BozWozBot creator made another thing! (Roadclub: League Racing on Steam)

  • Hey everyone!

    My name is Benny and I made the twitch bot used for betting during the Bos v Woz show. Like Kyle mentioned on a couple of streams I am also a game developer in my spare time, so I'd just like to take this opportunity to announce that the steam page for my game Roadclub: League Racing is finally up! I loved all the little arcade racers like micro-machines that came out around 20 years ago so it's an old-school top-down style racing game with realistic physics, splitscreen races and a career mode in a club setting. It will be released early next year as an Early Access title to begin with but its fully playable already.

    It would mean a lot if you had a look at the store:

    or watch the trailer to see if it looks like something you'd wanna play!
    Youtube Video

    Thanks for your support and kind words for the Bot also, BozWozBot and I thank you!

    Here's what it looks like atm:
    alt text

    Let me know if you have questions or wanna help out in anyway with the game.


  • Neat! Looks a bit like the Micro Machines game on NES? I played a lot of Sprint and Super Sprint in arcades as a kid, so this seems pretty rad to me. Following it, for sure. :)

  • I knew there would be cool people here :D we're almost done (already submitted once to valve) so it should only be a couple of weeks now hopefully.

    I played tons of supercars and super sprint on my Atari. Did you play death rally and ignition too perhaps?

  • @bennysce Oddly enough, no. I completely missed those. I do remember sinking quarters into Super Off Road as well, though.

  • @Sazime Death Rally and Ignition I played on PC though. Death Rally was Remedys first game and it had the most awesome music: Youtube Video

    Ignition was a swedish developed game. I don't know how far it went, but it was great and had good LAN multiplayer:

    Oh yeah Super Off road me and my brother played a lot on the SNES.

    It's a shame this genre is dead. I think it has its own merits compared to the giant 3D games (although I freakin love Forza Horizon 3). The closest thing lately I've played is Bang Bang Racing on Steam which I played the heck out of when I found it.

    Another surprisingly fun game in the vicinity is Table Top Racing: World Tour. A bit like micro machines on steroids in 3D.

  • Really reminds me of a game I used to play on the Atari or something. Could be cool to play "again" :)

  • @ActualLife could be super cars? I played Super Cars II on Atari a lot.

    I would be very happy if you checked it out! I released it Jan 8th so it's out on Early Access right now!

    Updates with improvements and more stuff is coming soon as well.