Game recommendations for long road trip

  • So it is finally summer and that means time for holidays.I very much look forward to my vacation, however long travel whether it is by car, plane or train can easily get boring. Now my question to you is if you have any recommendations on what I should play to kill the time. As a true gaming addict I have access to most of the mobile platforms (3ds, vita, iOS, android). Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

  • Persona 4 Golden on the vita would be a fantastic choice. Some PS1/PSP classics could also be good. I'd recommend Suikoden 1, Chrono Cross or Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

  • Fire Emblem Awakening or Conquest/Birthright, great for long periods of time with easy points to take breaks since you can simply take one after you finish one of their lengthy and fantastic battles

  • Pokemon never gets old.

  • Pokemon is a no brainer but I will suppose you already played it, so I will recommend something else.
    One of my all time favorite games is Terraria, I play it in my pc but recently it got released for 3DS, to tell you the truth I would recommend it for pc, specially now the steam summer sale is so close and maybe the 3DS edition doesn't keeps up with the original, but here is why I will recommend it.
    If you take a simple game like Tetris unless you are a Kyle Bosman it can quickly get boring after a short time, If you take a RPG it demands lots of time and if you are playing in short periods you could lose the pacing of the game. In Terraria you can get the best of both worlds, you can play for hours building,exploring and crafting for your main profile, or you can fool around with a new save regarding how much time you can put, in the game can easily entertain you.

  • Highly recommend the new Fire Emblem Conquest/Birthright along with a Pokemon of your choosing.

    Highest difficulty on Fire Emblem, hours and hours of fun.

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    FFX/X-2 on Vita is pretty solid. Spelunky on Vita is also really good.

  • Persona 4 Golden comes to mind, but Persona 3 Portable as well. Me and My Katamari is another good time suck for Vita.
    For 3Ds, Fire Emblem is always good, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon too.

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    If that 3DS of yours is of the New variety, Xenoblade is always a good time. Bravely games are also great. Monster Hunter is swell as well.
    For Vita, Digimon Story Cybersleuth is pretty great. Also, Gravity Rush, Dragons Crown, Persona 4 Golden, Toukiden Kiwami, Soul Sacrifice Delta, and a bunch others I'm probably forgetting. Also don't forget to check out classics like FF1-10, Breath of Fire 3-4, Suikoden 1-2, etc.

  • Radiant Historia for the DS is criminally underrated. If the Final Fantasy series decided to keep evolving down an RPG path instead of an action game path, it would probably be something close to Radiant Historia. It's an incredibly well thought-out game, and avoids all the anime tropes that pervade the genre.

  • Any portable JRPG, really. Persona, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, etc etc.

  • I'm playing Chinatown wars on my phone right now, actually very playable if you have a large enough screen and the game itself is fantastic. Old school gta vibes and super addictive drug dealing. Terrible verticality though

  • @Stormcrownn Hours and hours of playing the same chapter again and again because your squishy mage, Azura, Niles sucks at dodging that one physical hit that shouldn't have hit them.

  • I like to bring a variety of games for travel. I had to make this decision recently. I forced myself to bring one console only as space and time are limited. My recs are based on my 3DS.

    Puzzle games are great for drop in/drop out play during short waiting periods. Any Professor Layton game. Picross or Picross 3D.

    Games with stages are great for quick plays as well: new super Mario bros, super Mario 3D land, Kirby. Trauma Center is pretty good.

    Longer games for the long hauls: I'm playing Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D for the first time. I hope to finish it before I get home or else it may get shelved and never finished. I'm sure you have plenty of options for long games like other people stated. Pokemon, Monster Hunter, etc.

  • FTL on iOS.

  • I've got Baldur's Gate 2 on my iPad, it's absolutely amazing to play for long stretches of time. The other Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale 1 are available for iOS as well.

    It's gotta be on iPad, though. The games are completely unplayable on iPhone.

  • Thanks for all the great suggestions. I already own pokemon and persona so it might be nice to continue those. I've never played a fire emblem game so I will definitely see what that's about. I've also been thinking about Shovel Knight since it got so much good press but I'm not sure if it is better on 3ds or vita.

  • Chrono Trigger on DS. One of the Best RPG's, some might even argue that it's one of the best games ever, and DS port of that is amazing.

  • @jipostus I would love to own that game but it is really hard to find a copy and the ones that are available are super expensive.

  • @Solofme Vita has cross buy and cross saves so you can play on Vita, ps3 and ps4 with one purchase. A better value IMHO.

    and a great game by the way.