Final Fantasy 12

  • Im stoked for the new FF12 coming out, Fran is my 2nd favorite FF character of all time. Thats all i wanted to say

  • I'm glad I never played it, now I will get to enjoy it at it's best (hopefully)

  • What about FF12 makes it stand out?

    I'm not familiar with every Final Fantasy, but I've always thought its odd that 12 stands out so much.

  • Banned

    @Stormcrownn It was the first mainline non-MMO FF that ditched turn based combat in favour of something more action oriented.
    It wad also much more political, and focused more on the places and events, as opposed to the characters.

    It suffered from having a supremely annoying main character (Vaan) who was never even intended to be the main character until Squeenix thought appealing to tweens was more important.

    Overall a pretty good game. Hoping they also release a Vita version.

  • @Stormcrownn

    Beautifull world of Ivalice
    Clan-system/hunts are actually fun and challenging
    Balthier & Fran
    Gambit-system(though many will argue against it)

    Summons were crap though

  • I've replayed it twice (original and the fan-translated Zodiac edition) yet I never finished it. Both times I stopped at the exact same spot, where you had to help people to get a taxi-ticket.
    Let's see if third time's the charm.

  • I'll one up you and say fran is my favourite character of all time. That accent tho...
    Ff12 remake is one of those things that you think will never happen then it does.

  • This game more than any other squeezed every ounce of power out of the PS2. I remember it looking ridiculously good considering the hardware.

  • Only ever got three hours in the game. Excited for the HD Remaster.

  • It's actually one of my favorite FF games, right there with 6,7 and 9. Combat is more flowing, thanks to nice gambit system, although not everyone likes that, but you can control every characters every action manually if you want, but that takes a lot of time, but it's doable. Licence boards to give characters ability to equip items/ use abilities is somewhat stupid, and forces you to grind for LP if you want to use the good items/abilities you found/bought at the store. It's not bad, but annoying to some degree. Summons are pretty much useless in battle, outside of few exceptions, but the battles against them are nice change of pace. And the hunts... Mostly fine, but one hunt in particular... Everyone who has beaten that thing has earned my respect. And not to mention the other Superboss of this game...

  • @Ellis that accent was amazing. She was always in my group.

  • XII is my number 3 FF behind VII and X. It took awhile to warm up to, but I'm glad I did. To echo points across this thread: Yes, Vaan is INSUFFERABLE. Basch, Fran, Balthier and Ashe are excellent characters, but Vaan and Penello... No. The monster hunts are really run for the most part (except a handful I could never beat) and some of the locales are stunning. As far as the story, I didn't notice it until very recently, but the main plot is A LOT like Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. If your a BIG Star Wars fan such as myself, I recommend you give this a shot. If you can get to the point the four real characters listed here join you, the game gets MUCH better.

    In terms of summons, yes they were a let down. I never got them all (Hell, I never TRIED to get them all) but I grabbed a fair few not pertaining to the main quest. However, a mechanic I LOVE are the specials. Those attacks are absolute game-changers. At first, I found the system irritating, but with some practice and timing of the roulette wheel (And paying attention to those face buttons!) Chaining attacks is unlike anything else. I can't remember the esper I took on, but I do remember when I fought it, it was under a time limit and I started the fight chaining so many special attacks, that it did not get off ONE strike. A feeling like no other. Also, the gauges that determine the attacks links to magic usage and I found it awesome how they could recharge.

    The later you go the harder it gets, so grinding is indeed a pain, but if you can get the ultimate weapon, the Zodiac Spear and the appropriate license, the character you give to does MASSIVE damage, regardless of the Character. Overall, I feel this game should be given an opportunity. If its not your speed, at least you gave it a shot. If you DO enjoy it, then it was worth it! For those who try it, please enjoy, and I hope you find as much entertainment as I did.

  • I remember finishing this game, and I remember really enjoying doing so, and I remember wanting to explore every optional area but not having time. However, I don't remember much about the story/plot.

    This is going to be a fun remaster. :D

  • Love FF12 the last good game in the series for now. I did find Vaan to be the most pointless main character ever but I loved the rest of the cast. I always thought Basch should be the main character, though I did like being Vaan screaming "I’m Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca!" One of my favorite mega 64 videos to.
    I'm a big fan of the whole Ivalice world, also love the music in them.

  • @Stormcrownn FF12 has a completely different combat system then every other Final Fantasy. Most are either action rpgs or atb systems. In Twelve you build reaction trees using gambits so you basically program your characters act certain ways in certain situations.

    Also its story basically Star Wars in a fantasy Setting.

  • Why do so many people hate Vaan? He's just a naive kid. I thought he worked well as the protagonist because he's the only character unaware and uncaring of the politics going on around him. The player (on their first playthrough at least) will most likely be in the same boat as him. I personally liked the feeling of being unimportant in that world.

  • @Thunder-Lobster Because he's superfluous to the story, remove him and Penelo and nothing about the story changes. He is literally just there because he was focus tested in to existence to satisfy female gamers eye candy quota.