What is the best game you've never played?

  • Came to say Chrono Trigger, but looks like I'm not alone.

  • @Oscillator I've only played Ground Zeroes. It's a series I am afraid is too complicated to jump in this late.

  • @Dirokia I've never played FFVII. I am super stoked to play the remake. It allows me to play a supposedly amazing game and not be forced to retread old clunky gameplay.

  • @Ringedwithtile Damn. Good luck to you man!

  • For anyone who's saying Ocarina of Time, if you've played LttP, you've at least half played Ocarina. =P

    Metal Gear Solid. =\ Also Birth By Sleep, and pretty much any KH that came out after that. And Bloodborne.

  • Any legend of zelda game.

    Was always a PlayStation guy, never owned a Nintendo apart from the wii. Only game I've got in the zelda franchise is twilight Princess? One with the shadow Wolf thing and couldn't get into it. Seemed really outdated even though it was new out.
    Respect to the franchise, I am not one to criticise something just because I struggle with it and to be honest. The one they showed at e3 looks good!

  • Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasty X

  • That's easy: Bloodborne. But that's only because I don't have a PS4. Otherwise, it would have to be Mario Galaxy if going by metacritic scores lol.

  • @Oscillator said in What is the best game you've never played?:

    Metal Gear Solid. It looks fun, but I just can't get past the blocky PS1 textures. Might play the PC port someday...

    You might want to try the Gamecube version. The PS1 version is better IMO but if you can't get past the visual, it'll be better than waiting for a PC version :)

  • @Froztken said in What is the best game you've never played?:

    You might want to try the Gamecube version. The PS1 version is better IMO but if you can't get past the visual, it'll be better than waiting for a PC version :)

    There's already a PC version, and it's a more faithful port than the GC version, which remixes some stuff.

  • For those that haven't played Zelda, I would definitely recommend playing through A Link to the Past or Link's. You can play them on virtual console I believe. Those were the definitive games of the franchise for me. I'm currently playing through Ocarina of Time for 3ds. It's just ok for me. I prefer the Wind Waker and its art direction for 3D Zelda games.

    For me I haven't played any turn based RPG games including Final Fantasy and Person games. I make terrible decisions and cant wrap my head around the combat systems. I prefer action in general. Maybe someday I'll get sparked on them.

  • As someone who never owned any Nintendo after the NES, a ton of games. Chrono Trigger and FFVI are the two that immediately come to mind.

    Also any PC only games really like Half Life or Starcraft.

    I was a playstation girl but even then I did miss out on Metal Gear Solid.

  • All the GTA games that isn't IV. During its PS2 era, I was heavy into CS 1.6 and Brood War, so outside of watching my friends play it, I've yet to touch 3, San Andreas and Vice City.

  • I'm currently in the process of rectifying this. Beat LTTP the other week, On Super Metroid now and Chrono Trigger after.

    I can think of two games that I've missed. System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. Hopefully I'll get around to them some day.

  • For me it's between System Shock 2, Bioshock, or Chrono Trigger, couldn't just pick one of them.

  • Bloodborne and any Dark Souls game, even though I plan to at least play Bloodborne in the next couple months. Chrono Trigger is also a big one, I have played many of those SNES RPG's. There's probably too much that I haven't played, but the biggest one is Final Fantasy VII. I want to, but then I thought I should just wait for the remake, but now I'm thinking I should play the first one so I can be more educated as to what's new/different when the remake comes out.

  • Skyrim/Fallout series. I know they're great, but those games are wayyyyyyyy too big for me. Final Fantasy VII as well - started it like 5 separate times, made it to about the end of the first disc and never finished. I really have to do that sometime.

  • Probably almost every JRPG and the Half-Life series. Not a big fan of turn based games, although I loved Pokemon Red as a kid but I think that was because it was more cannon to the card game and show, so I doubt I'll really make it around to getting into a lot of them. I do plan on playing the Half-Life series soon but I feel like I can take my time on that if you know what I mean

  • I've never played a Final Fantasy game. I'm sure at least one of those is pretty good.

  • Planescape Torment. If it was on Steam I would buy it, I know it's on GOG but I want all my games in Steam. Petty reason to skip maybe the best RPG of all time. Also I don't know if these can be considered to be in the best games of all time, but I'd love to play Persona and Yakuza series.