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  • And just like that the Thriller Bark arc of One Piece is over, and in only 18 days, a far cry from how long it took me to finish Enies Lobby. It was fun! Not the best One Piece has ever been, but it's still a solid arc. For most of it I would have put it in a solid B-tier as far as arcs go, but the ending is so phenomenal that it elevates it up to A-tier easily. Like, the last 7 or so episodes of this 45 episode arc bring so much intensity and emotion that they completely make up for how little there was up until this point. Here are some spoiler-filled thoughts:

    I think Moria is a fun villain. There's something sinister to him that was missing from Lucci. That's not to imply that I think he's a better villain than Lucci, because I think he does have some weaknesses that hold him back a bit. For one, though this was the whole point of him, the fact that he let everybody else do all of the work for him made the final fight (with Oars) a little anti-climactic. Aside from the brief instance in which Moria was all shadowed up, the final fight was basically with a goofy henchman. A strong goofy henchman, but a goofy henchman nonetheless, and I think it lacked the climactic feel of other final fights because of this. I will say though that the moment when Oars was defeated, with all of the Straw Hats working together to make it happen, was really cool. I think Moria ultimately suffers when Kuma is introduced as well, because Kuma is so rad and so much of a better villain that his presence just serves to make Moria look bad. And again I know that's kind of the point, but when a 45 episode arc is about stopping this dude, I need just a little bit more from him. He was fun, he served his purpose, but he's not the best villain One Piece has had.

    I also think the structure of the arc was a little weird. It kind of felt like it was at a climactic pace for most of it, with major villains getting beat before the arc was halfway through. It's just hard to keep this momentum going for so long, and while Enies Lobby was able to do so seamlessly, Thriller Bark felt a little tired by the time it ended.

    Those last episodes though, my god they were excellent. From the defeat of Oars onward the arc was a solid 10. The defeat of Moria felt satisfying, and the fight (?) with Kuma was incredible. Such a great way to set up a villain for later. Zoro also has his best moment so far with him "taking Luffy's pain." It's not only a cool moment for him, but it also gets to the heart of his relationship with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats. It's an oddly heartwarming moment, and so suspenseful that had I not known he lived I may have feared for him. Just an excellent moment, one of those ones you don't forget. Then we get the full story of Brooks and Laboon, which is so heartbreaking it brought me to tears. I thought Robin's backstory was sad, but the last song of the Rumbar Pirates rocked me nearly as bad as the death of the Merry did. It's remarkable to me how much heart and soul this show has.

    Well another arc down and a billion to go. Can't wait to see where the show goes next!

  • @capnbobamous I legitimately cannot listen to Binks' Sake without choking up.
    Congrats on finishing Thriller Bark! What are your thoughts on Brook so far?

    I cannot wait for your write-up when you conclude the next arc :)

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    What are your thoughts on Brook so far?

    I love him! One Piece does such a great job of endearing you to new crew-mates before they actually become crew-mates. I feel like I know him so well and he's already interacted with the Straw Hats so much that now he feels like a natural inclusion. He's funny and has a lot of heart (except he doesn't have a heart), but there's also a quiet sadness to him. I can't wait to see the perspective he brings. Seems perhaps a bit odd to have another swordsman, but we've already seen he's not as strong as Zoro and he has the added ability to use his light body to his advantage, so I'm sure his style is gonna feel a lot different.

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    Seems perhaps a bit odd to have another swordsman

    I guess his technical role is the "musician" of the crew lol

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