Anime! Who's watching what?

  • @happygaming No. I watched a let's play of the first game with all of the free time interactibles and individual character moments. The 2nd game I did not watch a let's play of. I did see Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls from the same let's player.

    I can give a medium reccomendation, fot the voice acting alone. While rushed in some areas there are still subtle character moments and clues given out not to make things to obvious. So even if you had not played the games you might be able to enjoy the first anime. Danganropa 3 on the other hand, you have to have played or watched, D1 D2, Another Episode, D0 (a Japan only novel) to understand everything. I never read D0, so I was able to watch D3 fine without missing much.

  • Special Bonus Episode of Twilight Wings:
    Youtube Video

  • Quick question: I'm a stickler for waiting to watch shows until they're fully released, but I'm very tempted to start watching Attack on Titan, especially because I've dodged all the spoilers and plot discussions.

    Should I start it and get caught up, or should I wait the indefinite amount of time for the show to conclude before watching?

  • @happygaming By the time you even catch up it'll probably be over. Final Season isn't that far out.

  • @mbun it's wild how good this little web series is

  • Started watching Kengan Ashura tonight and am about 4 episodes in right now. People I've encountered gave me recommendations to check this anime out and I'm starting to see why. It's pretty cool, perhaps might even be my kind of anime, to be optimistic.

  • Updated the Bonus Twilight Wings episode to the English version now that it is finally out.