Favorite Video Game OST's

  • This topic is very long, and yet nobody mentioned Bastion?! Saw Transistor multiple times, but damn.

    Also want to mention an amazing soundtrack meant for a game that got canceled before it even got a fair chance called Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World. Linked are only a handful of about 100 tracks. You may notice thumb calling it Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. That's because they took part of the soundtrack and many other assets from the canceled game and made a separate, completely different, dreadful F2P nightmare out of it all. Over the years Youtube has taken down the videos of The Gate of the World OST, and it has become very hard to track down the entire OST. Best I've found is a lossy, low-quality, incomplete collection some forum user has put together, but it's better than nothing.

  • Obvious answer:
    Most Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasys for sure. Some examples of my favorites:
    A Place To Call Home Final Fantasy 9
    To Zanerkand Final Fantasy X
    And Of course: Kingdom Hearts classics like Dearly Beloved
    Maybe something a little less obvious:
    The Shadow of the Colossus Soundtrack is really interesting.
    Not really OST as much but man do I love the Bayonetta Version of Fly me to the Moon

    • I've never played Nier, but that soundtrack is hype.

    • Gravity Rush also has some fantastic orchestrated tracks.

    • Persona 3 has amazingly directed music that crafts a unique and optimistic tone for its setting. And it somehow makes mid-2000s anime rap work.

    • Skyrim is obviously the king of ambient exploration music.

    • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has some of my favorite compositions from the series. I just love that choir.

    ...But Twilight Princess would have to be my favorite. Just so many hauntingly beautiful, eerie, and epic tracks. That on top of fantastic reorchestrations of Ocarina of Time songs that fit perfectly into the setting.

  • Banned

    Streets of Rage series.
    I have wet dreams about Yuzo Koshiro coming back for a fourth game.


  • Fragile Dreams, the whole soundtrack is great but ill post somthing specific
    Youtube Video

  • Kazumi Totaka has a lot of great ones. Wave Race, Yoshi Story, even the dang Wii music.

    The first 3 Halo games had amazing music, as well. First game "score" that I thought really matched what movies were doing.

  • In no real order
    Beyond Good & Evil
    Final Fantasy 4,6,7,8,10, 12, 13-2 & Lighting Returns, and 14
    Super Mario RPG
    Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
    MGS (the whole series)
    Damn near every Mega Man OST, from every series
    Damn near every Castlevania OST
    Fragile Dreams
    E.X Troopers
    Dragon Quest 8
    The entire Zelda series
    Guiles Theme

  • Whew, this thread hasn't seen some action in awhile!

    Anyway, Undertale is referenced a few times in this thread and rightfully so, it's an OST I'm still listening to long past finishing the game. But this cover/reimagining of Megalovania from Ace Waters just came out and it's too beautiful not to share with everyone. It's effectively split into three separate movements; the first is pretty much what you'd expect, the second takes a more downtempo approach, and the third? Wow.

    Strap yourself in kiddos!

    Youtube Video