What is the best game you've never played?

  • For me it's between System Shock 2, Bioshock, or Chrono Trigger, couldn't just pick one of them.

  • Bloodborne and any Dark Souls game, even though I plan to at least play Bloodborne in the next couple months. Chrono Trigger is also a big one, I have played many of those SNES RPG's. There's probably too much that I haven't played, but the biggest one is Final Fantasy VII. I want to, but then I thought I should just wait for the remake, but now I'm thinking I should play the first one so I can be more educated as to what's new/different when the remake comes out.

  • Skyrim/Fallout series. I know they're great, but those games are wayyyyyyyy too big for me. Final Fantasy VII as well - started it like 5 separate times, made it to about the end of the first disc and never finished. I really have to do that sometime.

  • Probably almost every JRPG and the Half-Life series. Not a big fan of turn based games, although I loved Pokemon Red as a kid but I think that was because it was more cannon to the card game and show, so I doubt I'll really make it around to getting into a lot of them. I do plan on playing the Half-Life series soon but I feel like I can take my time on that if you know what I mean

  • I've never played a Final Fantasy game. I'm sure at least one of those is pretty good.

  • Planescape Torment. If it was on Steam I would buy it, I know it's on GOG but I want all my games in Steam. Petty reason to skip maybe the best RPG of all time. Also I don't know if these can be considered to be in the best games of all time, but I'd love to play Persona and Yakuza series.

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    You might want to try the Gamecube version. The PS1 version is better IMO but if you can't get past the visual, it'll be better than waiting for a PC version :)

    There's already a PC version, and it's a more faithful port than the GC version, which remixes some stuff.

    How can I not know about a PC version until now :/

    Shame on me..

  • The Last of Us. I own it, and want to play it... just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  • Whoo man, there is a lot for.
    First off, all PlayStation games (any generation). I've never a PS system but I intend to get a ps2 down the road to get what I've missed.
    Any of the final fantasy games,
    Shovel Knight, portal 2, GTA 5, resident evil 4, the list could go on ^ ^

  • @Cloudid PS2 is a great system. IMO easily the best selection of games. You will have tons of fun.

  • Most of the Final Fantasy's VII, IX, X ect.

  • @Dirokia there are so many of them. Chrono Trigger, All Zelda games, Metroid, Mario Galaxy, Half Life, Portal, Final Fantasy 1-9, Witcher series, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, Pyro, All Smash games except the first one, Red Dead Redemption and lots lots more. I kinda feel bad :P

  • @MonsTruz Yup, pretty much the same thing.
    It sure looked pretty this E3 though.

  • Mother 3, yes I know there is a fan translation but I'm still waiting for Nintendo to release it in English.

  • Never had an Xbox, so never touched a Halo game, nor any of their exclusives. Probably the biggest game that I never touched that I had access to was Skyrim. I'm actually really intimated by that game. Maybe I'll feel braver when the remaster comes out....

  • @Inustar yeah, it's crazy honestly ^ ^

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    I'd prolly say Witcher 3. I have it standing next to my PS4, I have even put in the disk and watch the opening etc.. but yeah. I really need to get my act together as I normally LOVE RPGs and everyone is praising it.

  • Shadow of the Colossus and every Final Fantasy game except FFVI.

  • Wow, seeing all the Final Fantasy here is kind of surprising. Not that its here, but the sheer amount. Allow me to add mine: Final Fantasy VI because I never felt I had the system, nor do I like it when a game gives a lot of characters to be responsible for (I love Mass Effect 2, but half that team never gets used). I really starting to come around to it though and considering getting it soon. To everyone out there who hasn't played the games listed because of means, NOT because of dislike, I urge you to give them a try someday. Many games listed here are fantastic and deserve an hour or two of your time to decide if it's really and truly not for you.

  • @Skatejimmy5 Oh btw, I actually own SotC (the PS3 remaster collection), but I just haven't taken the time to try it. It hangs over my head everyday, I really want to play it. ;-)