.
    I'm still of the opinion that they should be treated as seperate entities. Even Hiromu Arikawa thinks they should be treated seperately, and appreciates the work they did in the original FMA.

    That was my point, is that there is so little actually in common, that Brotherhood breezes past it and gets back to the original story.

  • @Sazime I didn't mention that I also read the One Punch Man manga before the anime came out and am still keeping up with it. Can't say enough good things about that manga and Yusuke Murata's art. That led me to reading Mob Psycho 100 too after craving more ONE. Now I have found JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (anime) and finally started reading Berserk. :D

  • I'm watchin' that spaghetti fixin' show

  • @michemagius Finished the first episode myself. Made me really nostalgic about my time in Japan. Bentos are an amazing thing. The parts about the granny and the end made me tear up a bit. And now a Food Wars gif with no context because it really doesn't need it.

  • So, I'm getting back into Anime after years of being out of the picture. I, like many I am sure, got my first taste through Akira in the 80's (still probably the best manga of all time as well).

    After recently going through the Berserk Golden Age Arc films, I decided to check out CrunchyRoll and see how it goes. Started with JoJo on a recommendation, and I've caught the first 5 episodes of Attack on Titan now too.

    Good to be back in it, but anime is a lot like Twitch. Tons of crap, and mining for diamonds is tough.

  • @Mechanoid Food Wars Gifs are best without context.

  • I'm watching way too much One Piece. The manga is probably my favorite thing ever, but after the 4kids dub I chose to not watch the anime, but I finally took the plunge and now I'm 400 episodes in. I tried to watch an arc and then take a break and watch other stuff then watch another arc, but recently I just keep watching more and more One Piece. It's a problem I'm comfortable with.

  • @kariwgoebel Berserk also just started its new TV anime season (after the movies) on July 1st and its also on Crunchyroll. They are skipping a few arcs of the manga tho so that is against it as well as the CG imo

  • So I binged ReLife yday as Crunchyroll adopted the Netflix model for this show and made all 13 episodes available. Its a slice of life high school show with the premise that a NEET (not in education, employment or training) main character is given a chance at fixing his life by taking part in the ReLife experiment - taking a wonder drug that will make take him from 27 to 17 again and going to high-school for a year.

    Wasn't expecting to like it but yeah, its a fun show with comedic and melodramatic moments. The character designs aren't stellar (but supposedly true to the webcomic so...) but as the MC , Kaizaki gets into the swing of things its an entertaining show. Season 2 is prolly as far out tho as Attack on Titan has been :(

  • @Sieghardt I find the end of the second season to be very cool, makes you rethink the entire show :)

  • Finally caught up on Digimon Tri......the payoff on finally seeing Gomamon and Palmon go mega was totally worth the wait!

  • Watching My hero academia really recently and it seems quite cool and want to make a start on Terraformars and Bezerk.

    Im caught up on Dragonball Super atm after finaly getting up to speed with all of Z, I'm kind of interested in the original episodes of dragonball too but there is so much of it. Is it worth the time since so much of it is retconned now, the part I'm really interested in is the king piccolo stuff so maybe I'll just watch that. Thoughts?

  • Easy Ally

    JoJo No Kimyou Na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders

  • Watching Elfen Lied right now for the first time. Having difficulties with the animation style though.

  • @Ruaidhri18 Is that all you're having difficulties with?

    alt text

  • I was sick yesterday and binge watched all of food wars.

  • I started watching Jojo on Crunchyroll, and although I know that as a series Jojo is much older, the style of it sort of reminds me of Cromartie High School.

  • @Minamik I really dig it because as time goes on, it changes up its style. I still can't believe what a kick I get out of the series.

  • I caught up on Jojo Diamond is Unbreakable, and realized I'd started with the newest

    So now I'm watching it from the proper beginning, and aside from the obvious fact that Dio makes my blood boil...I was NOT expecting that end theme

  • I'm currently watching season 2 of Mushishi.