Kill Your Babies!: Finish Off Final Fantasy!

  • @Brannox Oh yeah I'm not knocking you at all for hosting them or for the way people play them. It happens. I poorly chose my words in my previous post. It was ridiculous watching the PS4 one unfold. Even the initial list was a mess. I personally would like to play this game with friends in person but its hard online when some games are killed and you don't get much of an explanation. I would be more into it if it was more of an actual discussion about why games should be removed with the occasional funny revenge kill with a witty reason for it to be killed. I will continue to watch from the sidelines until I can contribute more. Most of the time my kills would be "Apparently wasn't good enough for me to even play it".

  • @Tragosaurus I totally understand. And I agree - I was looking forward to dropping the PS4 and watching it grow, because I feel it is the most relevant console within the community, but that Selective Creation was... interesting... to say the least.

    I know! Having a very thoughtful discussion about games in general, regardless of context is very nice, and yes, that was the initial intention for me continuing these threads. Which is why you see in the rules I wanted people to give a reason. I didn't want to handcuff anyone to the point where they would be feeling forced to post something they weren't honest about, but I really wanted at least SOME idea as to why an entry would be no longer in the running.

    You should've been here during the Game Informer 200 thread when Bioshock got taken out. I'm STILL thinking about that one from time to time.

    And you would be surprised as to how often your reason is actually present. I dare say its the most common validation behind trolling.

  • I bought my 1st PS4 to play Type 0, which I thought was great, CC is pretty bleh though.
    I also didn't troll on the PS4 selection really, all games I added I do own and I do like (especially over the boring western crap like Uncharted 4), I also own and like DoAX3, while I'd rather had seen Senran Kagura or Gal*Gun it its place it was still delightful to see it win.

  • I actually very rarely revenge kill anything.

  • @ACardAttack As I pointed out in one of the other threads, KYB isn't a popularity contest where we collectively decide what the best game is. This is a survival contest. It's always going to happen that the most popular and least popular entries are the main targets because tall nails get the hammer, and bent ones get pulled out. There's a psychological element of gamesmanship from the community thrown in which I also really enjoy. The games that can fly under the radar the longest, are maybe are generally liked, but not lauded enough for a backlash have the best chance of winning. I've learned more about the individual tastes and personalities of the EZA community members through KYB than I probably would have from reading all their other posts combined.

  • @TokyoSlim said in Kill Your Babies!: Finish Off Final Fantasy!:

    The games that can fly under the radar the longest, are maybe are generally liked, but not lauded enough for a backlash have the best chance of winning.

    That is an interesting perspective of KYB that I didn't even consider. I don't doubt that a lot of the selection games were genuine by some people, I just had never even heard of most of them (not saying that that makes it a bad game). It was just interesting not even seen games like Bloodborne on the list. If I post something to make a kill I personally want to have actually played the game and have a reason to, which most the time I don't. I will however vote for Type 0 because that was a genuinely fun game that I actually have played over the other.

  • @Brannox Could you make some adjustments for the next Selective Creation and KYB threads? There seems to be more people in these threads these days, so it would make sense that one could add a new game to the list after FOUR or even FIVE other people have added something, and not like now after only THREE. Same thing with the killings then.

  • @Musou-Tensei I would like to respectfully disagree about Uncharted 4 as it is an investing narrative on beloved characters, regardless of its region of origin.

    @TokyoSlim Excellent observation. To further expound upon it: Its like the 9's and 10's, and 5's and 6's are going to be cut BECAUSE they are those things. That and the entries that are not well known are also targets simply because not having that awareness around them. This environment is where the 7's are a-swimming and surviving

    @Sentinel-Beach Sure thing! I'll try it out the next full round and see how it goes. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • @Brannox @Sentinel-Beach That is a great suggestion! Or even have a rule where a member can only add to selective creation two or three times. That should limit the trolling in those threads, at the very least. Maybe.

  • @parasitepaladin The thought had crossed my mind limiting the number of adds/kills in terms of overall number, but I didn't want to overestimate the amount of players. While nice in theory, the lists would more than likely come to an almost standstill. And no matter what, trolling will always find a way. But thanks for the suggestion! I'm always trying to find different ways to improve the experience, so I appreciate every piece of feedback, opinion, and suggestion!

  • @Brannox

    What about doing playoffs? Pairing up a bunch of games and having people decide between those two? Though it would probably be a pain to keep track of if you want to have multiple people vote on something, but perhaps this idea could be turned into something that would be more manageable

    Oh, I have an idea as I about to hit submit, perhaps each pair gets up to 7 votes/cuts and which ever is cut the least moves on, though that would require you to come back and post the next pair...maybe not pairs, but could do it in small groups, a pod type system

  • @ACardAttack Trust me when I say, I have plans, worry not. I have some list ideas I'm curious to see how everyone will take to, but they're a little ways out. Also, to your first idea, I have something in the works, but not quite your format.

    But I love where your head is at! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • By a score of 7-1, the Final Fantasy above them all is...

    Final Fantasy Type-0!

    Thanks to all of those who have posted, killed, and voted. Special shoutout to all of you who gave critiques and feedback!

  • My suggestion (yeah, I'm late to the party) would be to maybe slow down the amount of death threads. One a week could allow people more time to be thoughtful with their choices and at least give time for people to shower off the remaining blood of their victims. I feel like there's anywhere from 2 to 3 a week which can cause fatigue - you don't want these things to become the Assassin's Creed of the forums. Plus, less work for you... every one is a winner!

  • @SabotageTheTruth For the work, I don't mind. As for frequency, its all on the players: Often posts, more threads. Slower posts, less often threads. Plus, if people are fatigued, nothing is forcing them to play. But I get your point.