Bosman v The World: Post Your Tetris Scores!

  • Forced to emulate but played along tonight. Best I could muster was 129490.

  • What's the ruling on Tetris DX for GBC? It has the wall-climb glitch but I swear on Scout's Honor that I won't use it. :blowfish:

  • @Dirokia I think it's only fair to Kyle, that we play the same version.

  • Bummer, guess I'll track down a GB copy then.

  • @Dirokia Well, you can message Kyle and see if he's cool with it. I think he'd probably be fine as long as you can't do holds.

  • I asked and have been researching differences, but I'm not coming up with much. I'm getting the feeling that this game might be easier in some way though, either more generous scoring or easier controls. Been getting some reps in, mostly during long car rides, and got a high of 347065 pretty comfortably with 206 lines.

  • If you don't have the original copy, just emulate like Kyle does.

  • Best so far... I gotta say, I'm really appreciating how good Kyle actually is because GB tetris is really hard. Level 18, 187(?) lines.


    As a tip, NEVER think "I'm having a good run here" because I swear, this game knows it and starts throwing the pieces you don't want!

  • @Mechanoid Remember, we welcome jinxes!

  • @Minamik You are correct! :v:

  • A little Tet before the commute home


    Level 14, 141 lines. I can get to almost 100,000 by 50 lines, then the nerves start to kick in. =P

  • Been officially shot down on TetrisDX. Apparently I've been playing with babby RNG. Hopefully I'm not in for too big a shock when I get my hands on a GB cart.

  • @Dirokia GB Tet is just mean... and I love it. It's uncovering a side of me I wasn't prepared for...

  • What platforms is the version of Tetris Bosman is playing on? 3DS Virtual Console?

  • @trugs26 He's emulating it on PC I believe

  • @Mechanoid Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I'm wondering where else can I get the same version of the game? I would also like to play it, but not sure what my options are. For example, this seems like the same version?
    Youtube Video

    But it appears not to be on the eShop anymore for PAL regions.

  • @trugs26 Gotcha. Unfortunately it looks like the GB version of Tetris is no longer available anywhere on any platform since Ubisoft (I think) now holds the license. I could be wrong though, someone with more info about this please chime in.

    Also, from a little research, it looks like there were two versions of GB Tetris that came out, 1.0 and 1.1. Not sure of the difference but apparently the 1.0 version has different music

    Youtube Video

    Just sounds wrong huh?

    The only options I think now would be either emulation or going hardcore and get the actual cartridge and a gameboy variant that can play original gameboy games (GBA should work). Hope this helps.

  • @Mechanoid Might have to go track down my GBA SP then. Cheers.

  • Yup, any system up til the GBA-SP can run the old GB/GBC carts. You could also use a Super Game Boy for SNES or Game Boy Player for GameCube to TET on the big screen. This is my current setup
    alt text

  • So after a little more research and comparing my gameplay to the latest BvW, here are the major differences I've found that comprise to make TetrisDX easier.

    • Lock-delay - DX has a wait time after a piece touches ground before it will fully lock in place allowing for the piece to be slid a pretty far distance

    • Auto-scrolling - DX players can just hold left or right on the D-pad and pieces will zip in that direction, no mashing required.

    • Softer RNG - this was Kyle's main stipulation when I asked and I'll take his word on this.

    • EDIT: Points for dropping pieces faster. Almost forgot this little beauty, DX grants essentially free points just for holding down on the D-pad to drop tetrominoes faster. It's not much per piece, about 20 for a full drop, but it adds up.

    All this said, I'm still pretty proud of this score.
    alt text